Roller shutters to the toilet — main characteristics, existing varieties, options for mechanisms


Roller shutters to the toilet - main characteristics, existing varieties, options for mechanisms

Unsightly communications, meters and water heaters spoil the appearance of any bathroom. The most popular way to disguise them is the roller shutters in the toilet. Such plumbing blinds can be made in almost any size and color.

Roller shutters in the toilet — characteristics

It is more common to see roller blinds on the windows and doors of private houses and commercial premises. However, these materials are gaining more and more popularity in bathrooms, where the problem of masking water pipes and other communications is particularly acute. It is forbidden to close them tightly with tiles or even drywall, because at any time access to meters or current pipes may be required. Sliding structures in this regard are much more convenient and mobile.

Roller shutters to the toilet have practically no drawbacks, and their advantages include:

  1. Good disguise of all unsightly plumbing communications.
  2. The possibility of manufacturing structures of any size that will hide both a very small niche and a large water box.
  3. Quick access to the necessary communications. You can raise the curtain in a few seconds by opening the shutters to the desired size.
  4. Ease of management and care. Most models can simply be wiped down regularly with a damp cloth.
  5. Durability.
  6. Heat and sound insulation of sewer pipes.
  7. A variety of design options — from standard white to photo printing of any patterns and patterns.

roller shutters in the toilet characteristics

Roller shutters to the toilet

Many companies specializing in the sale and installation of roller shutters offer a free visit to the house of a master who will independently carry out the necessary calculations. If you do not know how to measure roller blinds, then you should consider the type of installation:

  1. In an overlay. It is suitable for thin plasterboard walls. Outside, the box itself and guides with a canvas of lamellas are installed. An additional guide is mounted below.
  2. box outside. This method is used when there is not enough space in the niche to mount the drum.
  3. box inside. The most aesthetic method The finished design is a single canvas that reliably hides all unsightly elements.

The measurements themselves are performed as follows:

  1. The width is measured at three points: the left, right and middle parts of the niche.
  2. The height is also measured three times: at the bottom, at the top and in the middle of the opening.
  3. The data obtained must be recorded and provided to the manager of the manufacturer’s company. Depending on the type of installation chosen, the specialist will independently carry out the necessary calculations.

Types of roller shutters in the toilet

Having decided on the dimensions, the company’s office offers to choose the type of material for the manufactured structure. Blinds roller shutters in the toilet can be made of:

  • plastic;
  • aluminum;
  • of stainless steel;
  • tree.

Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, which can be identified already during operation. So that unpleasant surprises do not appear after the purchase or the expiration of the warranty period, it is important to choose the right model for each specific case. Differences are found in the service life, subtleties of care, anti-vandal functions and possible colors.

Plastic roller shutters in the toilet

The simplest, lightest and cheapest option is plastic roller shutters for a bathroom closet. However, low cost does not mean that the product will be of poor quality.

  1. Such structures can be used in conditions of high humidity, they are not afraid of corrosion and mold.
  2. Care of the blinds consists in regular wiping with a damp cloth, as due to the static effect, dust will quickly be attracted to the plastic lamellas.
  3. Overhead plastic roller shutters in the toilet have only one significant drawback — low strength. If a serious power load is not planned for such a sanitary cabinet, then the design will last for more than a dozen years.

plastic shutters for toilet

Aluminum roller shutters in the toilet

The best option for arranging a private plumbing cabinet are aluminum roller blinds. They have a significant margin of safety with a relatively small weight. Such roller shutters are not afraid of corrosion. A two-layer coating of heat-treated paint increases the permissible level of humidity in the room to 90-95%. Such structures cost a little more than plastic ones, however, their service life is much longer.

aluminum roller shutters for toilet

Steel roller shutters

The most durable and wear-resistant are steel plumbing shutters to the toilet. They are rarely installed in home bathrooms, because heavy weight and anti-vandal protection are absolutely not needed in a regular bathroom. The high cost of such products will be justified in public places where reliable protection of communications hidden in the structure is necessary.

steel roller shutters

Wooden roller shutters in the toilet

The least popular are wooden roller shutters in the toilet. The price of such products is high, and the service life in rooms with high humidity is not long. If, according to the designer’s idea, it is still necessary to install a wooden structure, you should make sure that the ordered product is impregnated with several layers of protective coatings. Over time, these treatments will need to be repeated.

wooden roller shutters

Roller shutter mechanism

Having decided to install horizontal roller blinds, you need to decide not only on the material of the slats, but also on the mechanism for opening the structure. At the same time, it is important to take into account the physical capabilities of the one who will open and close these roller shutters. There are only two options on the market:

  1. Autothe mechanism is driven by electric current.
  2. Manual. A more relevant model for home use. Depending on the width of the opening, various types of mechanical drive can be installed.

