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Finishing materials for the bathroom - an overview of modern options

In hardware stores, various finishing materials for the bathroom are presented, which have a number of advantages and disadvantages. The existing requirements for this room should be taken into account, and when choosing a cladding, you need to focus on them.

Bathroom finishing materials

Since the room is operated for special purposes and the microclimate in it has its own characteristics, it is important to know the requirements regarding cladding.

  1. moisture resistance. When interested in what material to finish the bathroom, it should be taken into account that it must withstand the negative effects of water. Finishing should protect the walls from destruction.
  2. Durability. The material must have a long service life so that the finish does not have to be changed every year, as this is an additional investment.
  3. Antiseptic. The surface must be hygienic and not spread microorganisms into the air.
  4. Strength. Finishing materials for the bathroom must also withstand possible mechanical stress in order to maintain an aesthetic appeal.
  5. Care. The selected finish should not be porous so that the surface is not heavily soiled. In addition, it should not react to the use of different detergents.

Bathroom tiling

Some classics can be considered tiling, which has been at the peak of popularity for more than a dozen years. There are different options for finishing the bathroom with tiles, for example, you can combine different color options, use tiles with a pattern, and so on. You can combine this finish with another, such as wallpaper or paint. In building stores there is a rich assortment, where there is a tile for every taste.

Such finishing materials for the bathroom have the following advantages: durability, lack of response to temperature fluctuations and excessive humidity. In addition, it is easy to care for such a finish using various household products. The disadvantages should not be overlooked, which include the difficulty in installation and dismantling and the need for financial investments, since some types of tiles are expensive.

bathroom tiling

Finishing the bathroom with decorative plaster

Today, the stores offer many options for such a finish with various additives and plasticizers, so you can get an original design. The surface can be painted, choosing the desired shade. Modern materials for finishing the bathroom of this group have the following advantages: they dry out in a short time, are durable, do not crack, help hide wall defects and are vapor-permeable. We must not forget about the shortcomings, for example, it is better to entrust work with decorative plaster to a specialist, otherwise the result may not meet expectations.

bathroom decoration with decorative plaster

Bathroom paneling

A popular cladding option that can be used in rooms where there are minor defects on the walls and they need to be hidden. The stores offer several color solutions, for example, there are panels imitating marble and other materials. Finishing the bathroom with plastic has the following advantages: low price, ease of installation, practicality and ease of maintenance. As for the shortcomings, this is the fragility of the material, that is, a blow can leave a noticeable dent. Many people think that plastic trim looks “cheap”.

bathroom paneling

Finishing the bathroom with clapboard

For such premises, only moisture-resistant lining is suitable, for the manufacture of which plastic or MDF is used. The second option is more preferable. Such materials for the bathroom are easy to install, and you can do the work yourself. Lining well resists the action of moisture, and also has good soundproofing properties. It is recommended to additionally open the surface with transparent varnish or wax. Given the fact that the material is wooden, it is a fire hazard.

bathroom lining

Mosaic bathroom decoration

An original finishing solution that will make the room attractive and add color. Designers recommend mosaic for small spaces. There are different ways to finish the bathroom, for example, only one wall, where the washbasin is located, can be highlighted with mosaics. The main advantages of this option are ease of use, durability and good resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations. As for the disadvantages, this is the complexity of installation and the need for preliminary alignment of the walls. The mosaic is not cheap.

mosaic bathroom decoration

Finishing the bathroom with laminate

A laminate is designed for facing the bathroom, which is marked «moisture resistant» and «water resistant», and it can be used not only on the floor, but also on the walls. These types of bathroom finishes have their advantages: a high level of wear resistance, ease of maintenance and resistance to household chemicals, resistance to fungus and moisture. Installing the panels is very easy. The laminate is presented in a wide range of colors. In case of serious damage, the surface may deteriorate.

bathroom finishing with laminate

Wallpapering the bathroom

Many people mistakenly believe that using wallpaper in a humid bathroom is impractical, but this is actually not the case. Now stores sell a wide range of moisture-resistant wallpapers, which can be identified by a special sign on the package — these are waves. An interesting decoration of the bathroom can be obtained by combining different colors of wallpaper, for example, you can highlight one wall with a contrasting color. A common design idea is to finish the bottom of the wall with tiles, and the top with wallpaper.

