Bedroom design for a teenage girl — furniture, wallpaper in a modern style


Bedroom design for a girl - design options for a youth room

When choosing a bedroom design for a girl, it is important not to forget about the hostess and try to embody her character and style in the interior. Designers advise using classic tools for a successful outcome of the work: choose the original wall decoration, bright unusual textiles or modern furniture as an accent moment.

Design of a youth room for a girl

Decorating the bedroom of a young girl or teenager is a creative and complex process at the same time. It is important to correctly divide the entire space into recreation, work and sleep areas. The teenage girl’s room reflects the character and interests of its owner. The aesthetic component of interior design should be thought out in detail.

Little girl’s room

It is realistic to fit everything you need on a few square meters if you use the classic techniques of the functional arrangement of furniture and folding mechanisms.

  1. A window seat can be arranged as a sleeping area. If you choose the design of a small room for a girl in white, every centimeter saved visually creates a feeling of spaciousness.
  2. small girl bedroom design window with bed

  3. Corner designs are always able to fit more things. Instead of sharp right angles, you can give preference to radius rounded cabinets.
  4. small girl bedroom design corner wardrobe

  5. The loft bed remains an actual solution when there is no place for a full-fledged wardrobe.
  6. small girl bedroom design loft bed

  7. The smaller the size of the bedroom, the less things should be visible. Drawers, storage systems and functional furniture will fit everything you need.
  8. girl's small bedroom design beige

  9. Plasterboard structures and modular systems should be built up to the height of the ceiling.
  10. drywall design for a small girl's room

  11. If there is enough ceiling height, you can always turn to transformers and multifunctional structures.
  12. design of a small room for a girl transformers

Design of a room with a bay window for a girl

The bay window is rightfully considered the decoration of the bedroom and its highlight. You can beat the window seat by decorating it with textiles in many ways.

  1. Thick plain curtains to match the finish of the floor and furniture will visually enlarge the bedroom, making the bay window a full-fledged continuation of it.
  2. room design for a girl with a bay window curtains

  3. The modern design of the room for a teenager girl will turn the window seat into a small office where the desktop will be located.
  4. room design for girls with erekrom white

  5. In a spacious bedroom, where there is no task of saving square meters and clear space zoning, the bay window can be effectively decorated with a heavy bright curtain.
  6. room design for a girl with a bay window blue curtain

  7. The place near the window will become a small office if it is fenced off with shelving or shelves.
  8. room design with a bay window for a duvushka office

  9. A cozy place for reading and relaxing will come out of a bay window if you place a soft cabinet with pillows there.
  10. room design for a girl with a bay window

  11. The bay window can become a single space with a bedroom decorated in modern minimalism or high-tech. You can emphasize the original architecture of the bedroom with a false ceiling.
  12. room design with a bay window for a girl minimalism

Attic design for a girl

The attic floor with its sloping walls allows you to create an original bedroom design for a girl and achieve comfort in the interior. Depending on the location of the bed and the type of frame furniture, beautiful rooms for girls become functional, they harmoniously coexist with a rest and sleep area.

  1. The sloping ceiling and skylights turn into a highlight of the bedroom. Stylish art deco or modern design with such dimensions and features of the room will be the best choice.
  2. attic room design for a modern girl

  3. The bed can be placed along a sloping wall. Emphasize the unusual ceiling with a contrasting finish.
  4. girl's attic room design white

  5. If the dimensions of the bedroom and the height of the ceiling are sufficient, the bed can be placed perpendicular to the sloping wall. Then there will be room for shelving or shelves.
  6. attic room design girls closet compartment

  7. Rafters can become a harmonious addition to the interior, they will not look bulky if they are painted to match the walls and ceiling.
  8. girl's attic room design white rafters

  9. Attic with high ceilings can be decorated in a Scandinavian style. Under the roof there is a place for another sleeping area.
  10. girl's attic room design scandinian

  11. If there is a window on the attic floor, it is worth equipping a workplace near it. The small size of the bedroom dictates the choice in favor of concise and functional furniture.
  12. girl's attic room design lilac

Room design for a girl with a balcony

An elongated narrow bedroom with a balcony in apartments is a frequent occurrence. You can improve the design of a room for a young girl with a few tricks.

  1. Push the boundaries to move the bedroom to the balcony area. With the help of sliding partitions, literally separate the sleeping area from the recreation area.
  2. room design with a balcony for a girl

  3. If you cannot demolish the wall and make the balcony part of the bedroom, you can do with the classic trick — put a desk by the window and decorate everything with textiles.
  4. room design with a balcony for a girl white

  5. To make the bedroom design for a girl spacious, it is better to abandon heavy textiles and decorate the wall with laconic transparent curtains.
  6. design of a room with a balcony for a girl pastel

  7. The balcony door may well become a highlight of interior design, if you give preference to the original solution. Instead of a standard metal-plastic door, install a double-leaf wooden door.
  8. design of a room with a balcony for a girl bright

Room for a girl in a modern style

In the modern direction, natural wood surprisingly coexists with plastic and metal. The design of a bedroom for a girl in a modern style has features of an industrial loft, minimalism, high-tech elements and romantic style.

