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Living room in the English style - the main secrets of stylish interior design

The English interior style was formed during the XVIII-XIX centuries. It harmoniously combines Victorian and Gregorian trends: strict clear lines, discreet shades and rich decoration. Living room in the English style is elegant and comfortable, respectable and somewhat conservative.

English style living room design

This design of the living room is considered an ageless classic that will always be in fashion. Laconic thoughtful forms and high-quality materials, restraint, elegance and a sense of proportion are the hallmarks of a living room in a traditional English style. It is suitable for those who appreciate the atmosphere of peace, tranquility and comfort in the house. The aristocratic English style in the interior of the living room is impossible without such typical elements:

  • noble wood;
  • good quality furniture;
  • natural materials in decoration;
  • Lots of accessories and textiles.

Small living room in English style

Some believe that this solemn style is more suitable for spacious rooms. However, a small living room can be decorated in the English style. This design will look especially good in a room with high ceilings. At the same time, it is better to choose light shades in the decoration of walls and ceilings. For example, a blue English-style living room will look fresh and stylish. So it is better to arrange a bright room that faces south. Warm tones are suitable for a living room with north-facing windows. Low ceilings will visually lift the vertical striped wallpaper.

small living room in english style

Living room with fireplace in English style

A real English living room with a fireplace needs a traditional hearth, which will be the center of the entire interior. This obligatory detail of the guest room, decorated with carved wooden panels or natural stone, can serve not only for decor, but also for heating the room, which will add special comfort and coziness to this room. The height of the fireplace can be very different.

spacious English living room with fireplace

In a small room, a large bulky structure is unlikely to look appropriate, but an imitation of a fireplace made of metal or stone will fit perfectly even into the usual standard «Khrushchev». Above the fireplace, you can hang a shelf with various souvenirs, an old clock, a picture, or hunting accessories. A mantelpiece can become a place for candlesticks, vases of flowers.

small English living room with fireplace

Kitchen-living room in the English style

To design a beautiful interior of the kitchen-living room in the English style, experts recommend using soft pastel colors. Zoning such a room with the help of an arch, a kitchen island, a fireplace. But the bar counter is completely unsuitable for an English interior. The walls in the living room can be covered with wallpaper, and in the kitchen, for example, finished with wood paneling. Stucco is used to decorate the ceiling. Above the dining table you can hang a large beautiful chandelier. All household appliances in such a kitchen are best built into cabinets.

kitchen living room in english style

Living-dining room in the English style

Another option for a combined room is an English living-dining room. The main element in it is a large table, which can be installed both on the border of two zones, and directly in the dining room. Portals around the hood and stove in the kitchen will make the design of the room more solemn and elegant. Living room in a classic English style, combined with a dining room, can be decorated with the following elements:

  • stucco;
  • bas-reliefs;
  • overhead moldings;
  • milling.

living room dining room in english style

modern english style living room

The traditional English style will make the room cozy and attractive, respectable and solid. A modern English-style living room in an apartment has its own characteristics:

  1. Architecture — symmetry and clear lines, massive ceiling beams.
  2. Finishing — for walls, wallpaper or wooden panels, for the floor — parquet or laminate.
  3. Light – a large central chandelier with crystal pendants can be combined with sconces, floor lamps or spotlights.
  4. Colors — light calm shades prevail, however bright or dark ones can be used as an accent: brown, red, terracotta, etc.
  5. Furniture — cabinets, bookcases, buffet, sofas with armchairs.
  6. Textile — drapery on curtains, heavy curtains, lambrequins.
  7. Decor — expensive paintings in chic frames, family photos, hunting trophies, porcelain figurines, etc.

Wallpaper in the living room in the English style

For those who decide to decorate the living room in the English style, it is very important to choose the right materials for wall decoration. The living room in a simple English style, covered with wallpaper, has a number of features:

  1. Georgian-style coverings are distinguished by symmetrical, strict patterns.
  2. Victorian wallpaper bears a resemblance to Indian coverings. Large floral and floral patterns on textile wallpapers are perfect for a spacious room.
  3. Wallpaper with a royal theme in the form of images of a coat of arms or a crown is also inherent in the English interior style.
  4. Geometric wallpaper — a vertical, horizontal or diagonal strip, a thin cage against the backdrop of luxurious paraphernalia will add lightness to the interior of the living room.
  5. Combined wall coverings — the upper part of the wall can be covered with wallpaper, and the lower part is decorated with wooden panels. Sometimes wallpaper can be combined with wall painting.

wallpaper in the living room in the English style

Curtains in the English style for the living room

Exquisite classic curtains will perfectly fit into the interior of a spacious room with large windows. Opened English curtains are a rectangular canvas with smooth edges. When it is raised, wavy folds form in the center of the fabric, and lush puffs along the edges. When choosing a fabric for English curtains, you need to remember about their features:

  1. The texture of the fabric — the splendor of the folds will depend on it. Neat folds will form on soft materials, and dense textiles are needed to form puffs. Additional rigidity of the curtains will be given by a lining sewn from the inside.
  2. The colors and shades of English curtains are pastel colors with a pattern: stripes, checks, floral patterns.
  3. Mounting point — to visually increase the height of the window opening, the curtain should be mounted above the window or even under the very ceiling.
  4. Combination of two types of curtains. English curtains for the living room are successfully combined with tulle curtains or horizontal blinds.
  5. Decor for an English curtain. As a decoration, a border of another fabric can be used, attached to the top of the curtain. The bottom of such a curtain can be decorated with a fringe, small pompoms or short ruffles.

English style curtains for the living room

English style sofas for the living room

There is a legend according to which the English Earl of Chesterfield commissioned a furniture maker to develop such a sofa, sitting on which gentlemen would not wrinkle their clothes. This is how the traditional Chesterfield sofa was born, which has become synonymous with true luxury and style. English living room furniture in the form of such sofas has special distinguishing features:

  1. The back and armrests have the same height, while both sides are made in the form of scrolls, similar to the capital of the column.
  2. On the inside, both the back and armrests are decorated with a diamond-shaped stitch. Initially used for decoration in the carriages of rich people, this upholstery method was called carriage upholstery. In some models, the screed is also present on the seat of the sofa.
  3. Sofa «Chesterfield» has small wooden carved legs.
  4. The traditional upholstery of such a sofa is leather, although today you can find options from flock, velor, microfiber.
  5. Living room in the English style involves the use of sofas with plain upholstery. Its most popular colors are white, beige, brick, brown, black.
  6. Modern models of sofas can be not only monolithic, but also folding.

English style sofas for the living room

English style living room furniture — cabinets

An indispensable element of furniture in the English living room are cabinets made of natural wood. The design of an English living room with light, dark or artificially aged furniture will be majestic and luxurious. You can purchase a model bookcase or porcelain cabinet, made, for example, of mahogany, oak or pine. An English-style living room can be decorated with majestic bent-leg cabinets for antiques or family heirlooms.

english style cabinets for living room

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