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Room for a boy and a girl - the best options for arranging and zoning a nursery

A properly equipped room for a boy and a girl helps parents solve a lot of everyday problems. Not everyone has the opportunity to equip an apartment with a separate bedroom for their son and daughter, so you have to learn to minimize the inconvenience of living in a single living space for children of different sexes.

How to decorate a room for a boy and a girl?

During the school period, a room for a boy and a girl should already be divided into personal zones so that children get the right to their own comfortable corner. With babies or toddlers, there are fewer problems when living together, but gradually the situation becomes more complicated, each child begins to realize belonging to a particular gender and seeks to expand personal space.

Ideally, a room for a boy and a girl, where children of the same or different ages are forced to live together for years, should be divided into several conditional zones. Their size may vary over the years, when you have to take into account the age of sons and daughters, their personal preferences. For example, preschoolers need much less space to study than high school students.

Functional areas of the common room for a boy and a girl:

  1. territory for games;
  2. bedroom;
  3. study area;
  4. storage area.

Twin room for a boy and a girl

Twins or twins up to 6 years old can use the main functional areas together without any problems. They rarely clash and normally use a common table or locker with clothes. It is better for schoolchildren to install separate tables for study, to allocate personal cabinets for small items. From this age, cribs are separated by lockers or placed against opposite walls.

The design of a children’s room for a boy and a girl of school age differs in the arrangement of the play area. It is advisable to immediately separate the storage places for dolls and cars with soldiers in different boxes. The rapprochement of twins occurs at adolescence, when common preferences appear in music, dance or other areas of youth life. When designing a room for high school students, consider the preferences and mature character of your children, for example, when choosing the design of frameless chairs or a coffee table.

Twin room for a boy and a girl

Room for a boy and a girl together of different ages

Separated by 4-5 years of age, children have different interests, hobbies, characters. Some guys quickly get used to the role of a nanny and try to take care of their younger sister, but for many teenagers this role is tiring and irritating. When planning the design of a room for a boy and a girl, who together will have to share the same room for more than one year, try to immediately place the place of study and sleep for each child in different corners of the room.

The need for solitude arises in every person, regardless of gender and age. If the baby cribs are against the same wall, then separate them with a partition or tall cabinet. The sleep pattern of children may differ, so the room for a boy and a girl should not have problems with lighting. It is necessary to immediately install a separate night light, sconce or ceiling lamp for each bed, equip the tables with a high-quality table lamp.

Room for a boy and a girl together of different ages

Room for schoolchildren girls and boys

One of the main problems that arise when decorating a bedroom with residents of different sexes is the arrangement of a comfortable study place. It is necessary to plan everything so that the rays of natural and artificial light fall correctly on both work areas. Consider mainly those ideas for a children’s room for a boy and a girl that help kids take a seat at the table without any problems, and not disturb a neighbor during class.

Study space ideas for two kids:

  1. Two free-standing straight tables separated by a partition or free space.
  2. Two corner tables in opposite corners of the room.
  3. One common straight table adjoining the long side to the wall.
  4. The room for a boy and a girl is equipped with a U-shaped or straight study table, which occupies all the space against the wall with a window; in this case, the students are located on the same line.
  5. The table adjoins the wall with only one short side, the children have the opportunity to sit down at the workplace facing their neighbor.
  6. Room for schoolchildren girls and boys

Room for teenagers boy and girl

The traditional visual division of space with blue and pink paint is unacceptable for most teenagers. Grown-up teenagers try to avoid “childish” shades in the interior. It is better to use neutral tones in the design of the common space, and highlight the personal area with bright details or textiles in accordance with the preferences of the teenager.

Decorate the walls so that the room for the boy and the girl looks as cheerful as possible, it is better to share the interior together in a bright and comfortable room. Green, orange and yellow juicy shades are considered universal. If teens don’t mind, then go with the bunk bed option, which looks compact, takes up less space and makes it easier to create a closed intimate corner. A tall cabinet is a good area divider, but its use requires the installation of an additional light source.

How to decorate a room for a boy and a girl

Small children’s room for a boy and a girl

If you have a tiny shared room for a boy and a girl up to 10 m2, then you have to sacrifice the zoning of personal space in favor of arranging a comfortable sleeping place. In a limited area, it is difficult to install partitions and complex ceiling systems, install individual beds or sofas. A good option is bunk or retractable beds hidden in the podium.

