Mirror in the bathroom — how high should it be, how to hang it correctly?

Bathroom mirror - why it is used, features of different types and tips for choosing

Few people can now imagine a bathroom without a mirror. Daily morning and evening toilets are not complete without looking at your reflection. This invariable attribute fits well into any interior. Regardless of the style of housing, a bathroom mirror will perfectly emphasize the geometry and complete the room.

Why a bathroom mirror?

This is a handy device for those who care about their appearance. It is convenient to dry your hair or apply makeup in the bathroom if the accommodation does not allow you to put a dressing table. Brushing your teeth requires control, because a bathroom mirror is not only a beautiful element of decor, but also a functional item. Without special expenses, you can visually increase the size of the room, a large mirror in the bathroom will help hide the imperfections of the wall on which it is located. It is very convenient to have a reflective surface, which, in addition to being decorative, also performs an additional function:

  1. Resize a room visually. Any mirror adds volume to the space.
  2. Change Lighting. Reflective surfaces can add light with light bulbs, backlighting, or simply reflecting rays.
  3. Complement the interior. The mirror in the bathroom should not look intrusive and attract undue attention.

why bathroom mirror

Types of mirrors in the bathroom

Today, there are a lot of bathroom mirrors. The variety of forms, decorative elements is amazing. Beautiful mirrors in the bathroom emphasize the status of the owners and boldly solve interior issues. They differ in shape:

  • round;
  • oval;
  • square;
  • rectangular;
  • irregular shape.

In addition to the shape of the mirror in the bathroom, they also differ in their functionality:

  • mirrors with a shelf;
  • mirror cabinet;
  • wall mirror;
  • retractable mirror;
  • mirror lamp;
  • mirror-monitor and others.

Illuminated mirror in the bathroom

Rarely in familiar housing, the bathroom is equipped with windows, so additional lighting is always welcome. A bathroom mirror with lighting is perfect for those who carefully monitor the skin of their face. In addition, a variety of shapes, colors and lighting options will satisfy any wishes. LED backlighting is the most popular now, as it is a cheap and relatively wear-resistant option. Halogen and neon (fluorescent) lamps are also used.

The design can have both separate lamps and built-in ones, which give light from under the mirror or through it, thanks to a special coating. The reflective surface can be illuminated both from all sides, and only from above, or zoned. The choice will depend on the functions of the light in the room. A common version of a mirror in the bathroom is a door on a wall cabinet. Then the backlight is also convenient for finding the necessary things on the shelves. Small lighting can act as a night light or subdued light for children in shared bathrooms.

illuminated bathroom mirror

Bathroom mirror with shelf

The functionality of the mirror in the bathroom is the subject of a separate discussion. After all, razors, tubes of creams, shampoos, gels, toothbrushes and pastes are needed here. It is very convenient to place them on a shelf so that they are always at hand. A bathroom mirror with a shelf is a winning option. The presence of sides, additional lighting, compactness and functionality are the advantages of such models. Among the shortcomings can be called an unsuccessful mount or poor shelf material for some models.

bathroom mirror with shelf

Mirror in a frame in the bathroom

The frame for the mirror is optional, but a very important element. Finishing should be in harmony with the decor of the bathroom. A plastic baguette for making a frame is practical and durable, a mirror in a wooden frame for a bathroom is also a great option. The tree is unstable to moisture, but modern technologies can protect it from water. The wooden frame can be in vintage or Scandinavian style, which will emphasize the peculiarity of the home.

framed bathroom mirror

Bathroom mirror cabinet

Cabinets are very convenient for storing cosmetics and personal care products, so you can choose a comfortable and economical option — a mirror cabinet in the bathroom. Its dimensions can be different, it depends on the size of the bathroom. Functionality remains the main advantage. Of the minuses: the doors of such a cabinet require constant care and there is an increased risk of cracks due to improper operation. There are several options for a mirror cabinet:

  1. hinged. Very similar to kitchen. Behind the mirror door are convenient shelves, often equipped with lighting.
  2. Angular. Suitable for those rooms where there is no space for a conventional wall cabinet.
  3. Pencil case with a mirrored door. For rooms of a large area, there is a variant of a full-fledged wardrobe-pencil case.

bathroom mirror cabinet

Smart bathroom mirror

Technologies today offer to combine their functionality in things. Recently, smart mirrors or smart mirrors have been popular. In fact, this is a touch mirror screen, which can display information from a mobile phone, it can also play the role of a player or TV. At the same time, such devices are shock and moisture resistant. A simpler option is a touch-sensitive bathroom mirror with backlight. When you touch the mirror (or a specific dot button), the lights inside turn on.

smart bathroom mirror

Anti-fogging bathroom mirror

There is always high humidity in this room, because the mirrors fog up. There are several solutions to this problem. You can use a special anti-fogging agent. It is applied to the surface, like on glass in a car, but chemistry is not suitable for everyone. You can install a shower cabin that will not release hot air and steam to the outside or a special hood. These two options are relatively expensive.

