Which stove is better for a bath


Which stove is better for a bath - how to choose the best option?

When arranging a steam room, the question of which stove is better for a bath arises for many who decide to get their own steam room. Not only the fire safety of the room, but also the softness of heat, steam saturation, and the rate of heating the room directly depend on its type, shape, type of fuel.

What oven to put in the bath?

A high-quality steam room stove plays the role of a steam and heat generator. It differs from traditional hearths by the presence of a heater — a place filled with stones. They are designed to convert steam when water is supplied to them and are used as heat carriers. The furnace should provide a comfortable microclimate for visitors, heat water, dry and saturate the air with moisture, and heat stones. The range of offers of heat generators for a steam room on the market is wide. When deciding which is the best stove for a bath, it is important to decide on the type of fuel. Main options:

  • gas;
  • electricity;
  • liquid or solid fuel.

When buying or laying a heater, its power is determined according to the volume of the room, based on the ratio of 1 kW per 1 cubic meter. The next point is the material for the manufacture of the heat generator. The stove can be made of iron or brick. It is better to immediately decide on the number of its additional features. There are models with heat exchangers, hot water tanks, a furnace tunnel, doors or fireboxes like a fireplace.

Metal furnaces for a bath

When deciding which stove is best suited for a bath, those who do not want to deal with laying the firebox stop at metal models. The most popular of them are cast iron and steel. This option has many advantages:

  • ease of installation;
  • small dimensions;
  • high rate of heating of the room;
  • absence of carbon monoxide.

But they quickly cool down and need constant fire maintenance. Chromium steel stoves are popular, they do not burn out oxygen in the steam room. Modern models are made from welded sheets with a thickness of 5 mm, double walls with an air gap help to avoid thermal shock. In addition to the frame, heat generators have chambers (for stones) or a water tank. A cast-iron stove for a wood-fired bath is a pipe and a door into which logs are laid. But they are much less common now.

metal stoves for baths

Sauna stone oven

When deciding which stove is best for a bath, many people choose a traditional stone firebox. It is a massive building made of refractory bricks, clay and sand. Stone models have one important plus — they retain heat for a long period. The heat from them comes evenly and gently, which cannot be said about metal products. But such fireboxes are heated for a long time and have considerable weight, it is better to lay a foundation under them.

A stone stove for a bath with a horizontal body occupies a vast area, and with a vertical one it saves space in the room. They consist of several elements:

  • refractory brick firebox;
  • chimney;
  • a place for collecting ashes;
  • lattice.

sauna stone oven

What are brick sauna stoves?

There are four main types of brick ovens for a steam room:

  1. White stoves. The heating of the stones occurs due to the massive metal plate located under them inside the hearth. The «white» design is better — the stove does not leave soot and soot. The bath warms up in 4-6 hours, some models can warm up to 12 hours.
  2. Black ovens. They do not have a pipe — smoke seeps through the fireplace, firebox and special openings. Its minus is the pollution of the steam room.
  3. Furnaces in gray. The smoke in the structure passes through the stones and exits into the chimney. In such a stove, fuel is consumed more economically, and the steam room is not very dirty. But in order to use the steam room, you must wait for the complete combustion of the fuel.
  4. Stoves with stove. This is a brick stove for a bath with a firebox inside or outside the steam room, in which stones and a water tank are located on uncovered cast-iron stoves.

what are brick sauna stoves

Finnish sauna stoves

When deciding which stove to choose for a wood-fired sauna, many believe that the Finnish one is better. In its production, durable materials are used, a well-thought-out design provides flexible temperature control. The open type heater, traditionally used by the Finns, is placed on an insulated special stand under the stove. It provides accelerated heating of the room and gives dry steam, typical for saunas (little water is poured onto such stoves). The room is hot and dry — the humidity is 10%, and the temperature can reach 100 ° C and above.

Finnish stoves are:

They are equally suitable for baths and saunas. Manufacturers use steel or cast iron with thick walls for furnaces, products have compact dimensions. Fire can be seen through the glass door, it creates a cozy atmosphere in the room. Finnish stoves are found with a typical firebox (heated from the steam room) or remote (heated from an adjacent room through the wall).