  1. Untreated rough wood looks stylish against the background of walls painted in trendy shades of mint and fuchsia.
  2. girl room design modern mint

  3. Furniture and wall decoration in light colors will be an excellent backdrop for bright red and black shades, designers often use this technique for decorating in a modern style.
  4. girl room design modern red

  5. The simplicity of the lines and the functionality of the furniture are typical of the modern trend. Retractable storage systems, multi-level designs perfectly save space.
  6. girl's room design modern underfloor bed

  7. For a young girl, a contrasting bedroom design with white furniture and bright walls is sure to suit.
  8. girl room design modern pink

  9. A classic bed will bring a romantic component. Modern design allows the presence of furniture from different styles, in similar colors.
  10. girl room design modern romantic

  11. To get a stylish elegant bedroom, you can work with lighting and pick up a chandelier with pendants, use combined wallpaper with monograms and decorate the wall with baguettes.
  12. girl's room design modern elegant

Room design minimalism for a girl

Space saving, quick and easy cleaning, the ability to fit everything you need on a few square meters — these are the classic advantages of minimalism.

  1. Built-in furniture with a reduced cabinet depth will store everything you need and take up little space
  2. room design for a girl minimalism white

  3. A convenient solution for storing clothes and girlish belongings will be a wardrobe. In a minimalist design, its facades are concise.
  4. room design for a girl minimalism red

  5. The design in white-yellow-gray color looks laconic and stylish. White and sheer furniture, open shelves and a few black accent pieces complete the interior.
  6. design girls room minimalism gray

  7. If the white design of a young girl’s bedroom is too cold, it can be complemented with natural wood.
  8. girls room design minimalism tree

  9. Natural light shades of wood are harmoniously combined with neutral blue-gray. The fronts of the cabinets remain invisible due to the use of a touch-opening mechanism.
  10. girls room design minimalism blue

White room for a girl

Universal white color will suit romantic, dreamy, concise and even very busy natures. Bedroom design for a girl in any style can be done in white.

  1. The classic design with white furniture or wall decoration is emphasized by the smooth curved lines of the facades, elegant chandeliers and moldings.
  2. girls room design white classic

  3. The modern direction in white is sure to be highlighted by contrasting original decor items, sophisticated bright lighting and a relaxed atmosphere.
  4. girls room design white modern

  5. Dreamy shabby chic will mix white with shades of wood, photo frames, forged decor items and antiques will appear in the interior.
  6. girls room design white shabby chic

  7. The laconic Scandinavian design of a small bedroom for a girl involves white walls and ceilings, natural flooring in light colors and bright accents from flower vases and a rug.
  8. girls room design white scandinavian

Youth room for a girl

Original furniture or unusual wall decoration will definitely appeal to a young girl. Highlighting a bedroom with stylish textiles or an interior sticker is the easiest way to create a creative atmosphere. Experts recommend adding zest to the design of a modern room for a girl from three main options: window textiles, furniture or wall decoration.

Wallpaper in the girl’s room

So that the design of the bedroom for the girl does not turn out to be too bright, the furniture and textiles in it will play the role of a background. Then wallpaper can be a real decoration. A spacious bright bedroom can be decorated with colorful wallpapers in a retro style, a modern interior will be decorated with combined wallpapers with original floral ornaments, prints like Turkish cucumber look unusual.

girls room design wallpaper forestgirls room design wallpaper retrogirls room design wallpaper cucumbers

Curtain design for a girl’s room

For a creative girl who is in search, a good room design would be an option with standard furniture and neutral wall decoration. On a light background, the curtains in the girl’s room will set the tone and even change the design style. A youthful and versatile option — a multi-colored strip, a plain curtain in a fashionable shade of aqua or mint, deep indigo.

girl room design curtain pinkgirl room design curtain bluegirls room design curtain strip

Girl’s room furniture

A simple man in the street can create an original interior if he manages to pick up interesting furniture. A universal solution — white modular furniture in a modern style with laconic facades. Black furniture looks unusual. On a light or bright colored background of a bedroom for a girl, she looks elegant and stylish, the design is dynamic. Always a good choice for a girl’s bedroom — forged furniture in a romantic style.

girl room design black furnituregirl room design forged furnituregirl room design white furniture


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