Art Nouveau room

Art Nouveau room

One of the most modern and unusual styles in interior design is modern. Despite the fact that it appeared in the second half of the 19th — early 20th century, it is actively used by designers in the design of different rooms.

A distinctive feature of Art Nouveau is the rejection of straight lines and sharp corners, they were replaced by curved and smooth surfaces. It is dominated by natural materials, noble metals, stone and forged objects, as well as exquisite stucco.

Art Nouveau bedroom design

For the bedroom, it is very important to choose a symbol that would mean love and fidelity, such as doves, chrysanthemums, swans or any other. When the desired emblem is selected, its image can be used to decorate walls, curtains, as well as duplicate it on the matte upholstery of furniture. In the design of the walls, it is better to stick to pastel colors that do not irritate the eyes and allow you to enjoy your vacation.

In the design of the bedroom in the Art Nouveau style, there are always only smooth lines and natural materials. Thus, all furniture made of wood and has a rather unusual shape, that is, a round bed, or a table with rounded corners, chairs, a table with curved legs and armrests will convey the essence of modernity.

On the floor, you can put parquet in the form of a Christmas tree or a wave, while using a minimum of flooring. Do not forget about the presence of glasses and mirrors, which are best placed in beautiful gilded frames.

Modern kitchen design

The main accent in the modernist kitchen is modern and comfortable household appliances, perfectly combined with furniture, namely a table and comfortable chairs with smooth curved shapes.

To make the interior look spacious and light, muted and soft colors are used in the decoration, which cannot be said about the color scheme of the furniture, it can be very bright and catchy. The flooring is predominantly light in color. Lighting should be limited to one or two chandeliers located above the dining table.

Bathroom in modern style

This room is an unusual combination of bright colors with chocolate, white or black. There is always an unusual shape of plumbing and sink cabinets, spot lighting plus basic lighting, the absence of unnecessary details, all this gives the bathroom sophistication and charm.

Art Nouveau children’s room

Definitely, the child’s room should not have too bright colors, so there are pastel colors that blend harmoniously with contrasting elements of furniture, curtains, carpet, wall and ceiling decoration. Everything else is practically no different from the design of the room in the Art Nouveau style.

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