Wooden house design — interior in Provence style, chalet, high-tech, loft


Wooden house design - how to decorate the interior and avoid mistakes?

Thanks to modern materials, the design of a wooden house has ceased to be monotonous. Wood gives the building warmth, harmony of nature and a healthy atmosphere. It is necessary to emphasize its features in the interior with the help of high-quality finishing materials and modern design trends.

Design of rooms in a wooden house

It is very important that the interior design of a wooden house is a single whole in all rooms, combined with the architecture outside. All elements must form a harmonious image. The interior decoration begins with the decoration of the walls and ceiling. Wood itself is their decoration, but its processing can greatly affect the design of a wooden house. In each room, you can emphasize the uniqueness and individuality of the wood structure.

Living room design in a wooden house

Wall decoration options in such a cottage:

  1. The living room can be decorated in white — paint the boards with paint, it will look festive and elegant. Bright accents in the form of paintings and frames will help defuse the atmosphere.
  2. white living room design in a wooden house

  3. One of the most common techniques is to preserve the structure of wood. The alternation of dark and light shades will emphasize the cozy aura of the tree. Upholstered leather furniture is very suitable for natural wood.
  4. living room design - wood trim

  5. A combination of wood with stone or its imitation on one of the walls or in the fireplace area will look respectable.
  6. living room design in a wooden house - stone decoration

  7. The alternation of cobbled and log structures looks beautiful, they will bring the effect of antiquity to the room.
  8. living room design in a wooden house

The design of the ceiling in a wooden house can be done with the help of beams supporting the roof, they will fit perfectly into such an interior. To cover the floor, a laminate with a wood pattern or massive boards is suitable. To give the atmosphere a decorative effect, it is appropriate to put a beautiful carpet with an ornament in the sofa area, it will bring good quality and lightness to the room.

Kitchen design in a wooden house

When designing a kitchen design in a wooden house, natural materials are used. With the help of wooden beams, ceilings, columns, window and door openings, and arches are constructed. The floor covering is also mounted from massive boards. It is preferable to design a kitchen in a wooden house made of timber in its natural form — leave the wood unpainted, in its natural color. Its light shades will look easy, and its dark lacquered surfaces will make the room look quite rustic.

It is advisable to complement the design of the living room kitchen in a wooden house with a fireplace. It can be finished with brick or stone masonry, placed in a recreation area surrounded by upholstered furniture. The Scandinavian style is popular in a wooden house, it uses surfaces painted with white, blue paint, a minimum of decor, natural furniture without frills. Such a kitchen will look more spacious. The set is purchased in snow-white color, it is appropriate to use catchy accents in the form of bright upholstery on chairs, textiles, and upholstered furniture.

wooden house kitchen design

Bedroom design in a wooden house

A rest room in a tree cottage can be decorated in different directions — from Provence to rustic. The classics of the genre in the design of a wooden house is the abundance of lacquered or tinted wood (blocked or log), the use of simple textiles — curtains and bedspreads in flowers, bed linen with ruffles or in a cage. The bed is suitable both from solid wood and forged metal with curls from thin rods.

The design of a small bedroom in a wooden house is best done in light colors; for this, the walls can be covered with paint. Dark beams on the ceiling will look in contrast with such surfaces. A bed decorated with an air canopy and light white curtains on the windows will help to make the room lighter and visually more spacious. Fabric lamps, lace pillows, accentuate the natural style of the bedroom.

wooden house bedroom design

Entrance hall in a wooden house — design

The natural design of a country wooden house begins with a hallway. It is advisable to arrange it in country style — log walls and massive cabinet doors emphasize the simplicity and comfort of the structure. On the walls, you can partially use imitation materials for stone or brick, it is better to cover the floor with dark-colored tiles with a rough surface.

If desired, log walls can be trimmed with a board or clapboard, painted in the desired tone. It is better to use furniture in the same color scheme; it is appropriate to install benches and wooden hangers in such a room. Particular attention is paid to spacious storage areas — designer chests, wicker boxes are easy to match to the chosen style.

entrance hall in a wooden house design

Children’s design in a wooden house

In a child’s room, the design of the walls of a wooden house needs to be diversified. It is better not to leave them clean and untouched — it looks boring for a child. The walls can be painted, additional stickers can be used on them, it is desirable to cover one of the surfaces with photo wallpapers with a favorite plot for the inhabitant or decorate with large posters, hang a world map.

It is popular to decorate a children’s room in accordance with the thematic design. The boy will love the room, stylized as a ship’s cabin with a wooden bunk bed with a ladder and a deck. The girl will like a bright bedroom with a wrought-iron bed and a locker with romantic images of the Eiffel Tower, hearts, butterflies.

design of a nursery in a wooden house

Bathroom design in a wooden house

The bathroom has a microclimate with high humidity, so for its decoration it is important to select materials with water-repellent impregnation. The design of a bathroom in a wooden house can be decorated in a rustic spirit or create an interior that does not differ from the city. In the second case, the surfaces are protected by waterproofing, after which they can be covered with tiles, plastic.

