Stone decoration of the hallway walls — how to lay out a decorative stone in the hallway?

Hallway stone decoration - hallway design with decorative stone

Stone decoration of the entrance hall places accents in any interior, becomes a highlight of the design and emphasizes the details favorably. The size, color and texture of the masonry is selected based on the dimensions of the hallway and the stylistic direction.

Hallway design with decorative stone

Natural materials are successfully used to create designs in all directions. The constant improvement of building materials and the emergence of new products simplifies work, helps to save money and create interesting projects. Decorating the hallway with stone is a practical solution, because such a finish is durable, it easily withstands mechanical damage and is easy to care for.

Broken stone in the hallway

For partial finishing of corners, doorways or small sections of the wall, fragments of masonry with uneven, chaotic edges will be a good solution. They look elegant and go well with any type of finish from plaster to wallpaper.

  1. Decorating the hallway with decorative stone on the outer corners will protect it from constant friction. These are favorite areas for pets, and the stone will prevent animals from sharpening their claws on them.
  2. trimmed stone corners

  3. The inner corners are decorated with torn stone for the effective supply of small tables, poufs or glass shelves.
  4. Broken stone is good for partial decoration when mirrors or paintings are weighed.
  5. trimmed stone decor

Wild stone in the interior of the hallway

The highlight of wild stone masonry is that you can work with shades and different breeds, create spectacular transitions and shade pieces of furniture. The finish has its own character, it looks antique and reliable.

  1. The combination of small and large details evokes the image of a castle; the decoration of such fragments will fit well into a modern, Mediterranean or classic interior.
  2. decoration with wild stone entrance hall castle

  3. The floor of natural rough stone looks favorably against the background of white, pastel natural shades. Perfectly fit into the styles of Provence, rustic classics.
  4. finishing with wild stone hallway floor

  5. If you use wild stone as a decoration in the hallway, it will be an excellent backdrop for antique and restored furniture.
  6. decoration with wild stone hallway antiquity

Flexible stone in the interior of the hallway

If the angularity and roughness of natural wild stone will be appropriate in rustic, classic or eco styles, then elegant modern classics or minimalism will require thin lines and regular shapes.

  1. A flexible stone is produced in the form of slabs or wallpaper with a thin cut of natural sandstone. This means that intricate curved shapes do not interfere with the finish. Light weight allows you to decorate the walls of plasterboard without unnecessary stress.
  2. finishing with a flexible stone hallway texture

  3. The choice of color, texture and pattern of the stone is practically unlimited. Correct installation guarantees an even, continuous coating, as if the masonry was made of natural stone.
  4. So that the wall does not crumble after a few years, it is varnished. The entrance hall trimmed with stone will retain its appearance for a long time.
  5. finishing with a flexible stone hallway coating

Imitation of stone in the interior of the hallway

The high cost of natural stone often becomes the starting point in the search for an alternative that could combine the advantages of stone finishing in the hallway and an affordable price.

  1. Budget solution — stone imitation with gypsum. However, without surface treatment with varnish or special impregnation, the finish will not last long.
  2. gypsum stone veneer

  3. A cement-based artificial stone is much more reliable. It weighs much more, but is much stronger at times.
  4. entrance hall with cement stone

  5. Agglomerates consist of a mixture of crumbs of marble or granite, they are mixed with polymer resin or cement. To get the desired shade and pattern, pigments are added. Decorating the hallway with a stone turns out to be bright and spectacular, it fits perfectly into modern design styles.
  6. hallway agglomerate finish

Stone in the interior design of the hallway

The size of the elements for decoration, their color and texture dictate the way the hallway is decorated. The chosen design style of the apartment, the degree of natural light and the size of the corridor are also taken into account. Sometimes just a few areas are enough to complement the design, and sometimes the stone finish of the hallway becomes a central element in the interior. When deciding how to lay out a decorative stone in the hallway, it is difficult to resist the temptation to recreate the stone corridor in the castle.

