The design of the corridor in the apartment — finishing narrow, small, long in Khrushchev


Corridor design - techniques used by designers in interior design

The design of the corridor can be called the most painstaking work, because it creates the first impression of the home, brings together all the stylistic features of every corner of the house. The difficulty lies in the size of this part of the house — a narrow elongated shape or modest square meters complicate the task.

Modern corridor design

Designers are gradually abandoning the traditional design of the house, the latest design principles have also touched the corridor. The changes are due to the accelerated rhythm of life, the desire to simplify cleaning and keeping the house clean, and the corridor and hallway are more prone to pollution than other rooms. If earlier the design of the corridor in the apartment differed little from the neighboring one, then today the picture has changed.

Design of a large corridor in a private house

In the house, the hallway or corridor can be spacious, therefore, they can be decorated in several ways, depending on the purpose.

  1. The entrance hall can be designed as a veranda, making a separate room for outerwear and shoes. Corridor design in a cozy Scandinavian style, pleasant country or discreet modern eco-style — all this will be appropriate in a spacious veranda.
  2. design of the corridor in the house veranda

  3. Finishing the corridor in light and neutral colors will turn the corridor into a dressing room.
  4. dressing room hallway design

  5. The corridor will not necessarily be allocated as a separate space. It may well be part of the living room.
  6. living room hallway design

small hallway design

The main difficulties in the design of the corridor in the apartment are modest square meters and the lack of natural light, the irregular shape of the room is often added. The design of the corridor in Khrushchev has several basic principles.

  1. Corner structures are able to accommodate much more things and use places that are left idle.
  2. design of a small corner corridor

  3. Sliding wardrobe is always a universal solution. Doors with a mirrored canvas or a glossy finish to match the walls will make the furniture less noticeable.
  4. small hallway design

  5. For a small area, modular furniture is suitable. Chests of drawers can be roomy due to the height and shallow depth.
  6. small corridor design modular

  7. For the smallest corridors and hallways, there is enough hangers and space for storing shoes. The design of such a room can be monochrome in neutral colors or contrasting.
  8. very small hallway design

  9. When there is little space, the design of the corridor is based on minimalism. Hanging furniture, original hooks on the wall instead of a regular hanger, a stylish laconic pouffe instead of a banquette.
  10. small hallway design

Narrow corridor design

A narrow space, even with large dimensions, complicates the issue of arranging furniture. The design of a long corridor involves the use of mirrors, the choice of furniture of non-standard sizes, good bright lighting with a cold glow.

  1. It is important that the facade of the furniture is simple and merges with the walls. High legs or hanging cabinets visually make the furniture less bulky. White and light furniture looks good in a dark corridor.
  2. narrow corridor design furniture

  3. The mirror on the far wall always visually expands the corridor. This is how the closet with mirrored doors works.
  4. narrow corridor design mirror

  5. If one wall was used as a closet and left without decor, then the opposite wall can be decorated with photo frames or narrow bookshelves.
  6. Visually correct the shape of the corridor will help laminate or parquet, located with the long side across.
  7. narrow corridor design decor

hallway design with stairs

The design of the corridor in a private house with a staircase will depend on the design of the staircase itself: the style of its design, its location in the corridor, the size of the steps.

  1. When it comes to the classic style with curls, stylish classic carpets without colorful patterns, banquettes or poufs on figured legs with soft upholstery will help to support the direction.
  2. hallway design with classic staircase

  3. The neutral modern design of the corridor makes the stairs only part of the interior, it is an additional space for niches or cabinets with shelves. The whole interior is concise and thoughtful, functional.
  4. corridor design with neutral stairs

  5. Directions with an urban character change the perception of the staircase itself. When using modern practical materials, the steps become a real art object in the corridor.
  6. corridor design with city stairs

  7. Country does not always involve only raw wood. Stairs can be made of stone steps and beautiful tiling. In such an interior, carpets, large wardrobes and forged decor and furniture would be appropriate.
  8. corridor design with country stairs

beautiful hallway design

Each style has characteristic features, details and little things. Whatever options for wall decoration in the corridor are chosen, these are always practical and durable materials. Although this part of the apartment is the most modest in size, it sets the tone and the overall impression of the house, because we begin our acquaintance with it from the corridor. To convey the desired character, it is advisable to maintain the selected design of the whole house as correctly as possible and not forget about the little things.

Minimalist corridor

Minimalism is called the style of people who are concise and love free space. The fewer things and objects, the cleaner the house and less dust. To convey the atmosphere of the interior, you need to use its main features.

  1. Options for finishing the corridor in the apartment can be any, but the color remains white. The ideal solution would be plaster or durable wallpaper for painting.
  2. The floor and ceiling are deep and complex. A plasterboard ceiling and multi-level complex lighting will fill the corridor with light, and the self-leveling floor will reflect it favorably.
  3. Minimalism is characterized by the use of no more than three colors. The main shade of white is chosen, two contrasting colors are added to it.
  4. The design of the corridor involves a maximum of free space. The less furniture in sight, the better.
  5. corridor design minimalism

Corridor in modern style

Modern style is manifested in the details: all objects in the room can be from different stylistic directions, but coexist harmoniously.

