Sink in the bathroom — corner, overhead, double, made of ceramics and stone


The sink in the bathroom is an important element of the bathroom

A functional and comfortable sink in the bathroom is considered to be a sought-after piece of equipment that is repeatedly used by the owners throughout the day and occupies an important place in the interior. A plumbing product should have an attractive design, provide comfort and maximum ease of use.

How to choose a sink in the bathroom?

When buying sanitary ware, many housewives focus on design, but in addition to the color and shape of the product, there are other important nuances. Consider the main points that should be considered when deciding which sink to choose for the bathroom:

  1. Production material — affects the cost of the product, the complexity of installation, appearance, strength of the bowl, ease of cleaning. The most expensive is natural granite, marble, onyx, travertine.
  2. Type of instalation. The layout of the room, the location of communications, the weight of the device, and the aesthetic appearance should be taken into account.
  3. Dimensions and shape of the bowl — after installing the sink in the bathroom, there should be free space for normal access to the plumbing fixture.
  4. Coloring and design of plumbing — the style of the interior is taken into account.
  5. Design features — the presence of an opening to prevent overflows, the location of the drain and mixer, a dirt-repellent coating.

Types of bathroom sinks

Mostly this type of plumbing is distinguished by the method of installation. Additionally, the catalogs take into account the type of material and the shape of the bowl. If you are going to install a sink in the bathroom, then it is better to foresee all the difficulties that arise during installation. Consider the main options for classifying these products:

  1. bowl material. More commonly used faience, porcelain, steel. Plumbing made of artificial stone is gaining popularity, real rock is used extremely rarely due to the high cost and complexity of processing.
  2. The shape of the plumbing fixture is a rectangular sink in the bathroom, angular, round, oval, non-standard.
  3. Mounting method — on pedestals, mounting on a semi-pedestal, wall mounting, built-in washbasin in the bathroom.
  4. types of bathroom sinks

Ceramic bathroom sink

Most sanitary ware is made from different grades of fired clay. The most common types of ceramics are porcelain and faience. It is difficult for an externally ignorant user to distinguish between these materials, but there are significant differences between them. Porcelain appliances are more expensive and look more elegant. They have a less porous structure, so they are easier to maintain. The quality of faience depends entirely on the state of the glaze, which is applied on top of the products to increase strength and reduce absorption.

Examples of ceramic sinks in the bathroom:

  1. Vintage porcelain sanitary ware.
  2. vintage porcelain sanitary ware

  3. Wall mounted ceramic bathroom sinks.
  4. wall mounted ceramic bathroom sinks

  5. Wonderful earthenware bowl with a mixer.
  6. wonderful earthenware bowl

Corner sink in the bathroom

Most often, this choice is made in order to save space. The corner sink in the bathroom allows you to more rationally form the interior and fill the empty space even in a tiny room. There are downsides to this option. Corner devices are smaller in size compared to standard samples. In addition, in the corners of the room there are always problems with natural light, but this nuance can be compensated by installing additional lamps.

Beautiful examples of corner sinks:

  1. A small corner bowl at the partition.
  2. small corner bowl at the partition

  3. A set of corner furniture with a bathroom sink.
  4. corner furniture set with bathroom sink

  5. Stylish corner ceramic sink in the bathroom.
  6. stylish corner ceramic sink

Double bathroom sink

In a large family, morning gatherings are often accompanied by disputes over the order in which water procedures are taken. It is not always possible to install two sinks in the bathroom at once due to the lack of free space. A good alternative is the double bowl. This product is relatively large, but it allows you to get additional space for hygiene due to the presence of two independent drains and mixers. The front of the washbasin is wide enough for simultaneous use.

Double sink in the interior of the bathroom:

  1. Wall mounted double sink.
  2. wall-mounted double sink

  3. Double bowl with cabinet.
  4. double bowl with cabinet

  5. Figured double sink.
  6. figured double sink

Overhead sink in the bathroom

This variety includes devices that are completely on top of the countertop or slightly submerged inside. Functionally, the overhead sink bowl in the bathroom does not differ from the built-in models. Visually, it resembles a free-standing container, but the product is firmly fixed on a plane and connected to a centralized drain. A raised bowl made of ceramic or stone looks beautiful in a classic style. The downside of the original device is that there is no hole for mounting the mixer, you need to attach the taps to the countertop.

Overhead bathroom fixtures:

  1. Hygiene equipment with two overhead sinks.
  2. hygiene equipment with two overhead sinks

  3. Bronze-coated ceramic overlaid bowl.
  4. Bronze-coated ceramic overlaid bowl

  5. Laid-on model of a sink from an artificial stone.
  6. wall-mounted model of a sink made of artificial stone

Bathroom sink with pedestal

A washbasin on a ceramic counter visually looks simpler and lighter, less cluttering up the space, unlike a massive cabinet, and fits perfectly into any environment, regardless of style. The stand for the sink in the bathroom is suitable in cases where it is impossible to mount suspended structures due to the fragile surface of the plasterboard walls. A slender pedestal securely holds even a heavy overall device, while at the foot there is little space for storing small items.

