Modern living room furniture — types and styles

Furniture for the living room - a strategy for a successful selection

Those owners who want to see their main room in the apartment stylish and comfortable should choose the right furniture for the living room. Wardrobe, sofa, table with chairs should match the overall interior style of this room. Think in advance about the color scheme of the furnishings, as well as those elements that can decorate your living room.

Living room furniture options

The furniture industry offers us a huge selection of different pieces of furniture. All of them must be durable, strong and reliable. Different options for furniture sets contribute to the creation of a memorable and attractive interior in the hall. Living room furniture is made from MDF, wood, metal, or a combination of these materials. Furniture elements are made in different styles:

  • traditional classics;
  • modern modern or hi-tech;
  • romantic provence;
  • brutal rustic, etc.

Cabinet furniture for the living room

Furniture cabinet structures, due to their volume, are more suitable for spacious rooms. A massive closet or chest of drawers that you like may simply not fit in a living room with a limited area. Well, if you have to move to a new place of residence, then bulky and heavy cabinet furniture will be difficult to take out and install in a new apartment.

cabinet furniture for the living room

Cabinet cabinets are often made in a corner version. Such corner furniture for the living room will successfully fill the empty space in the room. It looks great in a small room with a wall with a place for a TV or other equipment. Sometimes a wardrobe is placed in the corner. The corner cabinet wall-showcase looks great, which does not look bulky and does not burden the interior of the room.

living room corner furniture

Upholstered furniture for the living room

Classic upholstered furniture for the living room, the main element of which is a sofa, will help to emphasize the tastes and preferences of the owners of the apartment. It is important to choose the right design, harmoniously combined with the rest of the room. A soft and comfortable bean bag chair is perfect for a modern interior. Upholstery material for soft furnishings can be different:

  • leather sofas and armchairs look stylish and luxurious. For the living room, you can choose brown, black, gray, cream color, models with a matte and glossy surface look especially beautiful;
  • eco-leather is also an attractive upholstery material, but it is less durable than natural;
  • upholstery of furniture with fish skin, which looks like snake skin, comes into fashion. This material is very durable, it can be painted in any color;
  • fabric design of upholstered furniture is always popular. It can be velvet, jacquard, flock, velor, etc.

upholstered furniture for the living room

Built-in living room furniture

Modernized cabinet structures are built-in furniture for the living room. It is especially suitable for small rooms, making their interior more functional and attractive. Built-in wardrobes differ from full-fledged models in that they have only a facade and internal partitions. Such models are especially convenient to install in niches. When choosing furniture for the bedroom-living room, pay attention to the built-in double-sided partitions. They are used in the zoning of the joint premises. Purchase such pieces of furniture under the order.

built-in living room furniture

Modular living room furniture

The original and stylish interior will allow you to create modular living room furniture in a modern style. Such furniture items are also used in other styles: classic, provence, hi-tech, etc. By selecting modules in accordance with your wishes, you can quickly and effortlessly change the configuration of the furniture set. For the living room, you can purchase a wardrobe or a chest of drawers, a rack or a pencil case, a hanging shelf or a wardrobe.

modular living room furniture

Living room furniture design

When choosing various elements of furniture for the living room, you need to pay attention to their quality and functionality. They should be attractive in appearance and easy to use. All furnishings in the hall should be combined with each other and correspond to the chosen interior. Beautiful and stylish living room furniture can make this room original and cozy.

Living room furniture in a classic style

A sign of the excellent taste of the owners of the house has always been considered classic furniture for the living room. In its production, valuable wood is used. In the form of decor, carving, gilding, bronze or brass overlays, forged elements, enamel inserts are used. Artificially aged furniture would be appropriate in such a room. Jacquard, brocade, velvet, velor, leather are used for upholstery of sofas and armchairs.

classic living room furniture

The color scheme of the interior elements for the hall can be very different. Emphasize the richness of the classic style red furniture in the living room, decorated with gilding. The living room with classic furniture in soothing light colors will look luxurious. Upholstered furniture in the classics is distinguished by semicircular armrests, high carved backs, and fringed pillowcases.

