Hanging swing — features of different models for adults and children

Hanging swing - features of products made of metal, wood, plastic, rattan and fabric, fastener options

You swing back and forth, holding tightly to the metal bars of the swing, and now you are flying with the wind, feeling it in your hair and on your face. What is childhood without such memories? Hanging swings are a favorite entertainment for kids and even adults, which are easy to install and will bring a lot of pleasure to their owner.

Types of hanging swings

Whatever the purpose of the purchase, there is sure to be an optimally suitable option. All the huge variety of configurations can be divided into types according to different criteria, for example, depending on who they are intended for, there are:

  1. Baby swingwhich are made both for the smallest members of the family, and for older children.
  2. adult swingdesigned for relaxing gatherings on summer playgrounds, verandas and so on.

Based on the location, we can distinguish:

  1. home swing. Available with a solid floor frame or suspended from an indoor ceiling mount.
  2. street models. Are established in the fresh air: at the dacha, in the yard, on playgrounds.

Hanging swings are made from different materials, on which their appearance and characteristics depend. So, they can be:

  • metal;
  • wooden;
  • plastic;
  • from rattan;
  • from fabric.

Hanging metal swing

If you choose an option for the street, then I would like to see it durable and strong. Then a hanging garden swing made of metal will be the best choice. The material is resistant to temperature changes, therefore this investment will be long-term, albeit significant in amount. Metal swings are not cheap, especially if you choose forged models with elaborate patterns. Price and bulkiness are the only disadvantages of this option. Suspended adult swings for summer cottages made of metal will last for many years, and their impressive weight can even become an advantage, ensuring the stability of the structure.

suspended metal swing

Hanging wooden swing

The bulkiness and serious weight of metal structures makes them extremely inconvenient in some conditions. In this case, it makes sense to look at wood products. They are durable, if protected from humidity and temperature extremes, lighter and very aesthetic. Children’s wooden hanging swing has long won the hearts of kids and their parents. Constructed from durable, child-safe rails, they fold easily for little storage space and are easy to mount to the ceiling when it’s time to play.

suspended wooden swing

Suspended wooden swings can also be installed outdoors, if you choose the right model from specially treated wood. This option will become a stylish decoration of the local area, harmoniously fitting into the natural environment. Wooden can be both the basic support of the swing, and their seats in the form of a comfortable sofa with a back.

suspended wooden swing

Suspended plastic swing

Manufacturers of children’s toys are well aware that the brightness and colorfulness of goods is the key to success with buyers. Only plastic allows you to achieve the desired variety of colors and shapes, so today they make anything from it, including swings. Today, manufacturers care about the exceptional quality of the material used, so you can find safe and durable plastic hanging swings for children. Being less durable than wooden counterparts, they still manage to please the baby until he outgrows them.

hanging plastic swing

Hanging Rattan Swing

In the lounge areas of hotels or in cozy cafes, you can often find swinging wicker cocoon chairs, into which you just want to dive with a blanket and a book. They are made from rattan — dried tropical palm stalks. This material is strong enough to withstand the weight of a person, and a cocoon or nest chair knitted from it looks very stylish. Lined with soft mattresses with comfortable pillows on them, hanging wicker swings will create coziness on the terrace of a private house or in the living room by the hot fireplace.

hanging rattan swing

Hanging fabric swing

The design does not have to be rigid and bulky. Hanging swings for the home can be made on a fabric basis, but for the most part, these are products for small and still very light children. There are options with hard wooden parts — backrest elements and handrails. These are full-fledged fabric hammock swings, sewn from a single piece of fabric that can withstand the weight of an adult, which is stretched between two supports. The advantage of this configuration is compactness and easy transportation.

suspended fabric swing

Fasteners for hanging swings

The main barrier to buying a home installation is the apparent difficulty in installation. To swing freely, you need to attach the swing somewhere up. There are several mounting options:

  1. Rigid base. Outdoor swing models have a stable lower frame at the base, side supports and an upper crossbar, to which the swinging part is movably attached.
  2. Hooks. Swings on chains or on ropes are hung by carabiners to hooks screwed into the ceiling, a wooden crossbar or even a massive tree branch.
  3. Knots. This type of fastening is applicable, perhaps, only to a hammock, which is tied to two opposing bases. It is advisable to practice knitting strong special knots that will not bloom as soon as an impressive weight falls on the swing.

Suspended adult swing

Measured swaying has a calming effect on a person. Because hanging swings are relevant not only for kids. If children’s models are designed for zealous operation and are ready to withstand regular «flights into space», then adult configurations should provide maximum comfort. Often they are decorated with soft pillows and other cozy elements. A relaxing hanging swing for the home will fit into any interior, especially since there are many varieties of them, for example:

  • hanging swing chair;
  • swing sofa;
  • hanging swing-nest;
  • swing-hammock;
  • hanging swing deck chair.

