Living room decoration, options for walls, ceiling, floor

Living room decoration - the best design ideas for interior decoration

The living room is the core of the house, a place where every household member or guest should feel cozy and comfortable. Finishing the living room is an important moment in the design of the room, because today’s market offers a lot of interesting materials for the implementation of the most unexpected design ideas.

living room finishing options

Modern decoration of living rooms is made using a variety of materials that help to create an interior according to your desire and financial capabilities. The most popular living room decoration options:

  • wallpaper;
  • decorative stone;
  • tiles;
  • photo wallpaper;
  • decorative brick;
  • tree;
  • laminate;
  • MDF or chipboard panels;
  • decorative plaster;
  • drywall.

Ceiling decoration in the living room

There are a number of preferred materials for living room ceilings based on feasibility and ease of use. The options for finishing living rooms are the most diverse, but more often you can find such finishing materials for the ceiling and types of finishing work:

  1. Stretch ceiling. With the help of this type, you can not only beautifully decorate the interior of the living room, but also successfully hide communications. Materials for stretch ceilings have different color and texture solutions. To visually expand the space, it is recommended to choose glossy surfaces.
  2. Ceiling decoration in the living room

  3. Drywall. This material makes it possible to decorate the ceiling so as to be able to install additional lighting. In addition, certain zones can be distinguished by playing with the height and shape of the plasterboard structure.
  4. living room decor options

  5. Plaster. This option is popular due to its availability and advanced design options. Plastered ceilings can be decorated with wallpaper, stucco or moldings. Another plus of this option is that it does not steal space, which is ideal for decorating a living room with low ceilings.
  6. living room decoration

  7. False ceilings. Although this option looks very impressive, it does not make it possible to hide communications and arrange additional light sources.

living room interior decoration

Wall decoration in the living room

The walls in the living room can be decorated depending on the style in which they plan to perform and financial capabilities. Wall decoration in the living room, options are based on personal preferences and compliance with the rules that affect spatial sensations and comfort. Before choosing a material, you should decide on the color, taking into account the advice of experienced designers.

  1. If it is planned to place furniture in dark shades in the room, then the decoration of the living room should be done in light colors, and vice versa.
  2. A combination of shades is considered a good solution. So, the decoration of the walls looks spectacular when one of them is accentuated due to a contrasting color or texture solution.
  3. Preferred basic shades of white, gray and black successfully complement red, yellow, green and their shades.
  4. Classic beige shades go well with blue, turquoise, pink and white.
  5. Blue shades are appropriate in large rooms with an abundance of sunlight.

Wall decoration in the living room

When choosing materials for decorating walls, they are repelled by the design style, individual preferences and the thickness of the wallet. Most popular options:

  1. Decorative plaster. This option will fit into any interior, because the colors, texture and decor of such surfaces can be very diverse. The advantages of this finishing material are noise, heat insulation and the possibility of repeated painting.
  2. Wallpaper — the most budgetary and popular option. Pros — a wide range of colors and textures, low cost. The disadvantages include the presence of seams, low strength and light resistance.
  3. Decorative stone and brick Suitable for decoration in a classic style, rustic or Scandinavian.
  4. Soft panels. Of the materials, you can often find leather, leather substitute and fabric. Finishing all the walls in the living room with panels is impractical, it is best to highlight the leading wall in this way.

living room flooring

The floors in the living room must be highly durable and resistant to external influences, as the whole family gathers in this room and receives guests. The interior decoration of the living room should be carried out taking into account the general style, so that all interior details look harmonious and holistic. It will not be superfluous to get acquainted with the advice of professionals on choosing the floor for the living room.

  1. The floor must be expensive and of high quality. This is necessary not only for a spectacular look, but also for durability.
  2. Colors are preferred neutral and calm, which will add comfort, coziness and a sense of peace to the living room.
  3. When choosing materials, it is desirable to give preference to natural options. It looks luxurious and expensive, plus, such materials are environmentally friendly.

The main materials for finishing the floor in the living room:

  • wood;
  • cork;
  • natural or decorative stone;
  • parquet;
  • ceramic and vinyl tiles;
  • laminate;
  • bulk floor;
  • carpet;
  • linoleum.

living room flooring

Arch decoration in the living room

Arches in the interior of the premises look luxurious. These architectural elements come in a plethora of finishes, making it often difficult to choose a material. Such decorative techniques are often used when it comes to decorating a living room with a fireplace. Among the most popular solutions in the design of arched structures are:

  1. Wood. Expensive and noble. This material harmoniously looks in any stylization.
  2. modern wall decoration in the living room

  3. Styrofoam. The main plus is cheapness and ease of installation. The disadvantages include poor strength.
  4. interesting decoration of the living room

  5. Drywall. This material is easy to install, but requires additional decor, which can be considered a plus if cardinal changes are planned in the interior.
  6. living room decoration in modern style

  7. Brick. With this design, you will need to take care of additional decor. Ideal for a classic design, or styling for a loft, country or industry.
  8. wall tiling in living room

  9. Plastic. Pros — availability, ease of installation, beautiful appearance. The disadvantages include low environmental performance.
  10. living room wall decor ideas

  11. Natural or decorative stone. A very beautiful option that looks luxurious, but requires proper fastening, due to considerable weight.

decorating the living room in the apartment

Beautiful decoration of the living room

Everyone would like to have a cozy corner in the house where they could relax, hold family gatherings and receive guests. If the footage of housing is large, then allocating a room for a living room is ideal for creating such a corner. Finishing the living room in the house depends on the desires and financial capabilities, because the abundance of finishing materials can satisfy the most extraordinary desires in interior design.

