Wallpaper in the hall — how to choose and combine, ideas

Wall-paper in the hall - fashionable and modern interiors

During the repair, the owners face the question: how to decorate the walls in the living room. The simplest and most affordable material is the wallpaper in the hall. The market of finishing materials offers us a wide variety of wall coverings. It is important to choose the right tapestries that fit the overall decor in this room.

Types of wallpaper for the walls in the hall

When choosing a wall covering, you should remember that the wallpaper must have the following properties:

  • aesthetically pleasing;
  • environmentally friendly and safe;
  • practical and non-marking;
  • fade resistant.

Many owners are interested in which wallpaper is best for the hall. To answer this question, it is necessary to consider the various types of this coating, their features and methods of use. Find out how to care for a particular material. Discuss with the designer which wallpaper in the hall is more suitable for the interior style you have chosen for this room. An important point when buying can be the cost of trellises.

Liquid wallpaper in the hall

Recently, a new material has appeared in construction stores — decorative liquid wallpaper. You can purchase a ready-made mixture, which remains only to be applied to the walls. More popular is the white composition in dry form, which must be diluted. By adding dyes and some decorative elements to it, you can get a variety of coating options that look very chic.

liquid wallpaper in the hall

Before you pick up wallpaper in the hall, you should carefully study this material and the rules for working with it. Liquid wallpaper does not form joints and will help hide small wall irregularities. And if it becomes necessary to replace any part of the coating, then this can be done very easily by applying a liquid mixture to this place. According to their composition, liquid decorative wallpapers are classified into:

  • silk, which are made up of fibers of the same name. They are UV resistant and look very nice, but their cost is high;
  • cellulosebased on cellulose fibres. Such tapestries are short-lived and quickly fade in the sun;
  • combined silk-cellulose wallpaper — the most acceptable type of coverage. Such material is durable, does not fade and is relatively inexpensive.

how to choose liquid wallpaper in the hall

Non-woven wallpaper for the hall

To decide which wallpaper is better to glue in the hall, you can consider the option of non-woven tapestries. They are suitable for lovers of comfort and coziness in the living room. This material has many advantages:

  • resistance to mechanical stress;
  • strength;
  • excellent breathability;
  • fire resistance;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • does not stretch and does not shrink;
  • undemanding in care.

Such wallpaper in the hall can be glued to any surface: wood and concrete, drywall and plaster, chipboard and putty. Thanks to a wide selection of patterns, shades, textures, you can choose a wall covering for any style of living room interior. There are non-woven wallpaper for painting, which can be updated many times, and this does not affect their appearance in any way.

non-woven wallpaper for the hall

Vinyl wallpaper for the hall in the apartment

This type of wallpaper in the hall has a paper base, but in terms of quality it is not inferior to non-woven coatings. Such tapestries can be cleaned and even wiped with a damp sponge. There are no noticeable joints on the walls of the hall, decorated with vinyl wallpaper, so this decor looks beautiful and stylish. The choice of wallpaper for the hall depends on the interior design of the room. There are several varieties of vinyl wallpaper:

  • foamed vinyl has a pronounced relief. With the help of such a coating, you can imitate a variety of materials from plaster to ceramic tiles;
  • Screen printing is made by applying silk threads to a vinyl layer. The surface of the wallpaper can be embossed and smooth, matte and shiny. The design of such a coating is very diverse;
  • hard vinyl is not afraid of moisture, does not stretch. Wallpaper can imitate painting, textured plaster and even textiles.

vinyl wallpaper for the hall in the apartment

Paper wallpaper in the hall

This is one of the most budget options for wallpaper in the hall. But popular paper coatings cannot be washed, they can only be glued to a completely flat surface, and they can tear even at the gluing stage. There are simplex (single-layer) and duplex (two-layer) paper wallpapers. The latter option is more durable, has a textured surface and will help hide some wall imperfections. The design of wallpaper for gluing in the hall can be very different. Among the variety of patterns and colors, you can choose such tapestries that will suit your interior.

paper wallpaper in the hall

Decoration of the hall with fabric wallpaper

The basis of textile wallpaper is interlining or paper, and the top layer is a finish of fabrics such as:

  • linen — such tapestries are treated with a special compound that makes them more durable and durable;
  • silk — the basis for such wallpaper is viscose. Silk wallpapers belong to the elite class, and since they are often made by hand, such a coating costs much more than all the others;
  • felt — such wallpapers are pleasant and soft to the touch. They are made to order and cost, just like the previous type, a lot;
  • jute — coatings from such a fabric are rare. You can use them in country style.