Finnish sauna stoves

Stoves in the bath with a remote firebox

Many people think that it is better to use the design of the stove in a bath with a firebox in the dressing room. The quality of the microclimate in the steam room and the level of comfort depend on the choice of the hearth model. In such a furnace, the furnace door extends beyond the steam room, the remote furnace is located in an adjacent room, from which it is easy to throw firewood into the hearth. It allows you to separate one room from another, leaving the opportunity to heat them at the same time. You can heat with such a stove a dressing room, a rest room, a vestibule or other rooms adjacent to the steam room.

stoves in a bath with a remote firebox

Sauna fireplace stove

If, when deciding which wood-burning stove is better for a bath, the option with a fireplace is chosen, then a firebox with a remote combustion channel is automatically installed, which heats the steam room from an adjacent room. In this design, the traditional iron door is replaced by a larger door with heat-resistant glass, designed as a fireplace portal. So the hearth, designed to heat the steam room, becomes the decoration of the bath. The transparent wall allows you to visually admire the combustion process.

sauna fireplace stove

Sauna stoves with heat exchanger

Many people think that the best stove for a bath is with a heat exchanger (water circuit). Structurally, it is a coil or a volumetric tank with pipes for connecting a radiator. The heat from the furnace is transferred to the water. Due to the temperature difference, pressure is created in the circuit, which contributes to the circulation of the coolant by gravity. If a heat exchanger is installed in the oven, then there will always be hot water in the washing room. And, provided that the battery is connected to it, even in the winter cold in the bath it is as comfortable and warm as possible. According to the method of fastening, heat exchangers are divided into two types:

  1. Internal. They are fixed on one of the side walls of the furnace or its bottom.
  2. External. They are fixed on the chimney or attached to the wall of the furnace from the outside.

sauna heaters with heat exchanger

Mini oven for a bath

When deciding which oven to put in a small bath, it is better to stop at a mini design. It is able to heat a room of 25-50 m2. Dimensions of mini-ovens: width 50 cm, height 100 cm, depth 80 cm. The compact design has all the attributes of a heater — a firebox, a stone tray, a chimney. A hot water tank is even fitted on the side. They make structures of metal or brick. A mini-oven made of stone keeps heat better, its power is enough to heat a room of 50 m2. The metal structure cools down quickly, can heat up an area up to 25 m2not more.

mini oven for sauna

With which tank to choose a stove for a bath?

When deciding which stove is best for a bath, it is advisable to get a design with a water tank. It is relevant for a structure that is not connected to the hot water supply of the house. In the model with a tank, water is heated, which is subsequently used for bathing. You can find wood-burning stoves for a bath with a tank, gas or electric. The tank itself is made of three types:

  1. Mounted. Located on the body of the model, heated from the walls of the furnace. It is the easiest in terms of installation, but with such a tank it will not work to organize a shower.
  2. hanging tank for furnace

  3. Nastavnoy. The tank is located directly on the combustion chamber. This is not always convenient — the water can heat up earlier than in the steam room.
  4. extension tank for oven

  5. On the flue pipe. The tank is attached to the pipe, the water is heated by hot gases rising up.
  6. tank on the stove chimney pipe

  7. Remote. The option is ideal for baths where a tank is needed for washing. Water is heated by a built-in heat exchanger.
  8. remote tank for oven

Furnace for a Russian bath with a closed heater

A distinctive feature of modern Russian sauna stoves is a closed container for stones. It is located inside the firebox and is covered with a door. Water pours into a special hole and the steam comes out through the stones. The Russian steam room is much more humid and much lower than in the sauna. The temperature in the room does not rise above 70°C, the humidity is 60%. The Russian stove is responsible for creating such correct conditions. Under this, its entire structure is sharpened — heat the stones to a temperature of at least 300 ° C and at the same time not overheat the room.

For a real Russian bath, you need hot, humid, flying steam, with a temperature of more than 100 ° C, consisting of very small drops. After such a steam room, the head never hurts and the body feels light. It is more difficult to obtain such a consistency of steam from open stones — it turns out to be heavier. Therefore, for many, the best stove for a bath is a Russian one with a closed heater.

stove for a Russian bath with a closed heater

Gas sauna stove

When deciding what kind of stove should be in a bath, it is not necessary to dwell on the option with firewood. Gas structures are becoming more and more popular, they are economical, quickly heat the steam room and no fuel needs to be thrown into the hearth. It is easy to regulate the microclimate in the bath with the help of such a device — you just need to set the required temperature regime.

There is no ash left in gas stoves, they do not require maintenance. The pallet for the stone pile and the outlet for the combustion products are located on top of the body. The oven can be supplemented with hot water tanks. There are models with a metal case or built into brick bases and walls. There are options for gas-fired stoves that can use two types of fuel to choose from.

gas sauna stove


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