Loft bedroom under a brick, with a tree, in the attic, bedroom-living room design


Loft bedroom - features of decoration and furniture selection for a stylish design

Born in the basements and attics of America, the loft style is extremely popular in interior design. The modern loft bedroom is a stylish and cozy room that reflects the extraordinary taste of the owners, with beautiful decoration and comfortable furniture.

Loft style bedroom design

The design of a loft-style bedroom has the following characteristic features:

  • rough rough wall decoration, plaster and brickwork;
  • an abundance of dark, cold shades, brown is also used;
  • decor in the form of pipes, ventilation grilles;
  • directional lighting — in the floor and on the walls.

Loft style bedroom design

A dark loft bedroom is more often gray walls, one of which has brickwork or its imitation. Elements made of wood look appropriate — furniture cases, the design of one of the walls. To prevent the room from becoming too gloomy and basement, you can make a bright accent, for example, a picture on the wall in orange tones, or a yellow lamp shade. The black loft bedroom looks stylish and extraordinary.

Dark loft bedroom

A more original and light solution is a loft-style bedroom in light colors. The peculiarity of the interior is the abundance of light colors; white, beige or gray brickwork is used as decoration. Finishing the floor — light laminate under bleached oak. The characteristic features of the loft style that can be distinguished if your bedroom is white in the loft style are the ceiling with bleached wood beams, open cabinets and shelving of a simple form, directional light sources — sconces, spotlights, pendant lights.

loft-style bedroom in bright colors

Curtains in the bedroom in the loft style

This stylistic direction does not tolerate luxury and frills, so the curtains in the loft bedroom should be extremely simple and practical, made in the same color scheme as the whole room. The most suitable options are:

  • heavy curtain plain curtains;
  • Curtains in the bedroom in the loft style

  • Roman blinds — can be dark or light;
  • Curtains in the bedroom in the loft style

  • roller blinds.
  • Curtains in the bedroom in the loft style

Bedroom lighting in loft style

One of the main characteristic features of the loft stylistic direction is special lighting, which is not diffused, as is traditional in the interior, but directional. So, as the main and additional decorative light are used:

  • wall sconces;
  • Bedroom lighting in loft style

  • ceiling directional spotlights;
  • Bedroom lighting in loft style

  • pendant lamps of conical or cylindrical shape.
  • Bedroom lighting in loft style

How can the main loft chandelier in the bedroom look like? More often it is an original metal suspension structure of an interesting shape — in the form of geometric shapes, a ball, or with hanging open incandescent lamps. The loft does not tolerate luxurious excesses, so the shapes of lamps and chandeliers should be minimalistic — circle, square, lamps remain open.

loft chandelier in the bedroom

Loft style bedroom decor

Decor plays a decisive role in the design of the loft bedroom. With its help, it is so easy to create a special atmosphere of the basement, and at the same time not lose the feeling of home comfort and warmth, which a modern loft-style bedroom should certainly have. As decorative elements for the bedroom, you can use:

  • ceiling beams;
  • Loft style bedroom decor

  • high thin floor lamps;
  • Loft style bedroom decor

  • paintings and posters in dark frames on the wall.
  • Loft style bedroom decor

Small bedroom in loft style

The stylistic direction of the loft harmoniously looks in spacious rooms with high ceilings, but a small bedroom, if desired, can be beautifully decorated in this, if you combine it with minimalism. A small loft-style bedroom in the apartment is decorated mainly in light colors, which makes the space of the room look wider, one wall can be decorated with brick or wood-like panels — it is often impractical to use natural material in an apartment.

Small bedroom in loft style

Loft-style attic bedroom

If we take into account that this trend originated in attic spaces, we can conclude that a loft-style attic bedroom is a very good solution. What are the benefits of this idea?

  1. A sloping ceiling will help create a special loft atmosphere, especially if you decorate it with wooden beams.
  2. Dormer windows on the roof are natural directional light sources, which is very advantageous for decorating a loft bedroom.

An important point — before proceeding with the design, make sure that the attic bedroom that you want to design in the loft style has sufficient ceiling height. Many attics are built with low ceilings, and in such a room this stylistic direction will look very ridiculous. The optimal ceiling height for a loft-style room is 3 meters and above, the minimum allowable is 2.7 meters.

Loft-style attic bedroom

Loft-style bedroom-living room

The more spacious the room, the more harmonious this stylistic direction looks, the loft living-bedroom is a great idea, if only because the walls are removed and the room increases in area. There are two main options for how you can arrange such a room:

  1. Zoning. If the room has an impressive size, the best idea would be to zone it into the living area and the sleeping area. In the loft style, the following are more often used as zoning elements:
  • metal open shelving;
  • Loft-style bedroom-living room

  • fabric screens;
  • Loft-style bedroom-living room

  • furniture, such as a sofa located in the middle of the room.
  • Loft-style bedroom-living room

  1. Furniture transformer. A small room should not be divided into such main zones — remember that the loft loves open space. For a small bedroom-living room, decorated in this style, the best option would be to buy a simple and comfortable folding sofa that will serve as a sleeping place.
  2. Loft-style bedroom-living room

Loft style bedroom decoration

The first thing to think about when decorating a loft bedroom is the decoration of the room, which should harmoniously combine the spirit of attics and basements and the feeling of home comfort. What materials can be used?