Fabric wallpaper in the hall will give a special atmosphere of coziness and comfort. They are environmentally friendly and safe for health, are not afraid of the sun, have additional noise and heat insulation. Modern wallpaper for the hall made of fabric is sold in standard rolls, which are glued vertically. There are also seamless canvases, the width of which is selected according to the height of the room, and they roll out horizontally. One such roll is enough for pasting the walls throughout the hall.

decorating the hall with fabric wallpaper

Wallpaper design for the hall

When deciding which wallpaper to choose for the hall, you need to think about how the wall covering option you have chosen will be combined with the overall interior design of the living room. Wallpaper design should be chosen considering whether the room is light or dark. The size of the living room is also a very important factor, since some wallpapers are more suitable for a small room, while others will look better in a spacious room.

Light wallpaper in the hall

For a small area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room, it is better to use wallpaper that is neutral in color. Beige and gray shades are considered the most versatile for the hall. White wallpaper in the hall will make it more spacious and bright. The same applies to the living room with a low ceiling. Against the background of a light coating, dark furniture and textiles will look beautiful. Wallpaper for a small room should not have large patterns. It is better to choose tapestries with a geometric pattern or with small ornaments for such a room.

light wallpaper in the hall

Dark wallpaper in the hall

If you want to use fashionable wallpaper for the hall when decorating the living room, then pay attention to dark shades that will help make the interior harmonious or strict. It can be trellis blue or black, green, brown or purple. Skillfully applying such wallpapers to the hall, you can achieve original effects:

  • create a contrasting accent on one wall, for example, behind a sofa or TV;
  • dark, for example, rong>brown wallpaper in the hall will successfully zone both a spacious room and a small living room;
  • in some interior styles you can not do without dark tapestries: in the classics, art deco, baroque.

dark wallpaper in the hall

Monochromatic wallpaper in the hall

The design of the living room with plain wallpaper looks stylish, fresh and spacious. Such coatings are universal, and thanks to this they can be used in any style, and a wide range of shades will allow you to create an interior in any color. Using interesting ideas for wallpapering in the hall, you can decorate this room in an original and modern way. Monochromatic coatings can be used for such cases:

  • lightening or darkening the interior of the living room;
  • creating bright accents around the perimeter of the room;
  • textured plain coatings can decorate or become a backdrop for the rest of the room’s furnishings, as well as hide some surface imperfections;
  • such wallpapers, matched to match the curtains, can look very beautiful and stylish;
  • the use of companion wallpapers will allow you to create an original interior in the living room.

plain wallpaper in the hall

3d wallpaper in the hall

In order to arrange a three-dimensional realistic landscape or any other image on the wall in the living room, you need to purchase 3D wallpaper. Wallpaper ideas for the hall in 3D execution can be very different. This can be a large-format three-dimensional image of a panorama of a night city or a beautiful forest landscape, a seashore or a favorite animal, etc. Wall coverings that have a three-dimensional effect can be of the following types:

  • standard, depicting abstraction, patterns or geometric shapes;
  • single ones are a fragment of an image, sometimes they are enclosed in a frame;
  • panoramic wallpapers are especially popular, they are applied to one or two adjacent walls to enhance the three-dimensional effect;
  • fluorescent coatings look very impressive at night with the lights on;
  • LED can change images by electronic control.

3d wallpaper in the hall

Combined wallpaper in the hall

Combined wall coverings are especially popular, so many are interested in how to combine wallpaper in the hall. In order to get a stylish living room interior design, you can use one of the options for combining two or even three different types of wallpaper:

  • the classic option is a horizontal combination, in which the lower and upper parts of the wall are decorated with wallpaper, different in color, and separated by a border. This method can be used in classic, English, Victorian styles. Beautifully look green wallpaper in the hall, having a different texture;
  • combined black and white wallpaper in the hall will visually increase the height of the room, or make a long wall visually shorter;
  • zoning space with different wallpapers is also a popular design method;
  • sometimes they make one wall monophonic, using, for example, lilac wallpaper in the hall, and the rest of the surfaces are decorated with trellises with a pattern, but having a lilac background;
  • gray wallpaper in the hall, pasted on one wall, can be decorated with fragments of expensive high-quality bright-colored trellises, enclosed in beautiful frames.

combined wallpaper in the hall

Wallpaper on the ceiling in the interior of the hall

An integral element of the interior design of the living room is a beautifully decorated ceiling. Decorating the hall with wallpaper has the same rules for both walls and ceiling surfaces. For this, white cullet, vinyl and non-woven coatings are used, which, after pasting, can be painted in any color. Liquid, voluminous and photo wallpapers will look beautiful on the ceiling of the living room.

wallpaper on the ceiling in the interior of the hall

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