How to furnish a bedroom — how to beautifully and comfortably equip a narrow, long small bedroom

How to equip a bedroom - interesting ideas and design options for a rest room

If you don’t know how to furnish your bedroom, then it’s important to know what details to pay attention to. Of great importance in the arrangement of furniture is the shape and size of the room. Useful information about the features of the placement of the main pieces of furniture.

Bedroom arrangement

To get a harmonious and cozy space, it is important to correctly distribute the furniture in the room. Describing how to beautifully equip a bedroom, we suggest considering the main placement methods:

  1. Symmetric. This option is only suitable for rectangular or square shapes. The symmetrical placement method is based on the distribution of paired objects on both sides of the selected axis. An example is two bedside tables placed on either side of the bed. With a symmetrical arrangement of furniture, you can create a calmer and more comfortable environment.
  2. bedroom arrangement

  3. Asymmetric. If you want to know how to properly equip an “irregular” shaped bedroom, then pay attention to this option. At first glance, it may seem that the furniture is arranged disorderly, but it is not. It is necessary to choose a focal point and arrange things around it in a more balanced way. It could be, for example, a bed. Use the swing principle, that is, you need to alternate large and small objects.
  4. bedroom arrangement

  5. Circular. This arrangement is suitable for any premises. It’s very simple: in the center of the bedroom, choose a focal point and arrange all the furniture around it.
  6. bedroom arrangement

In addition, it is recommended to take into account a number of important rules for arranging furniture:

  1. The minimum width of the passage should not be less than 0.5 m. Otherwise, it will not be possible to move freely along it.
  2. If you use furniture with drawers in the arrangement, then there should be more than a meter of free space in front of it.
  3. If you want to put a dressing table in the room, it is important to know that between it and the adjacent furniture there should not be less than 70-80 cm, moreover, if the free gap is not passable. If you plan to move between the table and other furniture, then make the passage wider.

Arrangement of a small bedroom

It is important to understand how to correctly apply the real area, although there is not much of it. If you like minimalism, then the room can only contain a bed without any other furniture. There are several options for how to equip a small bedroom:

  1. If the room is square, then place a bed against a blank wall and tall chests of drawers or pencil cases on both sides, and opposite you can place a wardrobe. Another option is to install the bed on a podium, inside which there may be sliding shelves.
  2. decorating a small bedroom

  3. If the bedroom is narrow, then the bed is placed either across or along a long wall. It all depends on how narrow it is. The place for the closet is a short wall. It is important that the furniture stand so that the distance between the door and the opposite wall is free.
  4. You can combine the bedroom with the living room, and install a screen, a canopy or a tall wardrobe to separate.
  5. decorating a small bedroom

How to furnish a large bedroom?

If the area is impressive, then it can be divided into main zones for a comfortable pastime.

  1. In the bedroom, you can install a desktop or a simple console for a computer. If there is enough space, then you can put bookshelves in the bedroom.
  2. how to decorate a large bedroom

  3. Describing how to equip a large bedroom room, you should suggest organizing a place to relax. To do this, you can put a small sofa or chair, as well as a coffee table.
  4. how to decorate a large bedroom

  5. In America and Europe, a very common solution is to separate the bedroom segment for organizing a bathroom.
  6. how to decorate a large bedroom

How to equip a rectangular bedroom?

When arranging furniture in such a room, it must be borne in mind that designers do not recommend placing it against a long wall. The best solution is the arrangement in the shape of the letter P or G.

  1. The bed should be placed across or along the bedroom, as it all depends on the width of the room.
  2. If you are interested in how to comfortably equip a bedroom, then keep in mind that this form allows you to select several zones, for example, rest and work. For separation, you can use curtains, furniture, a screen and so on.
  3. Long walls are ideally best left free, or place compact items there, such as a chest of drawers, whatnot, and the like.

how to decorate a rectangular bedroom

How to furnish a narrow bedroom?

Properly furnishing such a room is not easy, because it can be made cramped, cluttered and uncomfortable. Designers give tips on how to equip a long narrow bedroom:

  1. Comparing the dimensions of the bed and the room, it can be placed both across and along one of the long walls. Ideally, on both sides there should be approaches to sleeping places of at least 70 cm. In case of too narrow a space, the bed can be placed close to the wall, leaving only one approach.
  2. Use a cabinet or shelving unit that is U-shaped. It can be placed around a bed or desk.
  3. In no case should you place all the furniture near one wall. For a narrow room, a suitable solution is asymmetry.
  4. Describing how to equip a bedroom that is not only narrow, but also long, it is worth giving advice that it should be better divided into two zones. To separate across the room, you can put a narrow cabinet, rack, or screen. A bed should be placed in the far zone, and in the near one it can be a workplace or any other practical option.

how to decorate a narrow bedroom

How to equip a bedroom in the attic?

The process of decorating this room is complicated by the fact that one or even two walls are sloping. In this case, information on how to equip a bedroom in a private house will be very useful:

  1. It is not recommended to use too massive pieces of furniture, so choose compact models.
  2. It is customary to place the bed near one of the inclined walls, but another option is also possible. A chest of drawers with a mirror or a wardrobe is best placed against the front wall.
  3. In a spacious attic, you can equip not only a bedroom, but also a dressing room and a workplace. Secret from the designer — to significantly save space, build a wardrobe complex around the front door from floor to ceiling.

how to decorate an attic bedroom

How to equip the living room-bedroom?

Thinking over the design of such a room, it is not recommended to separate the living room and bedroom with a wall, since it will only “eat up” free space. There are several rules for organizing such a room, for which use these ideas on how to equip a bedroom:

  1. Choose multifunctional furniture that saves space well, for example, the bed can be pulled out of the podium, lowered from the closet or unfolded from the sofa.
  2. how to decorate a living room

  3. When figuring out how to equip a living room-bedroom, one should not lose sight of the zoning of the room. Using different techniques, you can think through the design so that the room makes up a single composition. The bed should be placed in the farthest corner, and you can fence it off with a screen, bookshelves, and so on.
  4. how to decorate a living room

  5. If the room has high ceilings, then you should consider highlighting the whole tier. On the upper level there can be a sleeping place.
  6. how to decorate a living room

How to equip a bedroom with a crib?

Many parents decide to put a baby crib in the bedroom to keep an eye on the baby. To ensure easier night feeding, it is recommended to place it next to the parent’s bed.

  1. When choosing a place for the cradle, consider the sources of noise, cold and heat, as well as lighting, safety and other irritants. Understanding how to equip a bedroom in an apartment, it is worth noting that the crib should be at some distance from windows and doors.
  2. You can zoning the room by separating the crib with a screen, a curtain, and even a full-fledged partition. The second option is acceptable in the case of a one-room apartment in order to organize a nursery in a separate area in the future.

how to furnish a bedroom with a crib

How to equip a bedroom dressing room?

In order to organize a separate dressing room in the bedroom, the following options can be used:

  1. A small part of the bedroom is separated by a plasterboard partition with sliding doors. It turns out something similar to a sliding wardrobe, only more impressive in size.
  2. Thinking about how to equip a bedroom in a house, you can mount a wardrobe in the wall. This option is especially relevant in the presence of a niche. The cabinet can be open and then it can be covered with an original curtain.
  3. In narrow bedrooms, under the dressing room, you need to separate part of the bedroom, thereby leveling the area. If the room is square, then the built-in wardrobe is best placed near the head of the bed. The corner dressing room will load the area to the maximum.

how to decorate a bedroom dressing room

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