Stone in the hallway on the walls

Decorating a wall entirely with stone is rare in small dark hallways, but in a bright corridor of a private house, stonework becomes an excellent backdrop for furniture and hanging decor.

  1. Small details of stone finishes in light colors are suitable for the background of large volumetric decorative mirrors, plates or paintings.
  2. entrance hall stonework

  3. Against the background of light walls, dark wooden doors look impressive; in addition to them, you can lay out stone elements of similar shades.
  4. contrasting stone trim in the hallway

  5. So that the stone does not seem too rough, it can be painted in the color of the main wall. Wall decoration with stone in the hallway will be appropriate in the Scandinavian, Mediterranean styles, complement the loft and the modern direction.
  6. plain stone finish hallway

  7. The decoration of the niche with a stone and the addition of lighting will favorably emphasize the stone texture.
  8. finishing a niche with a stone hallway

Corners in the hallway in decorative stone

External and internal corners always receive more mechanical damage. A stone or its imitation will protect these parts of the wall and at the same time become an interior decoration.

  1. A complex combination of several shades and small details allow you to decorate the entire wall from floor to ceiling.
  2. contrasting stone finishing of the corners of the hallway

  3. Larger stone finishes can be positioned up to the middle of the wall so as not to create a pressure effect. This stone finish in the interior of the hallway works great on the inside and outside corners.
  4. decoration with large stone corners of the hallway

  5. The corners near the entrance area suffer less damage, but the stone in this part of the hallway will protect the walls from the dirt that we bring from the street. Here it is advisable to choose a material that is not afraid of frequent cleaning.
  6. entrance hallway stonework

Arches in the hallway made of stone

The spectacularly designed round vault becomes a highlight of the design, visually expands the room and becomes a smooth transition from the corridor to the living room.

  1. Massive wild stone for the hallway creates a sense of the castle. Large elements are laid out on top in the form of a semicircle, in the lower part the arch passes into masonry.
  2. stone decoration of the massive arch of the hallway

  3. You can lay out only the frame for the arched opening. The stone finish of the hallway, painted to match the wall, looks impressive.
  4. stone decoration of the hallway arch to match the wall

  5. A wide arched opening will decorate a torn stone. This technique will complement the interior in the style of a chalet, fit into the country and Provence.
  6. arch decoration with stone hallway Provence

  7. In a private house, the arch can be located not only in the doorway. The place under the stairs always becomes a secluded corner, there is a cozy seating area or a meal.
  8. stone decoration of the entrance hallway of a private house

Mirror in stone in the hallway

With wood, natural textiles and leather elements, the entrance hall with stone elements looks expensive and warm; in a modern interior, against the background of plastic and glass, stylish original solutions are obtained.

  1. A solid massive frame of a mirror against a background of rough masonry becomes the highlight of eco-style, a large light stone will fit into interiors such as Scandinavian or Mediterranean, complement the African direction.
  2. stone wall decoration under the old mirror of the hallway

  3. Small elements of stone decoration will play well with the elegant frame of a mirror in a classic style or expensive baroque. Warm shades of sand go well with gold, white and black hues.
  4. stone wall decoration under the classics in the hallway

  5. The pebble finish instead of the usual rectangle masonry looks fresh and original. Against its background, curved graceful elements look advantageous.
  6. wall decoration with pebbles in the hallway

How to decorate the hallway with decorative stone?

The design of the corridor with his own hands resembles the laying of ordinary tiles. All work can be divided into several main stages.

  1. The walls are leveled, worked out with a primer twice. After leveling, it is important to lightly sand the surface and wipe it from dust, then apply a primer.
  2. Stone decoration of the hallway in the apartment has a peculiarity: masonry elements of the same size must be shifted by smaller ones, the seams must not be allowed to coincide horizontally or vertically.
  3. Work starts from the corner of the wall from above or below. After cladding, the stage of puttying and jointing begins. After drying, the white color is covered with a pigment in the tone of the stone. Apply varnish to protect the wall.
  4. make a stone finish in the hallway

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