Shelves in the children’s room for books and toys

Shelves in the nursery - what interesting options will your baby like?

For every parent, there comes a time when it is necessary to achieve order in the nursery and teach the baby to put his “treasures” in their places on their own. A thoughtful organization of the space of the children’s room to some extent will help parents find solutions to these problems. Shelves in the children’s room will be a practical and useful place to store books, toys and other little things that are dear to the child’s heart.

Shelves in the nursery — types

Shelves in the children’s room should be located taking into account the age and height of the child, so that a small person can independently reach the desired object lying there. It should be borne in mind that the baby will grow up quickly, so consider whether it is worth buying bulky, expensive furniture sets for the nursery? Perhaps bright shelves will be a good alternative to gloomy cabinets. Do not overload the room with a large number of them, here you need to feel the measure. Otherwise, instead of a cozy nest, the child will live in some kind of warehouse or pantry.

Wall-mounted children’s shelves allow you to save space in the room, leaving a wide scope for reading, needlework, outdoor games, sports activities and other important children’s activities. They are an indispensable part of the interior and here’s why:

  • many options for design and placement;
  • relatively low price;
  • ease of device, installation, installation;
  • opportunity to make your own.

It is advisable to select this interior detail in the same style as the furniture of the room. It is important to think about the color scheme, however, moderately bright colors are allowed for the nursery, not cutting the eyes, pleasant and clean. When making a choice, you should consider not only the appearance. Pay attention to what material the product is made of, its safety from an environmental point of view. Make sure that the design will not cause injury: preferably no sharp corners, unreliable fasteners, protruding handles, glass parts, mirror inserts, and the like.

wall shelves for kids room

Hanging shelves in the nursery

It is most convenient to make bookshelves in the nursery hinged. They are easy to make, do not clutter up the room. At the same time, hinged shelves increase the useful area for placing toys at the beginning, and as they grow older, the child himself will find a use for them in accordance with his preferences and tastes. Hanging shelves are safe, the main thing is to securely fix them on the wall.

For a small child, it is better to choose shelves with a side that will protect objects from falling. Shelves hanging on belt loops or thick ropes must be fixed by attaching them with a few screws from below to the belt (rope) so that the base does not slip out of the loop. Such shelves can be made in the form of a swing, on which soft toys can be seated.

shelf with a side in the nursery

Hanging shelves can also be an excellent storage for a collection of books, cars, dolls, soldiers. The owner of the collection will be proud to show it to guests. The collection itself will serve as an additional decoration of the interior. To demonstrate dolls, attach a shelf in the form of a balcony or in the form of a house. Shelves look charming in the form of the initial letters of the baby’s name.

children's book shelf

Floor shelves in the nursery

In addition to hanging, you can use floor shelves or racks. In fact, a rack is several rows of shelves mounted on racks or side walls. The shelf for toys in the nursery should be stable, bulky and high floor shelves are still better to be additionally fixed to the wall in order to avoid injuries to children if it occurs to the child to climb the shelves of the rack during the game.

floor shelves in the nursery

It is good when the shelf is not only a piece of furniture, but also acts as a fun toy. Make a cute deer out of cardboard, boards or plywood — a rack in the shape of a giraffe. Several figurines of African animals would be perfect for a safari-style room. Open a small petting zoo with animal-shaped shelving. This quite budget option for the nursery will bring a lot of joy to the baby.

interesting shelves for the nursery

Shelves above the bed in the nursery

If you ask an adult if his parents read fairy tales to him before going to bed, then most likely he will answer in the affirmative. It is convenient to store books above the bed, on a small shelf, that you read to your child at night. In the same place at night, put, if necessary, a non-spill drinker with water. Children sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and ask for a drink. The child will completely cope with this problem on his own, simply by stretching his hand to the shelf.

shelves above the bed in the nursery

For safety reasons, bulky shelves should not be hung above the child’s bed, and heavy objects should not be placed on them. It is enough to reliably strengthen a couple of light, pretty, bright shelves of an unusual shape. Actually, even one shelf for books in the nursery, located at the head of the bed, will allow the baby to arrange a favorite bear there for the night next to the volume of fairy tales.

shelves above the bed in the nursery

Shelves around the window in the nursery

To save space in the room, children’s furniture and shelves can be located near the window. This placement is especially convenient for small apartments, when every centimeter counts. If you put a good mattress and a few cushions on a low rack by the window, you get a cozy place to relax and play. And around the window opening, arrange shelves in the children’s room for books and toys.

shelves around the window in the nursery

Corner shelves in the nursery

Shelves on the wall in the children’s room can be hung not only in the center of the wall, but also in the corners of the room. In this case, you can zone the nursery space by arranging a place for reading and quiet games in a cozy corner. It would be nice to lay a soft thick handmade rug there, throw a few pillows or large soft toys. For an older child, it is acceptable to hang a small hammock or a bean bag next to the corner shelves.

corner shelves in the nursery

Children’s bed with shelves

Sometimes it is not possible to allocate the entire room to the child, so shelves in the interior of the nursery are not always appropriate. In this case, in a small apartment, a bed with shelves can serve as an alternative to a children’s room. Place a small table next to the bed, and you will get quite a comfortable children’s area. Shelves suit:

  • at the head;
  • under the bed;
  • under the stairs leading to the second bunk bed.