The advantages of this finishing material for the bathroom include affordability, a wide range of colors and ease of installation and dismantling. It is very easy to care for such a coating. The minus cannot be overlooked — there is a high risk of moisture getting into the joints, which leads to their lagging, and this spoils the overall picture. This situation can be corrected using moisture resistant glue. If there are serious defects in the walls, they will have to be leveled in advance.

wallpaper for bathroom

Wood bathroom decoration

Natural wood species are rarely used in the cladding of a room with excessive humidity, and this is due to the fact that the material easily absorbs moisture, poorly resists high temperatures and needs special care. Finishing a bathroom in a wooden house with this material involves the creation of a special frame, and this reduces free space. To use wood in cladding, it must be treated with special agents, which makes it moisture resistant, increases resistance to fungi and provides low ability to deform.

wood bathroom decor

original bathroom paint finish

This is the most budgetary cladding option, thanks to which you can change the interior at least every month. It is better to choose moisture-resistant paints, for example, acrylic water-dispersion and latex. Modern bathroom materials and paint among them are safe, but only if you buy them from trusted manufacturers. In construction stores you can find paints not only of different flowers, but also textures and effects. Among the new products are options that imitate natural stone and wood. In the design, you can combine different colors, getting the original pattern.

The advantages of using paint include durability, ease of repair work, availability and a wide range of colors. The disadvantage of paints is that it is necessary to have perfectly even and prepared walls, since all defects will be visible to the naked eye. There are people who believe that this type of finish looks cheap, but this is a subjective opinion.

original bathroom paint

Bathroom decorating ideas

It is recommended to start repairs with a choice of design style, since each option has its own characteristics. Popular solutions are:

  1. Modern. Modern bathroom decoration in this style does not accept right angles and strict geometric shapes, so smooth lines prevail here.
  2. bathroom decorating ideas

  3. Minimalism. The peculiarity of this style is the maximum of free space, that is, nothing superfluous. The decoration should focus on discreet tones and contrasting combinations.
  4. bathroom decorating ideas

  5. Classic. It is recommended to choose this style only if the room is large. Finishing materials for the bathroom should be expensive with gilding, natural stone, wood and so on. Characteristic colors: black and white, brown and blue shades, as well as warm pastel colors.
  6. bathroom decorating ideas

  7. Provence. For those who love simplicity, rustic style is the perfect solution. The decoration should use natural materials of light shades. The predominant color is white. Stripes and small floral patterns are acceptable.
  8. bathroom decorating ideas

  9. Japanese style. If you prefer simplicity and sophistication of forms, then choose this design. It is recommended to divide the room into separate zones. Preference is given to finishing materials for the bathroom in neutral tones that create a comfortable environment and maximize relaxation. For an accent, let’s say one saturated color. It is better to choose tiles for cladding, but wooden elements are suitable for decoration.
  10. bathroom decorating ideas

Wall decoration in the bathroom

Above were the most popular materials that can be used separately or combined, the main thing is to do it right, so a good solution: tile + plaster, lining + wallpaper, tile + wallpaper and other options. Wall decoration materials in the bathroom can be combined in color or contrast with each other. A great option is to highlight the wall where the bath is located. Not to be overlooked is a finishing method suitable for small rooms — mirror tiles, which will visually make the space larger.

wall decoration in the bathroom

Bathroom floor finish

For the floor in a room with excessive humidity, different options can be used:

  1. Linoleum. An affordable material that is easy to install, and it is presented in a wide range. Finishing a small bathroom can be done with linoleum, but learn that it is very slippery, mold forms under it, it is easy to push it through, and when water stagnates, a musty smell occurs.
  2. bathroom floor finish

  3. Tile. The most common option, which is durable and moisture resistant. You need to choose non-slip types.
  4. bathroom floor finish

  5. Laminate. Moisture-resistant models can even withstand flooding, but not for a long time.
  6. bathroom floor finish

  7. A natural stone. Expensive material that is beautiful, durable and wear-resistant. Installation is carried out only by specialists.
  8. bathroom floor finish

Bathroom ceiling finish

There are several options suitable for ceiling cladding in wet areas. Budget options include: painting, whitewashing, plastic panels and lining. Finishing a bathroom with a sloping ceiling in most cases is done in these ways, for which a straight surface is not important. There are other options, but they require more financial stats, for example, you can use stretch fabrics that can be combined with plasterboard structures. Another original option is a mirror or matte tile.

bathroom ceiling finish

Finishing the corners in the bathroom

There are not many ideas for decorating corners and in most cases their decoration is identical to the walls, which makes the room whole. Decorative bathroom decoration can also be used, for example, when tiling walls, choose tiles with patterns or a contrasting color for corners. If an eco-style is chosen, then in the corners you can install a wooden beam (it is important to pre-process it) or bamboo. An excellent solution is to place shelves in the corners that use free space to good use.

bathroom corner finishing


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