Living room wood trim

Wood is an environmentally friendly material that allows the walls to “breathe”, looks beautiful, thanks to its textured features. There are many options for wall decoration materials: lining, blockhouse, eurolining, wooden wallpaper, gusvarblok and panels. In addition to the indicator of installation complexity and external characteristics, you should be aware of the pros and cons of this material.

Advantages of wooden walls:

  1. Decorating the walls in the living room with wood helps to hide flaws and defects.
  2. Good influence on the microclimate of the room.
  3. Noble appearance.
  4. Environmental friendliness.
  5. Durability.

Disadvantages of wood finishes:

  1. Difficulty in daily care.
  2. The need to process the material with special means every three years.
  3. High cost.

wood living room decor

Decorating the living room with decorative stone

Modern wall decoration in the living room is often made using decorative stone, which looks very expensive and beautiful. It gives the room a special atmosphere of comfort, coziness and security. However, stone for wall decoration is suitable if there is space. Before giving preference to this material, you need to know about its features.

  1. The room, in which the walls are decorated with stone, requires additional lighting. This can be achieved by combining stone with light wallpaper and equipping with lighting fixtures.
  2. It is better not to decorate narrow rooms with the help of such material — it “steals” space and light.
  3. The interior, in which there are elements of stone, is recommended to be diluted with living plants, balancing stone severity and lifelessness.
  4. When decorating walls with stone, the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the living room can turn into a cave of a primitive man.

decorating the living room with decorative stone

Living room wallpaper

The most affordable and simple decoration of the living room with wallpaper. This living room wall decoration can be done in the most unexpected ways, thanks to a large assortment of material shades, patterns and textures. The features of this material will help determine whether they are suitable in a particular case.

  1. Wallpapers have poor resistance to direct sunlight and moisture.
  2. This material for finishing the living room cannot be called very durable, especially if it is inexpensive.
  3. Some types of expensive wallpaper can serve as an additional reinforcing support and prevent the destruction of walls.
  4. Wallpaper is not able to provide high quality sound and thermal insulation.

living room wallpaper

Decorating the living room with photo wallpaper

Very interesting decoration of the living room with the help of photo wallpapers. In this case, there is room for fantasy to roam. Having favorably placed accents, you can create a piece of Paris or New York in your home, make a cozy corner with a view of the sea or forest — anything, depending on your desires. The main points in this design, which must be taken into account, is the correct choice of a pattern that fits organically into the style.

decorating the living room with photo wallpapers

Decorating the living room with decorative bricks

Very often, the decoration of the living room in a modern style is made using decorative bricks. If you like the style of industry, loft, minimalism or classic, then this material will help create the appropriate atmosphere. Living room decoration with bricks is not done entirely, but accentuated, highlighting certain areas. Decorative brick has its pros and cons, which you need to know about.

Material advantages:

  1. The ability to create a 3D effect due to texture.
  2. Strength and reliability of the material.
  3. Excellent brick performance in terms of sound and heat insulation.
  4. The material is harmless to humans.
  5. Ease of maintenance.

The disadvantages include:

  1. Visual reduction of space.
  2. Bulky and heavy weight.
  3. High cost.
  4. Cheap options do not keep heat well and do not have high soundproofing qualities.

decorating the living room with decorative bricks

Living room tiling

It is difficult to argue with the fact that tiling the walls in the living room is aesthetic and relevant. The tile is fireproof and easy to maintain. High-quality material is expensive, but it’s worth it, because it has good indicators of strength and environmental friendliness. The material also has high performance regarding moisture resistance, sound insulation and thermal conductivity. When using tiles, it is important to pay special attention to the seams — you need to make them as inconspicuous as possible in order to complete the interior.

living room tiling

Laminate wall decoration in the living room

It is more common to see laminate on the floor, but modern ideas for decorating walls in the living room do not exclude its use for such purposes. It is chosen due to its undeniable advantages:

  1. The lightness of the material ensures ease of installation.
  2. A large assortment does not cause difficulties in adapting the walls to the chosen style.
  3. High strength ensures durability of the finish.
  4. Antistatic properties prevent dust from settling on the walls.
  5. Ease of maintenance.

laminate wall cladding in the living room

Finishing the living room with MDF panels

Often the living room in the apartment is decorated with MDF panels. This option is affordable and easy to install, but has a number of features.

  1. Such material looks stylish and beautiful, but is not considered particularly durable.
  2. MDF has good insulating characteristics.
  3. The panels have a variety of colors and textures, which makes it easy to choose for one or another style of the room.
  4. MDF boards — flammable material

living room with mdf panels

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