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Bedroom decor - tips for creating coziness and comfort

Proper design of the bedroom should soothe, help relieve stress and forget about sore problems. It is necessary to try in the interior of the room, regardless of the chosen style, to use the most successful color scheme and lighting so that the rest is as comfortable and serene as possible.

Bedroom design options

It should be remembered that the design of the bedroom is not intended for show, this room is an intimate oasis in which details should not cause irritation or negative emotions. A practical and functional kitchen or a ceremonial hall is decorated according to completely different rules than a bedroom. When choosing a style, you need to take into account both the dimensions of the room and other important factors.

What influences the choice of bedroom design:

  1. Room size. A bedroom in the Empire or Baroque style requires a lot of space; for small rooms it is better to choose minimalism, eco-style, mixed styles.
  2. Family budget. The correct design of the bedroom in the design of rococo, renaissance or in another historical vein is beyond the means of people with low incomes.
  3. The ability to select the right finishing materials. Fashionable exotic designs require the use of exclusive and expensive furniture, carpets, fabrics, wood.
  4. Gender of the owner of the room. Girls in the design of the bedroom use delicate colors, and most guys prefer a strict style in a minimalist way without unnecessary details. A married couple needs to look for a compromise solution that will suit both halves.

Japanese style bedroom

Externally, the design of the bedroom in the apartment in this exquisite oriental design has a lot in common with minimalism. The Japanese do not like to overload the interior of the room with unnecessary trinkets and furniture that clutter up the aisles. Items used should be functional and comfortable in everyday life. A lot of things made of wood, natural fabric, bright and rich shades in the finish are used.

Features of the design of the Japanese bedroom:

  1. The walls are decorated with plaster, wood, bamboo wallpaper.
  2. The beds are low with ascetic headboards, reminiscent of a mattress lying on the floor.
  3. In the design of the bedroom, simple bedside tables are allowed, but there are no voluminous wardrobes.
  4. Doors in the form of paper or glass transparent partitions.
  5. The design of the Japanese bedroom is distinguished by a pastel palette, red shades are often found.
  6. For decor, paper lanterns, rugs, fans, sculptures in kimono, images of Fujiyama or sakura are suitable.
  7. Japanese style bedroom

Art deco bedroom

The use of art deco in the interior is suitable for wealthy families, this style is full of luxurious and expensive details, collectible furniture, crystal chandeliers, and precious materials. The design of the bedroom in the house in the classic version should be predominantly in gold and bronze colors. A characteristic feature of this design is the soft and rounded outlines of niches, doorways, multi-level ceiling structures. In the bedroom setting there are chic curtains with gilded tassels, satin and silk fabrics, pillows with exquisite appliqué.

Art deco bedroom

Shabby chic bedroom

This design makes extensive use of vintage-style wallpaper, pale blue, light lilac, cream or ivory finishes in the bedroom. It is advisable to purchase textiles with a floral pattern, a floor lamp with a lampshade, a mirror in an old elegant frame. The bed is suitable for a shabby chic bedroom, forged or wooden, with visible scuffs and chips. You can install bedside tables, a chest of drawers and other old furniture that has not lost its aristocratic outlines.

Shabby chic bedroom

Bedroom design in classic style

If you want to surround yourself with an atmosphere of luxury and prosperity, we recommend choosing an exquisite historical interior for your home. Even the design of a small bedroom in a classic style looks expensive and prestigious if the design of the room is chosen correctly and tastefully. It is necessary to take into account the features that allow emphasizing loyalty to the true traditions.

Characteristic features of the classic design:

  1. The design of the bedroom cannot be imagined without a wide bed with a headboard decorated with carvings and inlays.
  2. Finishing in warm shades — milky white, light brown, gold.
  3. Cherry and dark brown are widely used as an accent.
  4. Expensive fabrics — velvet, satin, taffeta, silk.
  5. Antique wooden furniture, regrading is excluded, all elements must be selected in the same style.
  6. Crystal chandeliers.
  7. Bedroom design in classic style

Bedroom design in modern style

Art Nouveau has many faces, it does not have a strict framework, but it has its own characteristic features. The palette in the design is used mostly soft — gold, white, beige, silver, mustard, purple and brown shades. It is advisable to select the details of the situation with smooth outlines, use arched windows and doorways. Art Nouveau bedroom furniture should be made of wood, look expensive, have elegant outlines. We create subdued lighting in the room, using matte and colored shades, stained-glass windows.

Bedroom design in modern style

Bedroom in country style

For the walls of the country bedroom, painting, pastel wallpaper with small flowers is suitable. The ceiling of the room can be sheathed with clapboard, decorated with rough plaster, without covering the beams. If you have chosen the design of a bedroom in a wooden house, then you should abandon wardrobes with mirrored doors. It is necessary to purchase wooden furniture with deliberately rough rustic forms, which preserves the natural texture under painting. The bed, chests, chest of drawers or table should look vintage. As accessories, use porcelain, watches, vases, decorative pillows.