A bed for younger children with shelves under the bunk should not be high. For kids, it is better to buy a low bed with enclosing sides. Older children prefer high beds, where you can climb up the stairs. In childish fantasies, an ordinary sleeping place turns into a pirate ship, a desert island, an interplanetary cruiser.

Children's bed with shelves

A bed for younger children with shelves under the bunk should not be high. For kids, it is better to buy a low bed with enclosing sides. Older children prefer high beds, where you can climb up the stairs. In childish fantasies, an ordinary sleeping place turns into a pirate ship, a desert island, an interplanetary cruiser.

Children's bed with shelves

Children’s table with shelves

You can also consider such options for shelves in the children’s room as tables with shelves. They look quite modern. In addition, a table of this type will help in the development of good habits in a child:

  1. The skill of organizing a workplace (all school supplies, materials for needlework and creativity will take their position, rationally and conveniently located near the working area).
  2. Increasing the productivity of classes (the child will not need to be distracted looking for the right thing)
  3. Tendency to order (the baby will understand that each item should have its own permanent storage place).

Children's table with shelves

Children’s room shelf design

To emphasize the individuality of the young owners, it would be good to come up with interesting shelves for the children’s room or choose from the assortment already on sale. There are a lot of options for the baby:

  • shelf-car garage;
  • regiment-train;
  • rocket regiment;
  • boat shelf.

For a serious teenager, you can offer a «solid» version or a mischievous version:

  • in the form of a hemisphere, resembling a globe protruding from the wall;
  • walls located in a niche;
  • in the form of a spiral or other arbitrary configuration;
  • made from old skateboards, skis.

Shelf-plane in the nursery

Unusual children’s shelves can be made independently, but it is better to involve your children and their comrades in the design and manufacture of shelves in the children’s room. Invite your son to make an airplane shelf, invite his friends, the guy will definitely be interested! Joint creativity is a convenient chance to get to know your son’s friends better. Well, as the cat Matroskin said, «joint work, for my benefit, it unites!»

Shelf-plane in the nursery

Shelves in the form of a house in the nursery

For a girl, shelves for nursery houses can be a pleasant surprise. Every dad can make them with his own hands. To do this, you need one or two free evenings, environmentally friendly materials and the desire to give your daughter a little house in the children’s room. The little princess will be happy to receive distinguished guests (bunny, bear and Ken) in a new home for her favorite doll. Well, for a teenager, hanging shelves are suitable, similar in shape to the silhouette of city houses.

Shelves in the form of a house in the nursery

Children’s shelf in the form of a tree

Children’s shelves for toys and books are actually a repository for sources of knowledge. A shelf in the form of such a “tree of knowledge” perfectly emphasizes the importance of reading in a person’s life. The shelf itself does not have to have a base standing on the floor. You can fix a stylized tree trunk on the wall or even draw it, and fix wall hanging shelves in the form of branches. Why not bring the picture to life? To do this, plant a toy in the «branches» of such a tree: a squirrel, an owl, a cat.

The rack in the form of a separate tree also looks good. And if you want — plant a whole grove, there would be a desire. There are craftsmen who sculpt the trunk and the thickest branches on the wall in the form of a bas-relief from the plaster mixture, paint it with suitable paints, in some places glue small pieces of bark for plausibility (you don’t need to glue the bark in a continuous layer, it will most likely look rough ). Shelves are attached to the wall above them. Thin branches and leaves are painted on the wall. It turns out magical! Actually, the choice is yours!

Children's shelf in the form of a tree

Cloud shelf in the nursery

Plank and hang cloud-shaped children’s shelves on the wall, create a childhood dream atmosphere from ordinary shelves in the children’s room! Perhaps many years later, adult sons will fondly remember the spirit of distant wanderings that flew into the clouds in your house. Remember the cartoon song? “On the road with clouds, on the road with clouds, I really like it when we come back” And again, and again, on the road with clouds, sons and daughters will mentally return to their childhood home, to a cozy dream home!

Cloud shelf in the nursery

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