Wooden pallets — what it is, what it is made of, where it is used, varieties, marking


Wooden pallets - what it is, what it is made of, where it is used, varieties, marking

Any trade operations related to the movement, transportation and storage of cargo need containers made of a solid base. In this matter, attention should be paid to high-quality wooden pallets, which can be found even in the interior of modern apartments or a private house.

What are wooden pallets?

The product is a platform of a certain size, fixed on a rigid base. Wooden pallets have been developed for the storage and transport of various goods. An empty product weighs approximately 20 kg, but its load capacity is in the region of 1000 kg. Transportation works are carried out with the help of special equipment. Goods are secured with film or elastic straps.

wooden pallets

What are wooden pallets made of?

The durability of the construction service depends on the quality of the material, therefore, in most cases, pallets are made from wood of different species. Among the important requirements for the material are:

  • no breaks;
  • possibility of processing.

The color of products is directly related to the variety, condition of the wood, place of growth and other conditions. Glossy shine is present only in a fresh cut. With a longitudinal cut of boards, it is more noticeable than with a transverse one. A similar effect is observed in high strength material. Modern manufacturers use hardwood and softwood for the manufacture of wooden pallets. The first type includes:

From conifers use:

  • pine;
  • spruce;
  • larch.

Where are wooden pallets used?

Currently, this is one of the affordable types of containers that can be used in various areas where there is a need for storage and movement of goods. Wooden pallets are popular:

  • in workshops and warehouses;
  • in supply and marketing organizations;
  • at the disposal of industrial waste and in other places.

Types of wooden pallets

Such structures are used repeatedly, so they gradually wear out. In addition, there may be minor manufacturing defects. All this is reflected in the quality of products. Currently known species of different varieties:

  1. Supreme. New wooden pallets without flaws, which exactly match all the parameters.
  2. First. Clean and strong products without damage and repair. The parameters correspond exactly to the classic sizes.
  3. Second. There is dirt and slight damage on the edges of the pallet. This includes products after repair, which are suitable for operation.

new wooden pallets

Wooden pallet marking

It represents information about the manufacturer, which is applied with a waterproof and safe dye or branding. New wooden pallets that are sent abroad are marked without fail, so the information includes:

  • manufacturer’s country code;
  • data of the region where the product is made;
  • manufacturer’s logo;
  • phone number;
  • pallet disinfection method.

The wood cleaning method is indicated by the following letters:

  • D.B. — removal of the bark;
  • MB — fumigation treatment;
  • HT – thermal method;
  • KD – processing in drying chambers at high temperatures.

Wooden pallets are stamped to carry out a number of functions:

  • an advertising medium that promotes the manufacturer’s brand;
  • simplification of accounting of containers;
  • participation in the formation of the image of the manufacturer.

Hallmarking is allowed only to official representatives involved in the manufacture of containers. Carry out marking, observing the rules:

  1. Information is applied in prominent places on both sides.
  2. Paints must be resistant to external influences.
  3. The stamp must contain information about the processing.

marking of wooden pallets

Dimensions of wooden pallets

These simple products are currently produced in different formats. Each is suitable for a particular product. The size of a wooden pallet can be:

  1. Europallet (800x1200x145 mm). Upper part — 5 slats. They come in two sizes and alternate. Below one wide and two smaller on the sides. The corners are chamfered.
  2. Finnish pallet (1000x1200x142 mm). There are 7 boards on top, alternating like this: two narrow ones then one wide one. Below are three: a wide one and two smaller ones on the sides. Beveled corners.
  3. American pallet (1200x1200x142 mm). The top includes 7 identical fragments, the width of each is not more than 100 mm. The bottom of the products consists of three boards.
  4. Domestic pallets (1200×1000 mm or 1200×800 mm). There are no proprietary codes on the products.

Sanitization of wooden pallets

On the leg, which is located in the center of the structure, you can find an additional stigma in the form of a spikelet. It indicates that the pallet has undergone standard sanitization. All quality products must be subjected to such procedures without fail. Processing of wooden pallets can be carried out in the following ways:

  1. Fumigation. Processing is carried out with methyl bromide, which kills all harmful elements and bacteria. Storage of food products on such products is prohibited. Modern manufacturers are gradually moving away from this method.
  2. Heat treatment. It is carried out by keeping the pallet in the chamber at high temperature for a long time. The method is expensive and therefore not very popular.
  3. Chamber drying. The most common processing option. Lumber is loaded, kept for a certain time at a temperature of 60 ° C and a certain humidity. All these parameters are set automatically depending on the type of wood.

sanitization of wooden pallets

Where can I get wooden pallets?

In order to answer this question, you must first understand how much material is required. Large orders are recommended to be placed directly with the manufacturer. Thus, significant savings can be made. Wooden euro pallets or other sizes in the amount of several pieces can be found in newspaper ads or on the Internet.

It is important to remember that in this case the products will not be new, so you will need to check their suitability. You can save money by contacting trade enterprises or transport companies, which often get rid of such containers. In this case, you can buy wooden pallets for a small price or even get them for free. Sometimes you can buy, thus, almost new products.

DIY wooden pallet

The design is so simple that any craftsman can make it himself. To do this, you need to purchase boards and bars. When looking for information on how to make wooden pallets, you need to know that you need a tool for the job:

  • hacksaw;
  • screwdriver;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • gloves.

The creation process consists of the following steps:

  1. Cut boards and beams to the desired size.
  2. A frame is assembled from the boards. Boards are laid on top at a distance of 10 cm from each other, and bars below. Everything is fixed with screws.
  3. In the end, everything is covered with a special composition to improve the quality of wood.

What can be done with wooden pallets?

At first glance, a simple design allows you to create a large number of useful and even unique things. In this case, the only limit is imagination. The use of wooden pallets is possible in the form of:

How to paint wooden pallets?

Currently on the market there is a wide variety of compositions that are used for coloring wood products. It is important to first apply several layers of primer to the surface, which reduces the susceptibility of the material to moisture. Due to this, the consumption of paint during its application will be significantly reduced. Wooden pallets can be painted with different compositions:

  • alkyds such as Hammerite or Johnstone’s;
  • acrylic, for example, Himdecor or Tikkurila;
  • oil, for example, Eskaro Veranda or Pinotex.

Rules for painting wooden pallets:

  1. The brush should move exclusively along the grain of the wood.
  2. Before applying the second layer, it is important to wait for the previous one to dry completely.
  3. Application of the compositions is carried out at a low level of humidity.
  4. In order not to lose texture, it is not recommended to apply more than two layers.


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