Small hallway - how to functionally furnish even the tiniest corridor?

Even a small hallway in an apartment should stand out for its convenience and aesthetics, accommodate all the necessary pieces of furniture — a closet, shelves for storing things, a mirror for beauty before going outside. If you use some tips from designers, then a small room can be made functional and comfortable.

small hallway design

The interior of a small hallway needs to be equipped according to the principle of minimalism — the less various details and trifles it has, the better. When designing, you need to use all the techniques that help visually expand the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe corridor — light colors for decoration, plain materials, built-in storage systems. High-quality lighting with sconces placed near the mirrors and illuminated niches also helps to increase the space. A small hallway can be decorated in the following styles:

  1. Classics, has rigor, is characterized by the absence of frills, close to clarity.
  2. small hallway - classic

  3. Provence is distinguished by the use of light shades, many lighting fixtures are welcome.
  4. small hallway Provence

  5. Japanese, attracts with a minimal set of furniture and simplicity.
  6. small hallway in japanese style

small hallway color

In a well-arranged small hallway, the design should be done with the right color selection — in light colors, so as not to make the room gloomy. White color should not be taken as a basis — pollution brought from the street will quickly appear on it, they will be clearly visible. Suitable ideas for a small hallway — light green, beige, blue background, they will help to visually expand its dimensions.

On a light base, it is better to use shading elements — for example, the walls and ceiling are pastel, and the floor and furniture are darker. You can use contrasting colors in accessories, but they should be few and repeated several times in the setting — this design looks thoughtful. In a small space, it is advisable to combine no more than three shades so as not to overload the interior.

small hallway color

Wallpaper for a small hallway

The interior of a small hallway in an apartment must be equipped using materials that do not actually reduce the dimensions of the corridor, do not require the use of frames and crates. The best idea for wall decoration is light pastel-colored wallpaper without a large pattern. Bright colors can hide the volume of a small hallway, they are often used in the form of separate inserts or stripes. According to the texture in the corridor, it is better to choose a durable moisture-resistant material that is not afraid of mechanical damage and is easy to clean:

  1. Non-woven wallpaper — dense, wear-resistant, not afraid of moisture.
  2. Vinyl wallpapers — have a volumetric texture, easy to clean.
  3. bamboo wallpaper — environmentally friendly, durable.
  4. Cork wallpaper — absorb sound, do not attract dust.

wallpaper for a small hallway

Ceiling in a small hallway

If the apartment has a small hallway, the interior design needs to be supplemented with a properly designed ceiling. It can be covered with white paint, which will help brighten the room. If desired, such a surface is easy to give a different shade. Another option is to use a glossy stretch ceiling with reflective properties. It visually increases the volume and height of the room, hides irregularities, it is easy to install creative lighting in the frame. You should not hang a chandelier in a tiny passage, it is better to use a lot of spotlights.

ceiling in a small hallway

Finishing the floor in a small hallway

The floor material in the corridor is selected durable and has a beautiful spring appearance. Making a small hallway can be done using:

  1. Laminate, it is wear-resistant, has a glossy sheen, at the entrance it is better to equip a section of more durable material or lay a rubber mat.
  2. laminate flooring in hallway

  3. Ceramic tiles or stone, they are resistant to moisture, damage, and comply with the principles of minimalism.
  4. floor tiles in the hallway

  5. Linoleum, it is easy to maintain, it is necessary to choose a coating for rooms with high traffic.
  6. linoleum on the floor in the hallway

Doors in a small hallway

Interior doors facing the hallway play a big role in creating a beautiful interior. It is best to use models with glass inserts, which perfectly transmit the sun’s rays from the living room. Then the hallway will seem brighter. If the corridor is too small, then you can install sliding door models or even hang a beautiful curtain in the aisle. Stylish small hallways can be decorated with arches instead of shutters, this technique visually increases the space in the room.

doors in a small hallway

Furniture for a small hallway

When deciding how to decorate a small hallway, it is important to remember that the furniture in it should not be bulky. It is better to install closed models, open hangers are used minimally, only for placing everyday things so that the room is not cluttered. Chests of drawers, wardrobes, mezzanines will help to avoid clutter in the hallway. If there is not enough space for bedside tables, use neat shelves. A small hallway should be equipped with a minimum set of furniture:

  • wardrobe or hanger;
  • a mirror;
  • shelves to accommodate a set of shoes.

Arrange it so that the shape of the room approaches a square. If the area allows, then in the corridor you can use a chest of drawers, a full-fledged shoe rack, a small sofa or ottoman. The ideal option would be a compact set that can accommodate several pieces of furniture. It noticeably saves space, while the corridor looks neat. There are many such options on the furniture market. For example, a revolving wardrobe niche with shelves, a mirror, coat hooks. Or a set that includes five items at once — a chest of drawers, a cabinet for things, a hanger and a bench with a shoe box.

Wardrobe in a small hallway

A stationary wardrobe in a small corridor should have a depth of no more than 45 cm, this is enough to place outerwear in it. Hangers inside can be placed in the frontal plane, this will save a few more centimeters of space. The corner storage system also helps to solve the problem of lack of space, it makes the most of the free space in the room.

The best option for storing things is a closet. In it, the doors open in the same plane with the wall, due to this, the space of the corridor is saved. A sliding wardrobe in a small hallway can be installed without a rear partition, a full fit to the wall will make it almost built-in. Inside such multifunctional furniture, you can place shelves, hangers, drawers, baskets, it will fit both clothes and small items. The optimal non-standard solution is to put a wardrobe instead of an interior wall.

closet in a small hallway

Small sofa in the hallway

An ottoman or a small sofa in the hallway helps the owners and guests to change shoes, add a special cosiness and comfort to the room. For this purpose, it is necessary to choose oblong furniture of a compact size. Sofas are available soft, hard, with or without backs, armrests. It is better to choose models that have hidden storage systems — they are equipped with additional shelves, spacious drawers, folding seats. Such furniture is the best way to combine an ottoman for sitting and a box for storing shoes, boots, boots.

small sofa in the hallway

Hanger in a small hallway

If the apartment has a very small entrance hall or it is narrow and there is not enough space to install a closet or chest of drawers, you can limit yourself to an open hanger. It is suitable for placing everyday items, hats, bags and umbrellas. It is better to put the rest of the clothes in the mezzanine or closet in the living room so that the corridor does not look cluttered. Hangers are available in different sizes and shapes, often complemented by shelves and hanging mezzanines. On wall models, hooks can be placed horizontally or at different heights.

Thanks to the efforts of designers, you can find a hanger in the original design. Hooks become a real decoration of the interior, they can be made in the form of forged curls, buttons, pointed snow peaks. In a modern interior, you can often find open structures made of metal pipes on which clothes hangers are hung. In addition to wall hangers, there are also mobile floor hangers, for example, in the form of a sprawling tree with branches, they can be compactly installed in the corner of the corridor.

hanger in a small hallway

Mirror in a small hallway

Beautiful little hallways cannot do without a mirror. It is not only a necessary piece of furniture, but also visually expands the space in the room. There are many options for mirrors — for example, large floor mirrors that can be rearranged from place to place, combined with a hanger, supplemented with shelves. Wall mounted models look more compact, under them it is appropriate to install a chest of drawers, a shoe rack, a bench.

The best option is to place reflective surfaces opposite each other on opposite walls, supplement them with bright illumination from LED strips or sconces, then the corridor will look even more spacious. If there is not enough space to accommodate such a piece of furniture, then it is advisable to install a wardrobe with floor-to-ceiling mirrored doors instead of doors.

mirror in a small hallway

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