  1. natural brick — it is advisable to use for the design of a bedroom in a spacious house.
  2. Loft style bedroom decoration

  3. Wall plaster. With this method of finishing, it is important to cover the walls with special paints so that the walls are not cold and rough.
  4. Loft style bedroom decoration

  5. Wallpaper. It is best to choose wallpapers with imitation finishes, plain, or with light abstract stains. Often used 3D wallpaper in the loft style in the bedroom, imitating brickwork, stone.
  6. Loft style bedroom decoration

Brick loft bedroom

The most common decorative style element is a cinnamon wall in red or white. The loft-style bedroom looks most spectacular with natural brickwork covered with layers of varnish, but this is a very laborious work, and this method of finishing “eats up” free space. Therefore, many resort to imitation of bricks in the interior, which are used as:

  • Wall panels;
  • brick wallpaper.

Any wall can be decorated with imitation of brickwork — both at the head of the bed, and opposite or side. Another important plus is that even without decorations, it will look beautiful in the interior and will not seem empty. And you can arrange it, light paintings, posters, photo collages are well suited for these purposes.

Brick loft bedroom

Loft style bedroom with wood

Natural wood elements bring a feeling of coziness and warmth to the interior, and loft bedroom design is no exception. The wall at the head of the bed, finished with wood panels, looks beautiful and stylish. The tree can be of any shade, ranging from dark wenge to bleached oak, but the most beautiful option can rightfully be called golden tones — alder, walnut.

As you know, natural wood in the interior requires special attention and care, under inappropriate conditions or improper care, such a natural wall finish can quickly lose its appearance and quality. In order not to complicate their lives, they often choose an alternative option, which is also cheaper — MDF wall panels with wood imitation.

Loft style bedroom with wood

Ceiling in loft bedroom

Thinking through the design of the ceiling, it is important to consider whether you are applying the loft style in a small bedroom or a large one. If large rooms can be decorated with many elements, then in a small room it is better to keep minimalism. The most popular ceiling design options in the loft bedroom are:

  1. Wooden ceiling with beams. This option is ideal for large rooms. It is good to attach decorative elements or directional light sources to the ceiling beams — pendant lamps, spotlights shining down.
  2. Ceiling in loft bedroom

  3. Bare plastered ceiling. A versatile option that creates the spirit of a loft in a room. It is better not to make the color of the ceiling too dark, otherwise you risk creating a gloomy basement interior.
  4. Ceiling in loft bedroom

  5. Multi-level drywall construction. This option is suitable for those who want to combine modern elements with a loft. But in order to organically fit into the interior, the designs should be as simple as possible.
  6. Ceiling in loft bedroom

  7. plain white ceiling — plastered or stretched. Neutral option for all occasions.
  8. Ceiling in loft bedroom

Loft bedroom furniture

The interior design of a loft bedroom also implies the choice of furniture in this subject. What would such a headset look like? The main thing — remember that the loft bedroom is not compatible with the classics, and beds with beautiful headboards, carved legs and canopies are out of place here. Furniture should be simple and practical, with a minimum of textiles, made mainly in gray and brown tones. But this in no way means that you need to save on the quality of the headset and your comfort — on the contrary.

Loft bedroom furniture

Bed in loft bedroom

A modern loft in the bedroom implies the presence of beautiful, functional, high-quality and comfortable furniture, and here the main element of the interior is the bed. Its shape should be extremely simple — no high legs, you can choose a model with low ones, or without them at all. The head of the bed looks simple and stylish — low, rectangular, trimmed with wood or soft textile material. The bed frame is available in grey, black or brown.

Bed in loft bedroom

Loft-style wardrobe in the bedroom

No bedroom is complete without a large and spacious closet that stores all your everyday clothes. What kind of wardrobes in the loft bedroom can you choose?

  1. Built-in or cabinet wardrobe. It is better to choose a cabinet design that is neutral, combined with the overall color scheme:
  • with wooden facades;
  • Loft-style wardrobe in the bedroom

  • with mirror facades;
  • Loft-style wardrobe in the bedroom

  • with glossy or matte gray fronts.
  • Loft-style wardrobe in the bedroom

  1. swing wardrobe. A convenient and practical option, which is often made in a simple design with beautiful wooden facades, light or dark. Hinged cabinets with glossy or matte MDF facades in gray tones are also popular.
  2. open cabinets

  3. open cabinets. The loft bedroom will look especially stylish with an open wardrobe made in a metal case in black or dark gray.
  4. open cabinets


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