To avoid fogging and not constantly polishing, you can install a heating mirror in the bathroom. This is a special design that is installed from the back and regulates the surface temperature. If there is a temperature difference, and the mirror is heated, then the condensate does not accumulate. Heating can be purchased separately or made independently.

bathroom anti-fogging mirror

Bathroom suction cup mirror

Sometimes a large mirror is not needed in the bathroom, but a small one would be very appropriate. There is a winning option for this — a suction cup bath mirror. With this handy mount, you can install the structure anywhere on a tile on a wall, on a closet, and even on the ceiling. There are models that enlarge the image. This option is sometimes attached to a large mirror to be able to see the face in detail. Small designs are convenient to take on trips.

suction cup bathroom mirror

Retractable bathroom mirror

Sometimes it is necessary that there be a large mirror above the bathtub or in the shower room, but it is inconvenient to install it there forever, because a retractable design is used. It can be attached to the side of the cabinet or inside it, which saves a lot of space. There are sliding structures on the «accordion» or swivel bracket. Such mirrors can be placed directly above the bathroom.

retractable bathroom mirror

How to choose a bathroom mirror?

It is very important to choose a reflective surface in the bathroom in such a way that it does not interfere and is convenient for all users. A lot depends on the shape.

  1. A round bathroom mirror will complement the interior and visually expand the space.
  2. An oval bathroom mirror lifts low ceilings.
  3. A rectangular bathroom mirror can visually change the height of the room.

When choosing a mirror in the bathroom, you need to consider the following:

  1. Material. So that the mirror does not deteriorate under the influence of moisture.
  2. Frame material, if any. Not all products are suitable for use in conditions of elevated temperatures and constant moisture.
  3. The place where it will be located. Sometimes it is possible to place a reflective surface on the entire wall, and somewhere to hang only a corner mirror in the bathroom.
  4. Concept and design of the bathroom. It is important for someone that the mirror is functional, while someone will be satisfied with just its presence.
  5. Manufacturer. After all, if you buy a mirror with additional functions, then it is better to choose a model from trusted manufacturers than from Chinese suppliers.

To make sure the quality of the selected model, you need to check:

  • whether there are chips, bumps, cracks or bubbles (all these defects will interfere with use);
  • thickness (a good mirror cannot be less than 5 mm thick);
  • coating (a high-quality mirror must be covered with a moisture-resistant layer of at least 3 mm);
  • the edge of the mirror (it must be of high quality).

Bathroom mirror height

In order for the room to look harmonious, you should choose the right size for the bathroom mirror. The usual placement above the washbasin requires taking into account such points:

  • so that the surface is located 10-15 cm above the tap;
  • so that it hangs 2-3 cm above the tallest user;
  • does not protrude beyond the edges of the washbasin by more than 10 cm.

There is an option to hang a full-wall mirror in the bathroom, which has a number of advantages: the lighting and design of the room changes for the better and the space visually expands. At the same time, the mirror is a very fragile material, it is possible to break it. Yes, and with a close location of the bath or shower, traces of water may remain on the surface, and it is more difficult to wipe a large area.

bathroom mirror height

How to hang a mirror in the bathroom?

When the choice is made, the question is how to hang a mirror in the bathroom? For installation, you can use the following instructions:

  1. Decide which wall and surface the mirror will be placed on (not all surfaces can be successfully drilled). The easiest way is to hang it on a tile. To do this, you can use construction tape or special fastening suction cups, or glue.
  2. The size of the mirror determines the type of attachment. The larger the mirror, the heavier it is, so for large products, mounting hooks are recommended. In this case, it will be necessary to drill the walls.

It is most convenient to fix the mirror without damaging the coating using adhesives: “liquid nails”, special tile adhesive, mounting construction tape. To do this, consider the following rules:

  1. Using the level, mark the place of attachment.
  2. The surface of the mirror and walls are degreased.
  3. The adhesive component is evenly distributed in stripes or dots over the entire back surface.
  4. Then it is placed on the wall, pressed a little against the wall and held. It is important to follow the rules for applying glue, because otherwise the mirror may fall.

how to hang a bathroom mirror

To mount the mirror on hooks, you will need tile drills and glass drills (if the manufacturer does not provide fasteners). The mirror must be drilled very slowly and carefully to avoid cracks. After drilling, special rubber inserts must be inserted into the holes so as not to damage it when mounting it in place. Dowels are used to secure the hooks. After installing the components, you only need to hang the mirror on them.

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