  1. A typical color scheme for the modern trend is white and its shades, beige or light gray. Complementary colors choose natural shades of wood, greenery, sand and earth.
  2. All furniture is chosen as simple as possible, sometimes the technique works with the alteration of old furniture. The accent wall in the corridor will fit perfectly, its design is performed according to the trends of modern art.
  3. All things and objects in the corridor are unanimously designed in a laconic and simple style, but in the center there is an original starting point in the form of an unusual hanger or decorative pouffe. A good reception is the design of the corridor with mirrors, large and in original frames.
  4. modern corridor design

Corridor in classic style

The design of the corridor in a classic style looks good if there is enough space. Simple tips from professionals will help you create a harmonious and not overloaded design.

  1. The main shades are chosen from warm colors, it is better to place accents in pastel colors.
  2. Light walls will be decorated with baguettes and panels, combined wallpaper with monograms and medium-sized floral ornaments will emphasize the chosen direction.
  3. The design of the floor in the corridor is made in the classical tradition: a tree in the form of parquet or tiles below, elegant stucco patterns flaunt overhead.
  4. Furniture for the English design of the corridor is made of wood. A small chest of drawers, a wall mirror, a spacious wardrobe and a bench with a beautiful upholstered seat.
  5. classic corridor design

Loft style corridor

A minimum of things in sight, the mobility of the entire filling and natural materials for decoration. The design of the loft-style corridor is distinguished by a balance between a cozy interior and the preservation of elements of industrial premises.

  1. The decoration of the corridor with decorative stone and brick is painted in gray-white shades or left in its natural form.
  2. Of the furniture, you should pay attention to metal or wooden hangers, they are combined with cabinets made of rough untreated wood or sliding wardrobes.
  3. There should be a lot of light. A metal lamp and multi-level lighting will fit perfectly.
  4. loft corridor design

High-tech corridor

High-tech is manifested in perfectly smooth and glossy surfaces, simple lines and lack of decor. When planning interior design for a corridor or hallway, you should follow a few rules.

  1. High-tech does not tolerate a variety of colors, the maximum number of colors used should not exceed three. The wall is decorated with decorative plaster, wallpaper is chosen from modern materials with a metallic effect or fiberglass.
  2. The modern design of the ceiling in the corridor involves the use of stretch fabrics or hanging systems with spots, it is better not to hang the chandelier.
  3. For the corridor, shades of gray and white, neutral cold greens and purples are chosen. Black, dark blue or red accents.
  4. In the matter of furniture, the traditions of minimalism are sustained. Only for facades a glossy surface is used, frosted glass, chrome fittings and legs would be appropriate. From additional furniture, you can find pouffes made of leather or dense coarse material.
  5. high tech corridor design

Corridor in scandinavian style

If the choice fell on the Scandinavian style, modern wall decoration in the corridor becomes useless, because white is used to convey the Nordic character of the interior. You can paint them with interior paint, the ceiling is decorated in the same way.

  1. The white walls and ceiling accentuate the natural wood floor. For the design of the corridor, tiles in black and white are perfect.
  2. Bright lighting is created by lamps, but not spotlights. Original chandelier on the ceiling, tall floor lamps.
  3. If the walls and doors are white, and the floor is plain and light, then the brightness of the colors will provide things. A rug on the floor, a raincoat and a few colorful scarves on a hanger, or green houseplants in cozy flowerpots.
  4. White or light-colored furniture should be as simple as possible. Ideally, it is painted in shades of gray or made of light solid wood without staining or glossy varnish.
  5. Scandinavian corridor design

Provence style corridor

Gentle and delicate Provence can be a very practical and correct solution. It is always made in light colors, all interior details are light and openwork, therefore, even in a modest corridor, such a design will look harmonious.

  1. The design of the corridor decoration involves the use of natural shades of greenery, sky, lavender, sand. Decorative stucco for interior decoration in the hallway, wallpaper with floral prints and paintings in elegant frames will set the tone.
  2. An aged texture obtained by applying craquelure is ideal. A wooden wardrobe and a cabinet will definitely complement a wrought-iron table or whatnot, an umbrella stand. A rattan, a pouffe with a floral pattern and a full-wall mirror in a beautiful frame will fit perfectly.
  3. In order not to overload the corridor with decor and floral prints, it is better to use them in a minimal amount, in the form of a pillow on an ottoman and a picture in a frame.
  4. provence corridor design

English style corridor

It is difficult to create an atmosphere of a democratic English interior in an apartment environment, because the design involves spaciousness and high ceilings. However, the use of some design techniques helps to recreate the desired atmosphere without compromising the free space.

  1. Modern decoration of the corridor in this case would be inappropriate. Suitable wallpaper in the corridor, design — floral unobtrusive pattern, light green, modest discreet cage.
  2. Wood in natural color is welcome: blind doors, a chest of drawers with a wardrobe. The more modest the dimensions of the corridor, the simpler the furniture design. It can be supplemented with forged hanger hooks.
  3. Characteristic of English design is the round and oval shape: frames for mirrors and pictures will be a suitable choice.
  4. The floor is made of patterned tiles, you can use a parquet board or laminate. If the choice fell on a laminate, it can be decorated with a dark patterned carpet.
  5. corridor design english


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