Shower rack — how to choose a set with a tropical faucet, shelves, retro style?

Shower rack - how to properly equip a bathroom?

A device for water procedures — a shower rack — gained its popularity among the population along with the advent of shower cabins, before that it was installed only in hostels and hotels. There are many varieties of this plumbing device, so it is important to know their features.

How to choose a shower rack?

The standard equipment of the shower column is a bar, a hose and a watering can, but the manufacturer can sell additional accessories. Deciding to perform hygiene procedures with maximum comfort or even turn them into a SPA session, a person may wonder which shower rack to choose, and in order to make the right choice, you need to take into account some parameters of this device:

  1. Criteria such as the length of the rod, the place of attachment — to the wall, floor or in the corner, should be considered even before buying a shower rack, since a device bought in a hurry may not fit or be inconvenient.
  2. The materials from which shower racks are made are very different — brass, bronze, metallized plastic, steel — stainless steel, chrome-plated or nickel-plated. There are also models on sale using tempered glass or stone. The best shower bar is metal, it is very practical and has an attractive appearance.
  3. It is convenient if the rack comes with an additional shower with a hose, and the overhead shower is equipped with swivel mounts that allow you to change the angle of the watering can and move it along the bar.
  4. The shower column with the rain shower effect has a large diameter — more than 20 cm.
  5. The upper stationary watering can be equipped with additional nozzles, with which you can get a relaxing or tonic effect.
  6. Watering can with cascade mode is able to recreate the effect of massage. In addition, the shower rack can have other useful devices.

which shower head to choose

Shower column with faucet

A fixture such as a faucet for a shower rack is not a mandatory option. If a mixer is needed, its availability should be checked in the store. Based on the features of the faucets, a shower rack with a spout can be:

  1. valve. In this case, the kit includes 2 valves that are connected to pipes with cold and hot water. Turning the valves regulates the water temperature. Such a system is more practical and durable.
  2. Single lever. In this case, the water temperature is set using the lever. Such a system is also considered durable, but setting the temperature in this way is more complicated. Manufacturers recommend using single-lever shower racks with a water filter installed, since the mechanism is sensitive to small debris.

Shower column with thermostat

The device of a shower rack with a thermostat and a spout is very convenient, especially if blackouts or surges in water pressure occur in the house. The thermostat is a unit built into the mixer, designed to automatically adjust the water temperature. The main element of this unit is a special cartridge that is sensitive to temperature changes; it is often made from biometric plates.

When the water pressure changes, the thermostat raises or lowers the temperature so that the shower does not get too cold or hot — this is very important when washing a small child. If an emergency shutdown of cold water occurs, the thermostat will completely shut off the water so that the person washing does not get serious burns. A shower rack with a thermostat has one drawback — you cannot use water if there is no water in one of the pipes.

shower column with thermostat and spout

Shower column for bathroom

The model of the wall-mounted shower rack for the bathroom is the most common type of device. It is hung on the wall using standard spacers. Since the rack is open and gets wet when showering, it requires special care to remove limescale:

  • after using the shower, you need to wipe the rack dry;
  • lime stains are removed with a microfiber cloth soaked in acetic acid or lemon juice:
  • Nickel-plated and chrome-plated parts of the shower column must not be cleaned with abrasive particles.

Outdoor shower rack

To install a shower in the country, you need a floor shower rack. You can install it on the veranda or against one of the walls. Communications for the floor shower rack are placed on the podium, so a good strong water pressure is very important, otherwise, due to the long length of the rod, it will be difficult to fully use the overhead shower, especially to do hydromassage or arrange a tropical shower.

Shower column with rain shower

When choosing shower racks with a rain shower with a mixer, you need to take into account the water pressure in the house where they will be installed. The diameter of the watering can for the tropical rain function reaches 60 cm or more. The pleasure from such a shower can be unforgettable. But if the water pressure is weak, a downpour, especially a tropical one, will not work. The aeration function can save the situation — saturation of water with air, with it a weak pressure will be less noticeable. Benefits of a rain shower:

  • there is no need to substitute separate parts under the drops — the water washes the whole body;
  • water flows relax the body, relieve fatigue, improve blood flow.

rain shower with faucet

Corner shower column with overhead shower

Space-saving, space-saving corner shower bar suitable for installation in a small bathroom. Such a device is attached to two walls in the same way as a wall-mounted one. The functionality of the corner shower column coincides with the usual wall-mounted device — it can have both a thermostat and a spout, only the size of the overhead shower is limited — it is impossible to place a large-diameter watering can in the corner of the bath.

Shower column with hydromassage

A stand for a shower cabin or a bathtub with a hydromassage will help to relax after a hard day, but it is correct to call them not racks, but panels that are often installed in shower cabins. The peculiarity of hydromassage panels is that water enters under pressure and massages the body. The panel consists of:

  • corps;
  • shower heads;
  • massage nozzles;
  • mixer;
  • hydromassage switch.

Massage nozzles on the panel are located along the entire height, taking into account the anatomy of the body, they come in several types:

  • air nozzles — they saturate the water with oxygen, and spraying occurs with a wide jet;
  • rotational — make circular movements;
  • pulsating — recreate the effect of acupressure by pressing on different parts of the body;
  • spraying — supplying water with a thin or wide jet.

shower stall

Concealed shower column

A more complex installation, compared to other types, has a shower rack built into the wall. If a wall stand can be mounted by almost anyone on their own, then a device built into the wall should be mounted by a specialist. All communications in this case are hidden in the wall and covered with tiles or panels. The overhead shower with this installation is attached to the ceiling or wall. The advantage of a concealed shower column is that the bathroom looks neat and stylish, but the disadvantage is that to fix the breakage of the column, you will need to break the wall cladding.

shower column built into the wall

Shower column-retro

A beautiful shower rack in a retro-style interior should match it. In this case, shower racks of a modern look will look alien, so manufacturers also produce retro-style devices. In terms of their functionality, these are modern products, but outwardly they resemble plumbing fixtures of past years made of bronze or brass. The disadvantage of retro racks is the high cost due to the expensive materials used.

shower rack in the interior

Shower rack with shelves

To preserve the style of the bath, experts advise purchasing and installing a shower rack with shelves in the kit. In this case, all accessories in the bathroom will be in the same style. On sale you can find a lot of shower racks with shelves for soap, bottles of gels, shampoos and conditioners. When choosing a high-quality shower rack, preference should be given to trusted manufacturers:

  • Grohe;
  • Hansgrohe;
  • Kludi;
  • Oras;
  • Roca;
  • Lemark;
  • Timo;
  • IDDIS.

shower rack installation

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