red furniture in the living room

Living room furniture in modern style

A distinctive feature of modern furniture is the combination of refinement with simplicity and conciseness. All models have clear and strict geometric, and sometimes asymmetric shapes. The absence of fittings on the furniture is compensated by original accessories for it. Modular modern or high-tech living room furniture is great for small rooms. By combining different modules, you can create modern interiors.

modern living room furniture

When shopping for living room furniture, pay attention to the hue of the items and how their tone will blend with the rest of the room. Wenge living room furniture looks beautiful and stylish against the background of light walls and floors. And the living room with black furniture and white trim in the rest of the design looks especially luxurious. This contrasting monochrome design is a classic in modern interior design.

wenge living room furniture

Loft living room furniture

A distinctive feature of the loft style is the combination of new and old in the interior. The central element of furniture for such a living room will be a massive sofa with shabby, artificially aged upholstery and a few soft pillows. You can’t do without roomy and comfortable armchairs, ottomans upholstered in suede, cashmere or modern alpaca fabric.

loft living room furniture

Another necessary item is a coffee table on wheels, typical of minimalism. Antique furniture would also be appropriate here: a rocking chair, an old chest, a wrought iron flower stand, a candlestick, etc. Instead of cabinet furniture options for the living room — a wall, a sideboard or a wardrobe — it is better to use open shelves, racks or niches in such a room.

loft style living room furniture

Furniture in the living room Provence

Rustic style can be created in both a spacious and a small room. Provence mini living room furniture is distinguished by sophistication and restrained colors. Skillfully aged tables, sofas and armchairs look especially appropriate in such an interior. Elegant and luxurious living room furniture made of wood goes well with such elements of this style as a fireplace, ceiling beams, rough plaster. Wooden pieces of furniture can have scratches and chips, wormholes and careless coloring.

Provence living room furniture

Beautiful chalet living room furniture

The cozy rustic style of the chalet also has some resemblance to Provence. In such a living room there must be a comfortable velor or leather sofa, wicker or soft chairs, a coffee table. Some owners like to cover upholstered sofas and armchairs with beautiful animal skins. Furniture for a small chalet living room is better to choose gray or light brown. For a spacious room, you can choose darker shades.

small chalet living room furniture

An important place in such a room is given to a fireplace, which can be gas, electric or simply decorative. You can mount a TV above the fireplace. The chalet-style living room is sometimes combined with the dining room. Install an antique oak table in the dining area, where the whole family can sit. Such furniture for the living room is not covered with a tablecloth, because the wood pattern serves as a real decoration for this piece of furniture.

beautiful chalet living room furniture

What furniture to choose in the art deco living room?

For the manufacture of art deco furniture, expensive and rare materials are used: ivory, mother-of-pearl, crocodile skin, crystal, etc. Unusual color combinations and bizarre designs, straight lines in furniture items are very successfully combined with ornate curves, and ethnic elements — with beautiful decorative ornaments. Looks great glossy living room furniture in this style.

glossy art deco living room furniture

Such interior elements are more suitable for spacious rooms in light pastel colors. If you want to decorate your living room in a luxurious art deco style, then you should not clutter it up with a lot of additional accessories and decor elements. It is better to purchase some truly original items that will perfectly decorate and give originality to the interior of this room.

art deco furniture for living room

Living room furniture minimalism

This modern style offers a lot of free space, its color palette does not irritate the eye. Hidden shelves and cabinets are welcome in the interior. Successfully fit into the minimalism of the console and different models of transformers. Compact TV furniture in the living room in the form of a small wall is designed to save space in a small room. To zone the combined room, use furniture for the kitchen-living room in the form of a soft sofa, a shelving unit or a two-sided wardrobe.

TV furniture in the living room

In a room decorated in modern minimalism, a limited amount of the most necessary furniture is selected. A low rectangular sofa for the living room can be made up of modules. Armchairs can be replaced with ottomans. Furniture upholstery in this style is plain: beige, gray, brown. A coffee table made of glass or metal looks great in such an interior.

minimalist living room furniture

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