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Beautiful curtains in the bedroom - ideas on how to stylishly decorate windows

Beautiful curtains for the bedroom are an essential accessory for decorating a room designed to relax after a hard day’s work. Not only the texture and quality of the fabric is important here, but also the color scheme, belonging to the same design style in which the room is designed.

beautiful bedroom curtain ideas

It is difficult to imagine an interior that would do without window drapery with textiles. Curtains allow you to hide what is happening in the room from prying eyes or prevent sunlight from entering and protect the inhabitants of the house from drafts. Beautiful will be the curtains in the bedroom, made of fabrics of medium density, or completely airy. Too dense textiles will sag ridiculously, so it is recommended to choose one of these types of curtains, such as:

  • curtains with lambrequin;
  • Roman curtains;
  • roller blinds;
  • curtains on beautiful eyelets;
  • tulle curtains for the bedroom;
  • curtains.
  • beautiful bedroom curtain ideas

Curtains with lambrequin in the bedroom

Curtains are decorated with a thin strip of fabric, fixed on the cornice and invented to mask a fragment of the wall between the window opening and the ceiling. Lambrequin is advantageous for the design of bedroom curtains because at the same time it performs a decorative function, hides an unaesthetic cornice and corrects the shape of the window. Any of the three types of lambrequins is suitable for this room:

  1. Classical. A strip of fabric is gathered into beautiful folds with a curtain tape, based on the shape of which, the lambrequin can be arched, straight or wavy, but always hiding the upper window slope.
  2. Hard. It keeps its shape perfectly, because it is made of bandeau linen with non-woven or dublerin lining — it is suitable for a room in a classic style.
  3. Difficult. Lambrequin of this type combines several types of decorative elements. The most suitable for beautiful curtains in the bedroom can be considered swags (symmetrical and asymmetrical semicircles) and perekida (drapery with fabric over the cornice).

curtains with lambrequin in the bedroom

Roman blinds for the bedroom

This type of curtain is considered more suitable for the kitchen or bathroom, but this prejudice is extremely unfair. Curtains for a bedroom in a Mediterranean or classic style can just be replaced by Roman ones: when raised, they lie in symmetrical folds that are pleasing to the eye, and when lowered, they form a beautiful textile screen covering the window. Among the advantages of choosing Roman curtains can also be called:

  1. It does not interfere with installing a chest of drawers, an armchair or a storage system under the window.
  2. The design of the Roman blind in the bedroom is widely versatile. If you choose the right texture and color, then it will be appropriate in both art deco and industrial minimalism.
  3. If the room has a wide window consisting of several shutters, then a short curtain will not overload the wall and will not visually reduce the room.

roman blinds for bedroom

Roller blinds for the bedroom

When curtains or tulle do not harmonize with the general style and concept of the room, they can be replaced by beautiful fabric canvases in the form of roller shutters. Roller blinds in the interior of the bedroom can be used alone or in combination with fabric ones. In addition to aesthetics, they have one important advantage — the regulation of the light flux in the room. With just one movement, you can independently set their height, plunging the room into the shade or filling it with sunlight.

roller blinds for the bedroom

Curtains on the grommets in the bedroom

Curtains with a dense strip of fabric at the eaves, into which rings are threaded, became widespread in the middle of the last century. Today, art deco curtains for the bedroom are more often decorated with accessories such as eyelets: materials such as natural wood and metal are used for this. Such a mount has many advantages that speak in favor of using it in a rest room:

  1. The design of the curtains on the eyelets for the bedroom seems to be the most profitable, because the fabric does not deform and does not tear during increased use.
  2. Fasteners go well with both thick curtains and beautiful light tulle.
  3. The fabric does not stop when the curtains are moved, which is convenient for quickly isolating the room from prying eyes.
  4. Rings allow you to quickly remove the curtains during general cleaning.

curtains on the grommets in the bedroom

Design beautiful curtains for the bedroom

It is important not only to decide on the type of fastening and design of the curtain, but also on its compliance with the pre-selected decor of the room. If beautiful curtains in a bedroom in a classic style are suitable in every sense, then in an oriental interior they will hardly be appropriate at all. The main stylistic decisions in which curtains are made are identical to popular design trends:

  • rustic style — country or Provence;
  • classic or neo-classicism;
  • modern style;
  • high tech;
  • Asian — Chinese or Japanese style;
  • baroque;
  • English style.
  • beautiful bedroom curtain design

Curtains in the bedroom in a modern style

Modern is a universal trend that is associated with lightness, luxury and sophistication at the same time. Its main distinguishing features are the absence of a clear geometry, the repetition of natural shapes and outlines, beautiful smooth transitions from one detail to another, creating a clear picture. It is better to choose curtains in a modern style bedroom, following the basic recommendations:

