art deco design

art deco design

How does this style manifest itself directly in the open spaces of the kitchen? The first thing that catches your eye is the high cost and brightness of filling the room. In addition, things in this style are difficult to purchase in a regular furniture store. Art Deco is characterized by exclusive and original pieces of furniture and decor.

Also, the main technique is the zoning of space precisely due to the mixing of styles: the working area and the eating area are usually made in different directions, but at the same time the whole interior remains quite harmonious.

Art Deco — style features

Consider the features characteristic of this interior, the materials used and methods of decoration, as well as furniture and decor.

  1. The following materials are traditional for art deco design: smooth glossy coatings of glass, metal, leather details and wood. Also used stone tiles and a lot of textiles (as a rule, it is satin or silk and materials with animal prints under the zebra).
  2. The classic color scheme is a combination of black and white. A tandem of black with chocolate shades, silvery and grayish colors is also used, less often green, red and golden ones are used. Art deco in the interior of the kitchen often manifests itself as stripes. These stripes can be found in wall decoration, when two different colors of wallpaper alternate, which completely match in texture. Striping can also occur in vertical blinds, upholstery, or other textiles.
  3. The use of a stepped fort is considered a characteristic feature of the Art Deco kitchen. In the interior, it manifests itself as a multi-level stretch ceiling with complex lighting, the location of kitchen units at different levels.

Kitchen design art deco — we select furniture

After finishing the walls, it is important to choose pieces of furniture with a special predilection. Ideally, this is expensive exclusive furniture made to order. Also often it is antique, but restored furniture with a touch of chic.

When you are looking for the right furniture to continue the art deco in the interior of the kitchen, pay attention to the following tricks:

  • it is advisable to look for contrasting options (a combination of two reinforcing colors: red with silver, black with white, gray with blue is suitable);
  • a table and chairs with stainless steel details can be well written off;
  • a combination of a standard Art Nouveau set, which can be complemented by a slightly frilly sideboard or chest of drawers with stone or glass trim, is quite suitable.

Art Deco design has a special place for glass and other mirror surfaces. Mirrors not only decorate furniture or walls, sometimes they even replace wallpaper. Of course, this technique only works in the recreation and eating area. If the whole mirror wall seems too original, you can limit yourself to a mirror in the shape of the sun, an unusual geometric figure.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning the decor items for art deco kitchen design. Here you can show your imagination to the fullest. All dishes and other household items are hidden behind the facades, and original and sometimes unexpected things are picked up in a conspicuous place.

It can be an expensive original vase, often made of glass or wood. Various figurines or images that emphasize the high cost and chic of the interior. An art deco kitchen is not just a cooking room, it is a whole world with its unusual lines and characteristics of different decades that exist peacefully in one room.

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