The visual division of the room with different colors on a tiny area will look colorful and inappropriate, it is better to choose a monochrome finish in a neutral color scheme. White walls, wallpaper or plaster in beige, light gray, light brown, pleasant pastel shades are suitable for a common room for a boy and a girl. You can use a partial surface design of MDF or solid wood panels.

Small children's room for a boy and a girl

Narrow room for a boy and a girl

A narrow room for teenage boys and girls causes many problems; an uncomfortable interior forces the use of special planning methods. If the passage turns out to be small, then it is better to install the beds along one wall one after the other, separating them with a partition. A good option is to use it in a bunk bed setting. Then you can place the beds and the wardrobe against one long wall, the common desktop — against the short wall near the window, and leave the second long wall free.

Narrow room for a boy and a girl

Zoning a room for a boy and a girl

Thinking about the problem of how to share a room for a boy and a girl without offending any of them, you need to consider all the best options. If the children are twins or have a small age difference, then the common area will occupy the maximum territory. In a small room, their personal space will be a sleeping place and places to store small things.

The overall room for a boy and a girl is more easily divided into separate zones. You can use diagonal or parallel division, depending on the size of the area, the layout and the furniture available. In private houses with two windows on adjacent walls, it is easier to make diagonal zoning. For a square or elongated room, the parallel option is optimal.

What helps to effectively divide the room into zones:

  1. bedside tables;
  2. cabinets;
  3. racks;
  4. drywall partitions;
  5. screens;
  6. catwalks;
  7. colorful wallpaper;
  8. relief wall covering;
  9. floor covering of different colors;
  10. complex ceiling structures;
  11. lighting devices.
  12. Zoning a room for a boy and a girl

Wallpaper in the room for a boy and a girl

The cardinal division of the bedroom into blue and pink halves in the interior is rarely used, the best option is the use of universal colors, halftones and blotches. Green, yellow or orange wallpapers for the children’s room of a boy and a girl are perceived equally well by kids of both sexes. In conflict situations, for example, if one of the teenagers insists on some incompatible color, screens or curtains of a suitable shade can be used.

A frequently practiced method is pasting one of the walls with a plain material. It is convenient to have children’s drawings, beautiful posters, photos or paintings on it. An alternative option is to decorate a wall that is long and free of furniture with photo wallpapers on a natural, fairy-tale or other interesting theme. In the case of a problematic layout, narrow or low rooms, practice striped wallpaper that can change the visual perception of space.

Wallpaper in the room for a boy and a girl

Stretch ceiling in the nursery for children of different sexes

It is not recommended to equip complex and elaborate ceiling systems overloaded with unnecessary elements in the children’s bedroom. When considering the best ways to combine a boy’s and girl’s room, try to choose a stretch fabric with a universal color or a colored material with a fun and joyful design. For a room with children of different sexes, a white, blue, yellow, milky, lavender, beige ceiling is suitable. A popular and win-win theme is blue skies with white clouds.

Stretch ceiling in the nursery for children of different sexes

Furniture for the children’s room of a boy and a girl

The main items in this room are beds and a desk, the shape and design of these elements dramatically affect the interior of the bedroom. In a critical case, it is recommended to use a bunk bed, which allows you to save space. Corner furniture in the children’s room for children of different sexes will help allocate more space for games, recreation or sports equipment. We have a wardrobe if there is free space, it is recommended to purchase a functional wardrobe, but the presence of cabinets with personal belongings is a prerequisite for children of different sexes.

Furniture for the children's room of a boy and a girl

How to furnish a room for a boy and a girl?

Much in the interior of the bedroom depends on the location and design of the beds. The L-shaped layout is mainly used, the installation of the bed is perpendicular or parallel to the adjacent walls. The latter option is better suited for narrow spaces. With the L-shaped method, the children’s room for the weather of a boy and a girl looks more interesting, you should make sure that in this case the headboards are nearby.

  How to furnish a room for a boy and a girl

Room for a boy and a girl with a partition

A practical way to distinguish between a room for a boy and a girl is to install partitions. It can be a plasterboard wall, a mobile screen, a stationary rack, a built-in wardrobe. These elements are able to perfectly separate the bed of heterosexual babies or the sleeping area from the workspace. It is better to build curly partitions, elegant designs with through holes that do not visually clutter up the interior.

Room for a boy and a girl with a partition


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