Floor tiles for the hallway in the apartment, design


Floor tiles for the hallway - which options are suitable for your interior?

High-quality floor tiles for the hallway are the optimal coverage, because this place in the house is faced daily with heels, sand, moisture, dirt and constant friction. A durable coating will protect the surface from stress; with its help, you can decorate a beautiful interior in the corridor.

Types of floor tiles for the corridor

Before choosing tiles for the floor in the hallway, you need to choose a practical and safe material. The coating must be moisture resistant, durable and resistant to abrasion. Such tiles, even laid out at the very threshold, will not be subject to temperature fluctuations and water. To create a stylish interior, it is important to familiarize yourself with the features of the flooring.

Ceramic tiles for the corridor on the floor

Tiles for the hallway — ideal. It fits any design, retains its original appearance for a long time and requires a minimum of effort when cleaning dirt. Clay is the basis of ceramics, it is wear-resistant, retains texture and color for a long time. Ceramic floor tiles for the hallway are available in a wide range — all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes, with imitation of wood, natural stone, with different patterns and decorative components: borders, inserts.

Its upper layer is made smooth or embossed, the latter option is preferable for the corridor, because the rough surface reduces slipping. The disadvantage of the material is its low thermal conductivity — ceramic tiles in the corridor on the floor in the apartment always remain cool, unless heating elements are mounted under it. Another disadvantage is brittleness upon impact, but if the material is laid correctly without voids, then the probability of damage is low.

ceramic tiles for the corridor on the floor

Porcelain tiles on the floor in the corridor

When deciding which tile to choose in the corridor on the floor, you can pay attention to porcelain stoneware. It has a high margin of safety due to the presence of granite chips, feldspar and the addition of quartz. In its manufacture, two types of clay are used, after which stone chips are added, the mixture is fired at high temperatures. Tiles have a fine-grained pattern, products are stained over the entire thickness, but such a material also has a higher price than ceramics.

The range of porcelain stoneware is not as extensive as tiles — the material resembles natural stone or wood and you can only choose its various shades (from light to burgundy and dark gray, black, with or without splashes). Various decorative details are also cut out of it. High strength makes porcelain stoneware popular — you can’t spoil such floor tiles for the hallway: neither with water, nor friction, nor frost, nor chemical compounds, no mechanical shocks are terrible for him.

porcelain tiles on the floor in the corridor

Non-slip floor tiles — corridor

When deciding which tiles to choose for the hallway on the floor, it is better to pay attention to anti-slip options. They provide greater safety for residents, prevent possible falls. Such material has a fine-grained texture, which does not allow a person to slip even when water gets on the tile. To create it, manufacturers use different technologies:

  1. Application of grooves, notches, making the surface corrugated and rough.
  2. Applying chemicals to the glaze that form a rough film. When walking, they act as suction cups and prevent slipping.

Anti-slip floor tiles are relevant for the hallway, as well as places of high humidity — pools, bathrooms, showers. It is produced in a variety of colors and with different patterns, textures, it can imitate sand, pebbles, stone, and other natural decors. Its size is different — from mosaic to standard, even in the form of oblong dies.

non-slip floor tiles

Tiles in the hallway on the floor — design

In addition to the properties and qualities of tiles, it is important to colorfully decorate the design of the room. Floor tiles for the hallway are made in different shades, decorated with patterns, inserts, edging, decorative components are made for it — skirting boards, borders. The coating is smooth, embossed, areas with a distinctive texture are included in the design of the floors, different laying methods are used. There are design tricks for decorating hallways:

  1. To visually increase the space, you should pay attention to large blocks.
  2. Tiles in the hallway on the floor1

  3. Medium-sized tiles are ideal for a small room; it is better not to decorate spacious apartments with it.
  4. Tiles in the hallway on the floor2

  5. The diagonal or transverse design of the corridor with tiles expands the narrow hallway.
  6. Tiles in the hallway on the floor3

  7. The combination of materials of two or three different tones and sizes, folded into an ornament, looks impressive.
  8. Tiles in the hallway on the floor4

  9. Beautiful floor tiles for the hallway are decorated with a pattern, they can be combined with plain areas.
  10. Tiles in the hallway on the floor5

  11. Light and dark coatings affect the perception of the area in different ways.
  12. Tiles in the hallway on the floor6Tiles in the hallway on the floor7

Glossy floor tiles in the hallway

Beautiful glossy floor tiles in the interior of the hallway, due to their reflective texture, have a multidimensional effect and create the illusion of a large room, especially if they are pastel shades and large. It makes the room brighter, it looks neater. Cold monotonous shades will also help to increase the volume, they go well with light furniture and emphasize the severity of the interior.