  1. The emphasis should be on asymmetry, emphasizing it with the use of lambrequins, multi-level pickups and asymmetrical draperies.
  2. You can achieve the same effect by combining fabrics of different textures and densities.
  3. For thick curtains, velvet or satin would be a good option, because they flow softly from the ceiling to the floor. Beautiful curtains in the bedroom made of light material will be obtained if you use nylon, silk, satin, guipure or organza.

modern bedroom curtains

Design curtains for the bedroom in a classic style

In conservative design, great importance is attached to textiles and its nobility. Luxurious bedroom curtains in a classic style can emphasize the depth of dark shades and an abundance of details that a designer will never dare to work with a loft or minimalism. The optimal solution is a combination of curtains and tulle, because it provides ease of adjusting the intensity of the light entering the room. A pattern of large monograms or intertwining stripes on a light background is preferable.

classic bedroom curtain design

Curtains in the English style for the bedroom

Aristocratic decor, on the contrary, does not tolerate excessive decorations and complex patterns. Curtains in the bedroom without a lambrequin in the open form are a rectangular canvas, in the upper part of which rings are sewn with cords threaded into them. The latter are attached to the cornice with a lifting device: when tightened, the canvas rises and forms wavy folds. To get beautiful curtains in the bedroom that will look good in both variations, you should pay attention to the following patterns:

  • floral pattern;
  • plain fabric with plaid print;
  • horizontal stripe.
  • English style curtains for the bedroom

Baroque curtains for the bedroom

This direction combines elements of pompous luxury and wealth, because it was very popular in the 16th century among representatives of the nobility and clergy. The most beautiful baroque bedroom curtains should not have background elements at all, because the textile itself should attract attention with the complexity and high cost of execution. The fabric should be heavy, because it is decorated with the most complex lambrequin with additional accessories in the form of:

  • bugle;
  • brushes;
  • ruffles;
  • fringes.
  • baroque curtains for the bedroom

High-tech curtains for the bedroom

An interior with advanced and modern technology, made in glass, metal and plastic, requires curtains in a simple and concise style that will highlight the brilliance of polished and chrome surfaces. Curtains in the loft-style bedroom echo high-tech in colors: dark gray, silver, steel, bronze and golden shades are preferred. A cornice with steel knobs of an unpretentious shape can become a decoration. Interesting curtains for the bedroom will turn out if you try one of the following combinations:

  • dense textiles and cornice with forging elements;
  • light fabric and multi-stage cornice;
  • two-layer curtain with metallic threads.
  • high tech curtains for the bedroom

Curtains in the bedroom in Japanese style

Asian home decor looks austere, because it lacks an abundance of accessories and bright color combinations. Curtains in the bedroom in the style of minimalism will just look organically in such an interior. You can choose the right curtains based on the following recommendations:

  1. Curtains should move along the plane of the window like a screen or a fabric panel — they always remain flat due to a special weighting agent.
  2. You need to choose models for which the rotation function is provided — this distinguishes them from simple vertical blinds.
  3. Since it is possible to hang curtains beautifully in the bedroom, only taking into account the peculiarities of the window location, it would be nice to purchase a model with a central sliding: it provides more options than a one-sided one.
  4. Sand, chocolate and pistachio tones will contribute to the creation of dimmed lighting in this room.
  5. japanese bedroom curtains

Curtains in Provence style for the bedroom

Country style has several subspecies, among which the most popular is the style of the French south, which is similar in many ways to the Scandinavian house. Provence is a direction filled with soothing shades, aged furniture textures and airy fabrics. Every year, for example, beautiful short curtains for the bedroom become more and more relevant — but not Roman, but fabric ones, as in cozy little cafes. Curtains such as:

  1. Simple canvases of chintz or cambric of light colors — they visually expand the room and make it filled with light.
  2. Linen curtains with large weave and gilded threads. Warm shades of noble metal warm and create comfort.
  3. Cotton fabric with deliberately coarse embroidery or printed pattern — Scandinavian-style curtains in the bedroom can look similar.
  4. Lavender or light blue curtains with a beautiful sun-bleached effect.

curtains in Provence style for the bedroom

Curtains for the bedroom in country style

Rural chic is distinguished by an abundance of decor on fabrics, because this direction makes the main bet on textiles. Rustic bedroom curtains are easy to pick up, given that:

  1. Curtains should overlap in pattern and color with other fabric products — tablecloths, pillows, lace napkins.
  2. Contrasting frills are welcome — for example, curtains made of white fabric in a blue flower are recommended to be decorated with a dark blue edging.
  3. The best materials are cotton, cambric, linen or matting. These are not just beautiful curtains for the bedroom — they are also a universal way to protect the room from the annoying sun in summer, and from the cold in winter.
  4. The palette of shades is dominated by such colors as: white, creamy beige, terracotta, pastel green, blue, peach, yellow.

country bedroom curtains


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