Wall clock — the difference between mechanical, electronic and quartz products, how to choose the right one?

Wall clock - the difference between mechanical, electronic and quartz products, how to choose the right one?

Wristwatches often indicate the status of the owner, and those that are located in the house not only help to determine the time, but also decorate the interior. It is important to choose the right wall clock not only in design, but also in the mechanism and material of manufacture, because they will be indoors and must be safe for households.

Wall clock — mechanism

Currently, the market is overflowing with a variety of models. Wall clocks with different mechanisms are in almost every home. All of them are divided into:

  • quartz;
  • mechanical;
  • electronic.

Mechanical wall clock

This type differs from others in the presence of a pendulum that drives the entire device. The mechanism is of the following types:

  • kettlebell;
  • spring;
  • electric with converter.

Mechanical watches require constant care from the owner. The main engine of the device is a cocked spring. Due to its unwinding, other watch elements move. In order for the wall clock mechanism to work accurately all the time, you need to tighten the springs from time to time. This type has the following advantages:

  • no need to replace batteries;
  • does not require frequent repairs;
  • device reliability;
  • long service life.

Among the disadvantages are:

  • high cost;
  • less accurate than others;
  • the need for a constant supply;
  • sensitivity to shock and various mechanical effects.

copy mechanical wall clock

Quartz wall clock

This is a device with a modern design, which combines the play of geometric shapes and colors. Properly selected option will make the interior complete and at the same time emphasize the style. The device runs on a battery that activates the electronic unit by transmitting electrical impulses to the engine. These clocks on the wall are highly accurate. The advantages of this type include:

  • no need for winding;
  • high accuracy of the device;
  • acceptable cost;
  • good reliability.

Quartz wall clocks do not make sounds during operation, which makes them a godsend for rooms where there should be no extraneous sounds. Among the shortcomings are:

  • the need to replace batteries;
  • low suitability for repair;
  • relatively short service life.

quartz wall clock

Electronic wall clock

A modern option that blends with many interior designs. The principle of operation resembles a quartz watch. However, the time is displayed on the scoreboard without the use of arrows. The mechanism consists of two main elements:

  • quartz generator;
  • battery.

The results of the operation of the crystal oscillator after processing by the microcircuit are displayed on the screen. The device can operate from batteries or the mains. Wall electronic digital clock has the following advantages:

  • price affordability;
  • high accuracy;
  • a large number of additional functions.

The disadvantages include:

  • the need to replace batteries;
  • mechanism sensitivity to electromagnetic fields;
  • problems with reading information in bright light.

electronic wall clock

Which wall clock to choose?

When purchasing such an accessory, it is important to consider the following nuances:

  1. Product parameters. They should be commensurate with the dimensions of the room in which they will be located.
  2. Design. For a room with a small number of different decorative elements, you can choose a bright option, and in another case, a simple model. For example, a wall clock with a chime will look ridiculous in a modern interior, but at the same time it will easily fit into the classics.
  3. Color spectrum. The shade should match the overall concept of the room.
  4. Design features. In this case, the choice of option is based on personal preferences.
  5. Production material. It must match the design of the room and be environmentally friendly.
  6. Functional. The best wall clocks in this matter are electronic, because they can replace many devices.

Vintage wall clock

The first clock appeared on the territory of our country in the 16th century. Vintage watches never go out of style. Today, in addition to the practical function, they also have an aesthetic one. Spectacular wall clocks with a pendulum or other vintage models look in living rooms, offices, libraries, decorated in a classic style. For modern designs, it is not recommended to select them, because they will be dissonant and spoil the overall mood.

pendulum wall clock

Designer wall clock

Modern interiors are based on functionality, simplicity and minimalism. Unusual wall clock will be a great addition, the main thing is not to overdo it with originality. The main materials that designers use are glass and metal elements. However, you can also find original options made of plastic that will fit perfectly into the high-tech style or complement other modern interior designs.

designer wall clock

Interior wall clock

Such products are used not only to determine the current time, but also to complement the design of the room. They are chosen depending on the style in which the room is made. Due to the large assortment on the market, you can choose the right option. Everyone chooses wall clocks made of wood, metal or plastic according to taste, the main thing is that everything is in harmony, and the product is of good quality.

