How to apply yellow color in the interior and what does it combine with?

Yellow color in the interior - how to use bright colors?

When planning the design of the room, it is necessary to carefully consider the color scheme, choosing shades that blend well and will create coziness. Yellow is popular in the interior, and it can be used as the main one or as bright notes.

Interior in yellow tones

If you want to create a warm atmosphere, it is recommended to turn to shades of yellow. They warm and fill people with vital energy. Using numerous shades, you can get a different result: bright and catchy, deep and rich, and also light and not depressing. Yellow in the interior is associated with the sun, so the room will be as comfortable as possible. It is worth pointing out the positive qualities of this color:

  • improves memory;
  • gives a boost of energy and good mood;
  • increases activity;
  • teaches tolerance;
  • develops creativity.

Living room interior in yellow tones

If you want to decorate the living room using this color, be guided by the following solutions:

  1. Main color. In this case, it is recommended to stop at natural-warm scales. A great option is a creamy golden shade of yellow in the interior. The result is a stylish and modern design at the same time. If desired, it can be supplemented with some bright accents.
  2. yellow living room interior

  3. funny notes. Yellow color in the interior of the living room can be introduced gradually, for example, using bright accessories, such as vases, paintings, pillows and panels. You can buy yellow furniture and carpets.
  4. yellow color in the interior of the living room

  5. Combination of two options. If you like yellow, then you can stop at this option. It is not necessary that all the walls in the living room be yellow, for example, you can select only one zone or use stripes or checks. In addition, include different accents and details of numerous shades of yellow in the design.
  6. yellow living room interior

Yellow color in the interior of the kitchen

Sociable, cheerful and self-confident people can use yellow in the design of the kitchen. It is suitable for dark rooms, where the windows face the north side, and also for a small square. To make the yellow kitchen in the interior perfect, you need to consider a number of rules:

  1. This color makes the surface of objects more voluminous, but does not add heaviness.
  2. It is recommended to stick yellow wallpaper on one wall, this trick will help visually enlarge the space and visually raise the ceiling.
  3. Keep in mind that with an abundance of yellow colors, the design can be annoying and tiring. It is not recommended to decorate all walls in bright and saturated colors.
  4. Bright yellow in the interior is suitable for the Scandinavian style, but muted tones are characteristic of the classic style, country, Provence and others.

yellow color in the interior of the kitchen

Yellow color in the interior of the bedroom

This is a room where you need to relax and rejuvenate, so it is important to carefully consider its design. Yellow is a heavy color, so it needs to be skillfully applied. The yellow walls in the interior of the bedroom brighten up perfectly, so they are ideal for rooms with windows facing north. For the bedroom, it is best to use accents: pillows, lampshades on lamps, well, or a bedspread.

yellow color in the interior of the bedroom

Yellow color in the interior of the bathroom

Since it is necessary to finish the room without windows, the yellow color here is most appropriate. This is explained by the fact that it visually increases the volume of the room due to its brightness and deep radiance. In addition, it gives a little extra light. Yellow in the interior of the bathroom should be combined with other colors, such as white, cream, green and brown. Strict and original tandem — yellow and black. The last color is better to choose for the floor.

yellow color in the interior of the bathroom

Nursery interior in yellow

If you want the baby to have a good mood and not be irritable, then choose shades of yellow for decorating the children’s room. If there is little light in the room, then use bright yellow, but do not overuse it, as this can lead to fatigue and irritability. The ideal interior of a yellow nursery implies the point application of yellow tones, for example, a bright sofa can become the center of the composition. You can also use curtains or highlight a specific area with this color, for example, where the child will study.

yellow nursery interior

How to apply yellow color in the interior?

To independently come up with the design of the room, it is worth considering a number of tips that designers give.

  1. To give the interior brightness, you do not need to totally paint everything, the best solution is yellow accents in the interior. These can be frames, flower pots, a door, pillows, and so on.
  2. To give the room warmth, you can simply buy yellow curtains. This is especially useful for dark rooms.
  3. Since the yellow color in the interior contributes to an increase in space, it is recommended to use it for decorating small rooms.
  4. To give «voluminous» it is worth using several shades of yellow at once.