In order to preserve the primitive atmosphere in the room and give it the charm of simplicity, it is better to furnish it with wooden furniture and stylish accessories — wicker baskets, a wooden bookcase. The floors can be covered with stoneware stoneware, black tiles will also look beautiful in such a bathroom. On the walls, it is appropriate to use tiles stylized as boards, or wooden beams, panels.

wooden house bathroom design

Design of the attic floor in a wooden house

The attic room differs from the rest by sloping walls. The design of the attic in a wooden house is made out depending on its purpose. It can be equipped with a bedroom, a nursery, an office, even a bathroom, then it is better to place a bed, table or bath under the windows. Wooden floor beams become the subject of design — they emphasize the naturalness of the interior. The walls are covered with timber or clapboard, which can be left in a natural tone or painted light.

The slope of the roof makes it difficult to use standard furniture in the room, so low chests of drawers, shelves, built-in storage systems or custom-made cabinets are used in the interior. Curtains on slanted windows also look unusual — they are fixed with crossbars under the window sill, which hold the curtains so that they hang at an angle. Instead of curtains, you can use blinds or roller blinds. A French balcony made of wood in a wooden house looks cozy; it is installed on support posts or outlets from the wall. With this design, the attic becomes much more comfortable.

design of the attic floor in a wooden house

Wooden house interior styles

When designing a wooden house, it is better to stick to a certain style. The main task is to emphasize the originality, uniqueness of wood, its cozy energy. The styles of wooden houses are similar to each other in the use of natural materials, differ in color design, texture of the materials used. But all of them maximally reflect the uniqueness of the log house, its beauty, guarantee that spending time in such a structure will be pleasant and comfortable.

Provence style in a wooden house

The interior of a Provence-style wooden house looks like a typical French mansion. To decorate the premises, wood is used, painted in light colors — light blue, beige, off-white. The ceiling is also made to match the walls, you can mount dark wooden beams on it. A distinctive feature of the style is the use of aged furniture in light shades with patina, cracks, carvings, it is appropriate to use forged elements. The room is replete with dried flowers, ruffled textiles and simple floral prints, painted porcelain.

Provence style in a wooden house

Wooden house in Russian style

The interior design of wooden houses in the «Russian hut» style involves the use of a large number of old household items. For this, a samovar, nesting dolls, chests and spinning wheels, patchwork bedspreads, Khokhloma, wicker baskets and bast shoes are suitable. Floral ornaments, earthenware, and embroidery are used in decoration. Boards with a pronounced wood texture are suitable as flooring. For decoration and furniture, wood is used as much as possible. It would be ideal to equip a Russian stove in the house, if this is not possible, a folk-style fireplace should be installed.

wooden house in Russian style

Chalet-style wooden houses

A beautiful wooden house with interior design under a chalet is an example of a hunting dwelling. Such a structure necessarily contains a wood-burning hearth. Another important element of the decor is the carpets placed on the walls and floor. The textiles used are simple and natural. An even greater effect in creating the interior of a hunting lodge is created by animal skins, guns, paintings and tapestries depicting hunting and wildlife. High ceilings, large windows, raw wooden walls and wooden beams — everything speaks of the quality of the home.

chalet-style wooden houses

Wooden houses in modern style

The interior of a wooden house in a modern style successfully combines wood and synthetic materials — glass, wall panels, plastic lining, linoleum. The furnishings stand out with straight, laconic lines, striving for the principles of minimalism. The house in a modern style is equipped with the latest household appliances and plumbing — a plasma TV, speakers, showers. Its distinguishing features are laconic blinds, plain fleecy carpets, photo wallpapers on the walls. The furniture used is comfortable, modular, in discreet colors.

wooden houses in modern style

High-tech wooden house

The design of a high-tech country wooden house stands out for its geometricity and strict forms. Interior decoration is carried out using glued laminated timber, stone or metal imitation tiles. The buildings attract with large panoramic windows and multiple glazing. Along with wooden trim, the rooms use plastic or metal furniture without frills, eco-leather sofas with chrome details. For the final approval of the style, modern household appliances are installed in the rooms — a home theater, a computer, a technological stove.

high-tech wooden house

Wooden house in loft style

The design of a wooden house made of timber can be designed in a loft style, it uses minimalist finishing techniques to achieve a concise interior. Log walls, plank floors, beams on the ceiling in such a room are perfectly combined with brickwork, modern materials, including black metal and glass, and appliances. There are no walls and partitions in the room, there should be a free layout. Ventilation pipes, electrical wiring are often left open. The furniture used is massive, simple and functional.

loft style wooden house


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