Examples of sinks on pedestals:

  1. The conical bowl on a wide figured pedestal is reminiscent of the style of the products of ancient Egyptian craftsmen.
  2. conical bowl on a wide figured pedestal

  3. The classic washbasin on a pedestal for the bathroom.
  4. classic washbasin on a pedestal

  5. Double sink on a pedestal.
  6. double sink on a pedestal

Vanity washbasin

Embedded plumbing can be completely recessed into the plane or have small sides. In addition to the interesting design, the mortise sink on the countertop in the bathroom has other advantages. There is a reliable fastening, there is no need to drill walls, get an additional surface nearby for storing hygiene items, cosmetics or household appliances. Communication with this method is placed below in boxes or cabinets, so ugly pipelines with hoses are not visible in the interior.

Several options for mortise sinks:

  1. Rectangular recessed washbasin, the upper side of the product protrudes above the plane.
  2. rectangular recessed washbasin

  3. The built-in sink in the bathroom is completely recessed into the countertop.
  4. built-in sink in the bathroom

  5. Oval cut-in bowl on a pedestal made of artificial stone.
  6. oval) mortise bowl on the pedestal

Sink on the washing machine in the bathroom

When trying to properly organize the space, many try to install household appliances under the washbasin. Not every sink in the bathroom above the washing machine is suitable for this mounting option. The best option is the water lily model, which has a flat shape and low sides. For such products, the drain is located as close as possible to the back or directly in the back wall so that the pipeline does not take up useful space from below. The bowl is used in a rectangular shape, in this case, the plumbing securely covers the appliance from above.

Washbasin above the washing machine in the interior:

  1. The sink with the typewriter successfully filled the resulting niche.
  2. a sink with a typewriter successfully filled the resulting niche

  3. The washbasin is built into a long countertop, and the washing machine occupies the right side of the cabinet from below.
  4. washbasin built into a long countertop

  5. Installing the bowl above the washing machine helps to rationally arrange the necessary equipment in a tiny bathroom.
  6. bowl over washing machine

Sink with hanging cabinet in the bathroom

Interior items made according to the 2 in 1 principle help to solve several important tasks in the environment. Installing a sink with a vanity in the bathroom saves space and gives the room a more tidy look. All communications, detergents and towels are securely hidden inside, for their storage it is not necessary to purchase additional shelves in the room. This practical arrangement is convenient to use in rooms of any size.

Hanging cabinet with a sink in the interior of the bathroom:

  1. Overhead bowl on a large hanging pedestal with wood grain finish.
  2. overhead bowl on a large hanging pedestal

  3. Stylish corner washbasin with white cabinet.
  4. stylish corner washbasin with white cabinet

  5. Washbasin with cabinet for a room in a modern style, the furniture has a glossy curved front of an elongated shape.
  6. sink with cabinet in a modern style

round bathroom sink

The shape of the plumbing fixture affects the usability and perception of the environment. Modern bathroom sinks are increasingly made round, attracting buyers with a concise design. These products look interesting in a retro style, classic interior, they are suitable for connoisseurs of the direction of minimalism. Of the minuses of this choice, it is necessary to name the somewhat irrational use of space by a round device. For a tiny room, it is more practical to buy semicircular washbasins that adjoin the wall with a flat side.

Beautiful round bathroom sinks:

  1. High ceramic overlaid round bowl.
  2. tall ceramic countertop round bowl

  3. Round recessed bathroom sink.
  4. round recessed sink

  5. Washbasin with two round sinks on a wooden top
  6. washbasin with two round sinks

Glass sink in the bathroom

Transparent sanitary ware looks chic, it looks less bulky in the setting and is lighter in comparison to ceramics. Beautiful glass bathroom sinks fit perfectly into the interior, regardless of style. The material after hardening has acceptable strength, does not suffer from detergents and temperature changes. Glass devices can be made transparent or colored, casting technology allows you to get products of any shape.

Examples of elegant glass bathroom sinks:

  1. Hanging glass sink with cabinet.
  2. hanging glass sink with cabinet

  3. Nice glass washbasin with shelves.
  4. nice glass washbasin with shelves

  5. Dark overhead glass bowl for the bathroom.
  6. dark overhead glass bowl in the bathroom

Bathroom sinks made of artificial stone

The disadvantages of natural rock helps to compensate for the use of sanitary ware from innovative materials. Imitation is made from granite, quartz, marble or other natural chips with the addition of resins and fillers. Such a stone sink in the bathroom looks spectacular, costs less, has a relatively lower weight. Products are much easier to manufacture.

Stone sinks in the interior:

  1. Compact rectangular washbasin in the bathroom made of artificial stone.
  2. compact rectangular washbasin for the bathroom made of artificial stone

  3. Elongated sink made of artificial stone above the washing machine.
  4. elongated artificial stone sink above the washing machine

  5. Rectangular stone countertop sinks.
  6. rectangular stone sinks


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