Automatic roller shutters to the toilet

More convenient, but also significantly more expensive are roller blinds with electric drive. They are driven by a special motor, which is connected to the power supply. The power button is located on a special remote control or control unit. This type of drive is used for large, heavy structures that cannot be manually lifted by the user. In the case of a small plumbing opening, this option is not practical to use.

automatic roller shutters

Mechanical roller shutters

Similar door roller blinds have a mechanical tape or spring-inertial drive:

  1. In the first case, the tape is attached to the shaft and the tape paver. The user pulls on it, thereby setting the structure in motion. This method is the easiest and cheapest. It is suitable for structures not heavier than 15 kg. In addition, this method does not allow you to fix the canvas in an intermediate position.
  2. More modern and convenient — spring-inertial drive. Such models are raised and lowered by a special handle located on the lower rail. You can stop the blade in any convenient position. A significant disadvantage is that the system can only be mounted in canvases wider than 52 cm.

mechanical roller shutters

Colored roller shutters in the toilet

The whole point of using roller shutters in the toilet is to create a harmonious bathroom interior and hide all unwanted elements. For a harmonious interior design, in addition to the type of construction, you need to choose the right color for it:

  1. Thanks to modern methods of applying color to surfaces, it is possible to choose a shade that will exactly match the color of the tiles or plastic used in the bathroom. Then the whole structure will be absolutely inconspicuous.
  2. Glossy roller shutters in the toilet can be made a separate element of decor by choosing contrasting or adjacent colors to the tiles. With this option, you need to be careful not to create bad taste in your bathroom instead of an eccentric interior.

colored roller shutters

Roller shutters in the toilet with photo printing

Wishing to create a truly unusual interior of your bathroom, you can pay attention to roller blinds with photo printing. In the offices of companies specializing in the manufacture of roller shutters, they can offer available pattern templates from simple patterns to chic landscapes. You can independently find or create an image, choose a photo that will be applied to the ordered model. In modern production, the UV printing method is used. These drawings firmly adhere to the lamellas even with regular wet cleaning, do not fade or deteriorate over time.

roller shutters in the toilet with photo

How to install roller shutters in the toilet yourself?

If you have certain skills in finishing and repair work, the installation of roller blinds can be carried out by the owner of the premises independently. For this you need:

  1. Make sure the integrity of all elements hidden in the niche. If you plan to replace pipes or meters, this must be done before installing the blinds.
  2. Prepare the necessary tools: drill, drill, screwdriver, metal shears, pliers, screwdriver, hammer.
  3. Check the completeness of all ordered materials.
  4. Clean the opening from locks, plaster residues and other finishing materials. Level the surface from cracks and chips.
  5. Install the box in the upper part of the opening using one of the selected methods. Fastening for roller blinds — standard anchor bolts, the size of which depends on the thickness of the walls and the finishing material.
  6. Install the shaft in the fixed box.
  7. Assemble and attach a web of lamellas to the shaft.
  8. Fasten the fixing stoppers on the left, right and bottom.
  9. Connect controls.
  10. Check the installed structure for smoothness and noise.
  11. If everything is done correctly, put the lid on the box and remove the protective film.

How to wash roller blinds?

Having installed roller shutters in the toilet with or without a print, housewives begin to worry about the possibility of cleaning such a design. Cleaning roller blinds is easy, all you need to do is:

  1. Remove visible dirt with a vacuum cleaner of any type. An ordinary household, automobile, and even a special appliance designed for cleaning clothes will do.
  2. Wash the canvas with a damp cloth using a mild detergent. Particular attention should be paid to the space between the lamellas, the guide rail and the end of the leaf profile.
  3. To shake off excess liquid, you need to open and close the blinds several times.
  4. In the end, you can treat the surface with special antistatic agents that will prevent dust from attracting to the lamellas in the future.

Roller shutters in the bathroom and toilet began to be installed relatively recently. These designs do an excellent job of masking unsightly pipes, meters and water heaters. If necessary, the plumbing box can be quickly reached by simply lifting the canvas to the desired level. A variety of materials and colors can turn this standard design into a stylish decor element.


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