Living room wall clock

Thinking through the design of the room, you need to take into account every detail. Examples of wall clock placement include:

  1. A large metal dial on an empty wall behind the back of the sofa.
  2. Wall Clock

  3. White dial with large numerals adorns the top chimney.
  4. wall clock mechanism

  5. The original design of the clock in black style will become a noticeable accent on the white wall, next to which there is upholstered furniture.
  6. Clock

  7. A wooden wall clock with an imitation of a weight will decorate the wall and complement the furniture made of the same material.
  8. wall clock with a fight

  9. Original clock as an addition to the world map on a plain wall with ceiling lighting.
  10. which wall clock to choose

Wall clock for the kitchen

In this room, such an accessory is important, because housewives often follow the cooking time using it. Properly selected original wall clock in addition will add some zest to the interior. Products can be made from different materials and have any size, it all depends on the design and personal preferences. Among all, the following original options can be distinguished:

  1. Large dial in the form of spoons and forks, located on the wall opposite the dining table.
  2. original wall clock

  3. A small, undecorated wall clock hung on a screen above the kitchen table.
  4. wall clock for kitchen

  5. Volumetric «clock-giants» will not go unnoticed by anyone and will decorate the kitchen in a rustic style.
  6. Clock

  7. A dial imitating a clock on the streets in Europe, which is hung on a chain over a cutting table.
  8. clock in the kitchen

  9. 3D wall clock located on the wall with a door.
  10. wall clock for living room

Bedroom wall clock

In this room, everyone chooses an interior that is comfortable for themselves, so any experiments are welcome. There are some rules for choosing hours for this room:

  • should not be bulky;
  • during operation should not make sounds.

You can choose from the following accommodation options:

  1. An illuminated wall clock on the wall above the bed will not only help you know the time, but also serve as a night light.
  2. backlit wall clock

  3. For a minimalist bedroom, a clock in color with furniture, which is illuminated by ceiling lighting, is suitable.
  4. bedroom wall clock

  5. An iron clock imitating the sun with rays decorated with glass stones will shimmer beautifully from the light falling on them.
  6. Wall Clock

  7. A large dial of a simple wall clock will decorate the wall on the side of the bed.
  8. bedroom clock

  9. A clock resembling a flock of butterflies, which are frozen in a chaotic arrangement on the wall.
  10. original wall clock

Wall clock for children

In the room where the baby lives, this accessory plays a cognitive role, because thanks to the large size of the dial, the child can begin to learn to tell the time. It is recommended to choose a model in light colors and with large Arabic numerals. For teenagers, watches may have an original design. Children’s wall clocks are placed in the room in different ways:

  1. A bright version of the ladybug, combined with the color of the entire room.
  2. wall clock for nursery

  3. The original design of the clock placed above the desktop.
  4. unusual wall clock

  5. The dial, located on the rocket model, will appeal to the boy.
  6. children's wall clock

  7. Clock numbers and hands located on the opposite wall from the bed.
  8. interior wall clock

  9. A clock in the shape of a bright rabbit on the wall near the door.
  10. clock for children

Wall clock for the hallway

For this room, it is better to choose massive models, thanks to which even a fleeting glance is enough to understand what time it is. Vivid examples of accommodation include the following options:

  1. In a small hallway, a wooden dial, painted in a light shade, is harmonious on the wall opposite from the hanger.
  2. wooden wall clock

  3. In the style of minimalism, a large clock in the original metal design.
  4. hallway wall clock

  5. A loft-style wall clock will fit into the hallway, where the walls are decorated with decorative bricks.
  6. loft style wall clock

  7. When the hallway smoothly turns into a staircase, a huge clock can be placed on the wall, which will be visible from different points in the room.
  8. where to hang a wall clock

  9. A watch with a mirrored dial will help you take into account two things at once: find out the time and admire your reflection.
  10. large wall clock

Wall clock for office

In a business interior, appropriate accessories should be selected. Depending on where the office is located in the house or office, the clock must be in a suitable design. If you want to complement the interior with branded products, you can place a wall clock with the company logo. The following options will look original:

  1. Metal arrows and numbers on the wall behind the table.
  2. wall clock 3d

  3. A large clock between two windows, the shape and size of which are the same.
  4. logo wall clock

  5. Clock on the frame of round windows in the study.
  6. best wall clock

  7. In the home office, the clock can be placed at the table between two windows in the height of the walls.
  8. wall clock for office

  9. In an office with a facing tree, a simple clock in a frame made of a similar material will fit into the interior.
  10. Wall Clock

Where to hang wall clocks?

When choosing a location for the product, you need to follow some rules depending on the type of mechanism:

  1. The clock should be hung further from the door so that its knock does not violate the accuracy of the course.
  2. Do not place the mechanism near sources of moisture so that the parts do not begin to deteriorate.
  3. The clock must be hung as evenly as possible, as a result of a skewed state, the time may be distorted.

Believe it or not, it’s up to everyone, but the teachings of Feng Shui have some rules for placing hours:

  1. The largest round wall clock is best placed in the living room.
  2. It is generally not recommended to hang such an accessory in the bedroom.
  3. For career growth, you need to have a blue clock and hang it on the wall of the north direction.
  4. Black options in the southeastern part of the apartment will help improve the financial situation.
  5. To search for love, you need to buy a red or pink clock and place it in the southwest of the room.

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