The material is monophonic, tinted, mirror, with a matte border, can imitate expensive metals, is decorated with ornaments using sandblasting. The laying of tiles with rhombuses or squares looks beautiful. It is appropriate to finish some zones diagonally, with borders along the edges, the inclusion of small elements in the pattern gives an aesthetic effect. You can decorate the surface with built-in lighting.

glossy floor tiles in the hallway

Light tiles in the hallway on the floor

Pastel light floor tiles for the hallway — the original version. This color visually expands the space of the room and is very popular, despite the fact that pollution is more visible on it. Natural beige tone, goes well with wood, classic design. The material can imitate parquet, it is appropriate to combine it with brown inserts.

White tile flooring in the hallway is an unusual option, but it creates a clean atmosphere in the room and is a great backdrop for furniture. The milky tile looks beautiful interspersed with other shades, for example, with marbled veins. On a light surface, you can lay out a pattern with colored inserts, borders, rosettes. Different layout methods are used — apart, in squares, with a combination of materials of different sizes.

light tiles in the hallway on the floor

Dark tiles on the floor in the hallway

The dark floor tiles in the corridor look impressive, in the hallway the original design with black color is associated with luxury, rigor and minimalism. When decorating a room, it should be taken into account that such a tone visually narrows the space; it is not recommended to use it in a small room. Dark tiles are available in glossy, corrugated, polished, each type creates a different visual effect.

The material looks beautiful with fine-grained inclusions or veins under the stone. Dark tiles can be paired with other deep colors for amazing effects. Popular chess black and white combination, blue, burgundy, chocolate color. Gold, silvery decorative components will help to create beautiful ornaments on the surface.

dark tiles on the floor in the hallway

Floor tiles with a pattern for the hallway

An interesting floor tile with an ornament for the corridor is always an original and non-trivial design. Among the options, black and white, beige-brown, gray-black ornament, patchwork technique, geometric styles are popular. The floor can be fully tiled with patterned tiles or used to create inserts, edging, and lay out in the form of a carpet. The ornament will become the center of eye attraction, an accent in the interior. It is important, with such a bright coating, to maintain the uniformity of the rest of the room decoration so that it does not look too colorful.

hallway patterned floor tiles

Mosaic floor tiles for corridor

In a spacious hall, there are no restrictions on texture, tile configuration. Traditional tiles look beautiful in the hallway on the floor in a classic style, framed by finely elemental mosaics. From it you can lay out an ornament, a whole picture in the center of the room, make a border, a border, imitate a carpet. Both a one-color mosaic and a mix of two or three colors can participate in the creation of the scenery; original drawings are created from pieces of different tone. Such an interior will deprive a spacious hall of monotony.

corridor mosaic floor tiles

Tiles for the corridor on the floor under the tree

The design of the corridor with tiles on the floor under the tree creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the house. Different collections of tiles can accurately copy the pattern of pine, beech, oak, rosewood, overseas wenge. There are different shades — from beige and straw to brown and almost black. The aged texture stands out with a special charm — with cracks and scuffs.

Tiles for wood are made in different formats — square, rectangular. Collections are popular in which the material has the shape and appearance of parquet or massive boards. Such a coating creates the effect of an elite room. The surface can be varied with borders, patterns;

tile for the corridor on the floor under the tree

Panel of tiles on the floor in the hallway

Interesting options for tiles on the floor in the hallway, combined with ready-made decorations. A panel is a set of several contrasting elements that form a single pattern. Often the picture is made of porcelain stoneware, it may have inserts made of natural stone. The panel is used at the entrance, in the center of the room. Most of the paintings have strictly defined edges — round, square, rectangular. In the center of the panel, geometric patterns are depicted, ornate images with griffins, vignettes, curls, such an ornament will decorate the corridor.

floor tiles in the hallway


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