Bathroom Glass Curtains Without Pallet

Glass curtains for the bathroom - what type of curtain is the best?

For many years, designers of typical apartments have reduced the area of ​​bathrooms to a vital minimum. It will be easier to squeeze the maximum benefit out of the available 3-4 square meters and at least somehow visually push the walls apart if you use glass curtains for the bathroom instead of the usual curtain.

Glass curtains in the bathroom

Many people are afraid to install glass shower screens for the bathroom, considering this design to be potentially life-threatening. Is it possible to place glass sheets in a room with high humidity and temperature changes? Will they not scatter at the slightest push, causing great trouble? Let’s try to dispel all possible fears:

  1. For the production of glass curtains for the bathroom, special tempered glass is used, the strength of which is comparable to the windshield of a car. It easily withstands prolonged stay in a damp room and temperature fluctuations, resists scratches and bumps.
  2. When the strength of the glass sheet is exhausted (for example, with a very strong impact), it breaks up into small rounded pieces that do not harm the skin.
  3. You can also protect yourself with the help of a special protective film glued to the entire surface of the glass curtain. In a force majeure situation, it will securely hold glass fragments, preventing them from scattering around the room.

Glass, as you know, is a heavy and expensive material. Those who want to lighten the design both physically and financially should pay attention to plastic or polycarbonate curtains. In the first months of operation, they outwardly differ little from glass ones, but over time they fade and become covered with scratches. At the same time, plastic gives more scope for designer imagination, as it can be painted in any color and have any texture.

Glass curtains for the bathroom can be:

  1. Stationary (panel) — they look like a fixed glass partition enclosing a bath or shower.
  2. Movable (sliding, folding, hinged) — along with fixed canvases, they have elements that change their position, which allows you to maximize the use of the entire bathroom space, while reliably protecting it from water splashes.

Foldable glass shower curtain

Thanks to a reliable movable design, glass folding bathroom or accordion blinds give full access to any corner of the room, reliably protecting it from splashes. This is ideal for small bathrooms. When the protective screen is not needed, it can be easily folded in one motion and rotated to the wall. Such curtains are made in most cases using frame technology, therefore they require careful maintenance — limescale tends to accumulate in places where the glass is attached to the frame.

folding glass shower curtain

Hinged glass shower curtains

A shower glass curtain, the wings of which open like ordinary doors, is a rare phenomenon, both in small apartments and in spacious mansions. The reason for this is a very irrational use of space: if the doors open outward, then a “dead” zone forms around the bath, and if inside, then you can get to the far corners of the bath only by climbing into it.

  bathroom glass curtains

Sliding glass shower screens

Sliding glass curtains for the bath can be called a universal solution for placing any footage and design. They can be made both by frame and frameless technology. In the latter case, the design looks visually very light, as if floating in the air. Sliding sashes can be realized by rollers or grooves. More reliable and more convenient to use are models equipped with two pairs of rollers: top and bottom.

  sliding glass shower screens

Bathroom Corner Glass Screen

If, as a rule, there are no problems with the choice of a glass protective curtain for a rectangular bath (everything depends only on the budget and aesthetic preferences), then corner models require a certain ingenuity due to the design features. The simplest solution to the problem is a corner bathtub with glass curtains purchased as a kit. In this case, there is no risk of inconsistencies between the elements of the bowl and the protective screen. You can also purchase an accordion curtain, but in this case you will have to tinker with adjusting the guide for it to the relief of the bath.

bathroom corner glass screen

Bathroom glass screen frosted

Glass shower curtains can have a transparent or matte (partially or completely) surface. Frosted glass will not only prevent splashes of water from spreading throughout the room, but will reliably cover the person taking a shower from prying eyes, which is especially important for combined bathrooms. But before you purchase and install frosted glass curtains for the bathroom, you should consider additional lighting, because one light source, even in a small room, will no longer be enough.

matt glass bathroom screen

Glass shower curtains without tray

Modern hydromassage cabins can evoke associations with a spaceship — a lot of chrome handles and switches + a bulky design. Those who prefer lightness and minimalism will love glass shower screens without a tray. This lightweight, frameless design encloses the shower area of ​​the bathroom, effectively preventing water splashing. Mounts for curtains are located on the floor and / or ceiling, and the design of the curtain can be either sliding or swinging.

glass shower curtains without tray

Glass shower screens with tray

The option of arranging a shower without a pallet, although very effective in appearance, requires well-executed (and expensive) plumbing and finishing work. By purchasing glass shower curtains, you can equip a shower corner with minimal cost and minimal risk of unwanted leaks. With this option, the protective sheets are attached to the base tray, which acts as a container for collecting water. Glass curtains in this case can be both sliding and combined, combining stationary and movable elements.

glass shower screens with tray

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