Arrangement of furniture in the bedroom

Arrangement of furniture in the bedroom

If you’re thinking about remodeling your bedroom or updating it with new furniture, you need to start with a layout plan. Take your time to grab the closet and drag it from one end of the room to the other to see how good it will look there. And if you don’t like what you see, what do you do? Move the closet back? Don’t be in a hurry to move anything. It is better to start with a pen and a sheet of paper, on which you will apply the dimensions of the bedroom and calculate the options for arranging the desired furniture.

Arrangement of furniture in a small bedroom

In order for the furniture arrangement options in a small bedroom to be acceptable and constructive, they must take into account all geometric dimensions, design features and ergonomics. To develop ideas for the correct arrangement of furniture in the bedroom, use the principle of minimalism. Do not plan to place anything extra in the room. Let the bedroom contain only those furniture and items that you simply cannot do without. To develop options for arranging furniture in a small room, use the options for built-in and folding furniture. This technique will significantly help save space. The bedroom should be easy to breathe, so try to remove soft toys and a lot of pillows from it, leave only a few for beauty and comfort. The fact is that these things collect dust very strongly, which can contribute to the development of diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Arrangement of furniture in the living room-bedroom

If the living room and bedroom are combined, then when developing options for arranging furniture, zoning must be taken into account. If, nevertheless, you want to put a stationary double bed and, in principle, square meters allow you to do this, you can divide the room into two halves with a decorative partition, on the one hand, which will be the bedroom, and on the other, the living room. But in order to save more free space, it is better to choose furniture arrangement options in the living room-bedroom, which will include folding, built-in or arranged furniture.

Arrangement of furniture in a narrow bedroom

When planning the arrangement of furniture in a narrow bedroom, you should always consider options that provide free passage from the door to the back of the room. Furniture is recommended to be placed along the walls to leave free space for movement. Sheathing is recommended to choose light colors, without sticky patterns.

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