Bedroom in country style

Provence style bedroom design

French country is characterized by the use of beige, olive green, pale yellow and terracotta colors. In the bedroom, Provence interior design cannot be imagined without carved furniture, a bed with an ornate headboard, and a cabinet with paneled doors. Be sure to buy bedside tables, a chest of drawers and an antique dressing table. We get textiles that are natural, pleasant to the touch, chintz, wool, cotton with linen, muslin are suitable.

Provence style bedroom design

Loft style bedroom design

For many, a loft is associated with a warehouse, but the design of the bedroom needs to be planned so that it looks cozy and lived in. It is desirable to install large or panoramic windows, saturating the room with light. If we are dealing with a studio apartment, then we enclose the intimate area with an opaque partition. We highlight one of the walls with raw brickwork, paint the rest of the walls in soothing colors. We choose a wide bed, install it in the center of the wall, choose the rest of the furniture simple and practical with a minimum of details.

Loft style bedroom design

Bedroom Design Ideas

Regardless of whether you have chosen the design of the bedroom according to Feng Shui, or use the classic style, it is advisable to try to create a comfortable atmosphere in this room. Try to work out every detail of the situation individually, creating a pleasant piece of paradise. You need to start planning a room by finding the best place for a bed so that the morning sun does not interfere with your enjoyment of sleep. This is followed by the choice of the optimal finish of the walls and ceiling, the purchase of suitable furniture and decor.

Wall decoration in the bedroom

At the final stage of the repair, it’s time to focus on the decoration of the walls. The choice of colors and material directly depends on several factors — the design style, the size of the room and your budget. It is advisable to use such techniques so that the shades and patterns on the surface echo the decorative details and colors of the furniture facades in the room.

Bedroom wall decor ideas:

  1. If you have chosen a neutral and solid color for the walls, then it is advisable to use a few bright accents in the setting.
  2. The classic finish is beige, milky, white and cream shades.
  3. An accent wall made of bricks, concrete and decoration with decorative panels is a good technique for emphasizing the style.
  4. A decorative headboard, made separately from the bed, can become a highlight of the interior.
  5. Gray walls are a chic backdrop for an interior with bright color inclusions.
  6. Contrasting patterns look festive and dynamic.
  7. To bring a touch of romanticism, use blue and turquoise walls in the design.
  8. Light furniture looks better on a bright or contrasting background.
  9. Wall decoration in the bedroom

Ceiling decoration in the bedroom

Using saturated and bright colors for facing a plasterboard or plastered ceiling is not a very good option. It is advisable to choose colors that are not annoying, so it is better to choose pastel shades. The idea of ​​​​decorating the ceiling in the bedroom in sand, cream, peach, beige tones looks good and stylish. The material plays a significant role, for example, a glossy PVC stretch fabric glare and can interfere with rest. Great for fabric finishes or matte ceilings.

Ceiling decoration in the bedroom

Window decoration in the bedroom

Curtain designs can make a room feel festive or dreary, enlarge a space or make it dark and narrow. We try to look for options for decorating bedroom windows that fit exactly into the chosen architectural style. Classical drapery in soothing shades is suitable for a matrimonial bedroom; a romantic-minded girl is better off picking up light and elegant curtains with tiebacks. Men increasingly prefer Roman blinds and strict blinds.

Even the design of the window sill in the bedroom can visually change the interior. In a tiny room, depending on the size of the opening, it can play the role of a table, a reading nook, a place to install a computer or a lamp. If you decide to use it as a countertop, then it is better to make the window depth at least 50 cm. In a dark room, it is advisable to install window sills at a height of 40 cm in order to improve lighting.

Window decoration in the bedroom

Making a bed in the bedroom

The appearance of the bed sets the tone in the interior of the room, so the design of the headboard in the bedroom should be chosen as correctly as possible. It is desirable to make the environment visually protected and safe, as comfortable as possible. In apartment buildings, it is recommended to choose a material that suppresses extraneous noise and has thermal insulation properties to decorate the headboard.

Headboard Design Ideas:

  • tiles;
  • wooden panels;
  • textile panels;
  • painting;
  • wallpaper with geometric patterns;
  • carpet;
  • photo wallpaper;
  • brick accent wall;
  • gallery of personal photos;
  • drapery curtains.
  • Making a bed in the bedroom

Making a niche in the bedroom

A niche in the room is capable of performing a functional or decorative role. Often this architectural element is created intentionally at the design stage to form original compositions. If its depth is not enough to accommodate a large object, then a protruding shelf of a suitable size is equipped. In order not to destroy the load-bearing walls, it is better to use light and durable drywall constructions in your work.

Design options for a niche in the bedroom:

  1. Arrangement in the niche of a small library.
  2. Making a niche in the wall in the bedroom in the form of practical shelves to replace bedside tables.
  3. Decorative niches lined with fabric, mirror panels, colored drapery, plaster, photo wallpapers.
  4. Niches in the form of shallow shelves for decor, small photos or paintings.
  5. TV niche — located opposite the head of the bed.
  6. Making a niche in the bedroom


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