Suspended swing chair

There are moments when you want to retire in peace and quiet with your own thoughts, hot cocoa or an interesting book. Hanging swing-cocoon is the perfect assistant in this. A rocking armchair for one person will perfectly fit into the interior of a cozy cafe and will decorate summer terraces. You can install such a hanging swing on the balcony, if its area is enough. Basically, these are wicker rounded chairs lined with soft material inside, but they can also be made in the form of a familiar seat suspended on ropes or chains.

swing chairs

Hanging swing-sofa

Whatever one may say, it is more interesting to have a rest in a good company. This is where hanging swings for summer cottages, made in the form of a spacious sofa, come in handy. Whether made of wood, metal or plastic, they do a great job of bringing a relaxed atmosphere to outdoor gatherings. They have a back rigidly fixed at a comfortable angle, on which it is comfortable to lean back, and their seat can be laid out with soft pillows or special seats can be bought. Hanging sofa swings are sometimes equipped with a canopy so that light rain does not interfere with communication in the fresh air.

hanging swing sofa

Hanging swing-nest

Recently, an unusual novelty has become a success among buyers. Round hanging swing, resembling a nest, attracts with its simplicity: it is a round rigid frame with a woven net in the middle, suspended by strong ropes. If you put a round mattress on them, a full-fledged rocking bed will come out, but even without a soft lounger, they will be great fun for adults and children. Some craftsmen even make such a swing with their own hands, the main thing is to remember about safety and use reliable materials that can withstand the weight of a person.

hanging swing nest

Hanging swing-hammock

It’s great that one day someone figured out how to build a structure from an ordinary sheet of fabric. Since then, rope swings in various variations have become a lifesaver for those who refrain from installing massive options, but also like to swing in a relaxed way. They are easy to fold, take up little space, they can be taken with you on a picnic or on a long trip and stretched anywhere.

A classic hammock is stretched between two stable supports — poles or trees. Configurations have also appeared where, from the edges of the hammock, the ropes are collected upwards to a wooden crossbar, above which there is a mounting ring. The canvas then forms a comfortable chair, which easily clings to a special hook without unnecessary knots. Such hanging swings for an apartment are especially good, because they can be folded as unnecessary and taken out again at any time.

hanging swing hammock

Suspended swing-chaise lounge

Leaning back on a sunbed, sipping cool drinks, hiding under an umbrella from the scorching sun — the dream of a person yearning for a vacation. Imagine that such a sunbed will also sway measuredly, relaxingly. Hanging deck chairs are the most desirable outdoor hanging swings for summer cottages. It would be difficult to make them on chains, so basically this configuration is made of plastic elements.

The fastening at one point, and not at the usual two, deserves special attention, thanks to which it can swing not only back and forth, but also in all directions. An umbrella also has mobility: it can be rotated at any convenient angle, hiding from annoying ultraviolet rays. Swing-chaise lounges are single and double, the rest on which can be shared with another person.

hanging swing chaise longue

Hanging swing for children

In a small body, energy is seething, which willingly splashes out in outdoor games and other childish activities. A children’s hanging swing is a good way to throw it out, which not only guarantees fun, but also provides significant benefits. It contributes to the physical development of the child: strengthens the muscles of the back and abs, arms and legs. Swinging is good for the vestibular apparatus and coordination training. In addition, the swing has a positive effect on the nervous system of the baby.

On the shelves today you can find options for children from infants to teens. The same swings are suitable for older children as for adults. Babies need special safety and comfort. The most popular hanging swing configurations for the little ones:

  • swing Gnome;
  • swing jumpers.

Hanging swing Gnome

Any parent, choosing toys for a child, first of all cares about his safety. Dwarf — this is the name of the hanging swing for the house, designed for the smallest members of the family, and therefore they are very thoughtful and reliable. The product consists of a rigid wooden chair-frame with high armrests, an anatomical backrest and soft upholstery. Ahead, the child sitting on the swing will have a protective crossbar, which, together with a protective strap that is passed between the legs, prevents him from slipping to the floor under any circumstances.

hanging swing gnome

Suspended swing jumpers

Another variety for babies differs from others in that the person sitting in it can reach the floor with their feet. Jumpers — children’s hanging swings for summer cottages, houses and apartments, created for those who have not yet learned to walk. They look like high pants, which are firmly fixed on the child, and springy tapes stretch from the armpit area and upwards. From accidental impacts on nearby objects, the baby is protected by a round bumper.

hanging swing jumpers

A secure and secure child can learn to kick off furniture, swing and spin. Such a swing is an excellent simulator that strengthens muscles and teaches coordination, however, before using it, in order to avoid injuries and the risk of improper development, you should consult a doctor, because in order to play jumpers, the child must already have a back muscle corset.

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