Yellow walls in the interior

When decorating a room, the choice of color for the walls is the most important. If you want to cover all the walls, you should not choose bright shades of yellow in the interior, so lean towards pale tones. Designers recommend a yellow palette to highlight arches, piers, niches, and so on. Another popular option is to paint a certain area or a separate wall with a bright color, which should become the center of the whole design. Yellow wallpaper in the interior will look good if the ceiling, floor and furniture are light.

yellow walls in the interior

Yellow curtains in the interior

For many people, drastic changes in design are intimidating, so you need to start small — buying yellow curtains. Chintz, tulle, organza and silk curtains are suitable for updating the kitchen and nursery. When choosing curtains for the bedroom and living room in a classic style, choose curtains made of velvet or satin in gold shades. Yellow curtains in the interior of the living room can be combined with brown, beige and brighter colors.

yellow curtains in the interior

Yellow ceiling in the interior

If you want to see the sun not only from the window, then choose different shades of yellow for decorating the ceiling. In any room, it will look spectacular and stylish, but here, the main thing is not to abuse it and carefully select the overall design. Keep in mind that the walls, floor and furniture should be in a calm range, otherwise the interior will be overloaded and annoying. Additionally, yellow accents can be used to intertwine with the ceiling.

yellow ceiling in the interior

Yellow floor in the interior

If the experiment with bright walls is postponed for the future, and a calm shade or plain white was chosen, then the yellow color in the interior, which is used for the floor, will help add energy and warmth to the design. It can be either a bright shade, or more natural wood-like colors. It all depends on the chosen style. You can use carpet, linoleum and yellow laminate in the interior. If you are not ready for such experiments, then buy a large carpet of a bright shade, thereby diversifying the design.

yellow floor in the interior

Yellow furniture in the interior

If you opt for a neutral decor, such as gray or pastel walls, then yellow furniture is a great solution, adding brightness and cheerfulness to the rooms. A bed, a kitchen set, armchairs and a yellow sofa in the interior will become a bright central composition that will attract attention and give a good mood. Lying on such a «warm» sofa will be very comfortable.

yellow furniture in the interior

What is the combination of yellow in the interior?

When designing, it is important to know which colors are best combined with yellow so that the result does not disappoint. Experts recommend this combination of yellow in the interior:

  1. Combination of white and yellow. Recently, this combination is very popular, because the room turns out to be light and airy, but at the same time pleases with bright accents.
  2. combination of white and yellow

  3. The combination of purple and yellow in the interior. A similar tandem can be found on the pages of gloss, but in the design of residential premises it is not recommended as the main one. It is better to use these colors as accents on a neutral background. If desired, you can use pale shades of yellow as the main one, but highlight various interior items with purple.
  4. combination of purple and yellow in the interior

  5. combination of yellow and black. Here it is important to act carefully so as not to get a dark and depressing room. In most cases, this combination is used in the design of the kitchen. To dilute such colors, you can use gray and white.
  6. combination of yellow and black

  7. Turquoise and yellow in the interior. This is a great combination for creative natures. It is recommended to use it to create cheerful and optimistic interiors. Yellow will delight with its warmth on cold days, and turquoise will give coolness in summer.
  8. turquoise and yellow in the interior

  9. yellow blue color. In your design, you can combine the sky and the sun, and this tandem is great for nurseries and living rooms. Noble blue suppresses the brightness of yellow, so you can not be afraid of fatigue.
  10. yellow-blue color

  11. Yellow-green color in the interior. An excellent combination of two bright colors creates a cheerful summer mood in any room and energizes. This option is recommended for dark rooms.
  12. yellow-green color in the interior

  13. Grey-yellow interior. Gray is neutral, so it is able to calm activity and smooth out saturation. The type of interior depends on what shade will be taken as a basis.
  14. grey-yellow interior

  15. Red-yellow color in the interior. They are included in the warm group and when using two bright shades, you can get a cheerful and active interior. To get a more relaxed combination, stop at the “diluted” options.
  16. red-yellow color in the interior

  17. Brown and yellow in the interior. This combination gives different results, depending on the tone of brown used. Light brown color gives a gentle combination to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. The darker the shades, the richer the design will be.
  18. brown and yellow in the interior

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