Egyptian style in the interior of the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom


Egyptian style in the interior

Previously, Egypt attracted enthusiastic archaeologists and adventurers, but now thousands of ordinary tourists come to mysterious lands with cozy hotels, warm sea and paradise beaches. Having visited amazing places, many people want to recreate the Egyptian style in the interior in their home apartment, filling it with the atmosphere of an intriguing oriental fairy tale.

Egyptian style apartment design

It is not necessary to paint solid walls with frescoes in the spirit of the ancient dwelling of the pharaohs. A few important touches and a suitable color scheme will be enough to solve an interesting task.

Features of the Egyptian style in the interior:

  • Wall cladding is made with natural materials — stone, tiles, plaster, marble slabs.
  • In the interior, there are columns, arches, niches.
  • Wallpaper with drawings is replaced by colorful paintings, frescoes, Egyptian writings.
  • Present in the setting are statues of gods and legendary creatures, images of the sun, scarabs, vultures, sphinxes, human figures with animal heads.
  • Plant motifs are represented by vines, palm leaves, images of lotus, papyrus.
  • The main Egyptian colors are rich and natural — yellow, brown, red, many blue, green and white elements.

Egyptian studio apartment interior

If funds are available, decorative columns can be built inside the studio, decorating the surface with stylish ornaments in the spirit of the times of Cleopatra. An alternative option is to paint images of columns on the walls, copy ancient frescoes with mosaics. The design of the Egyptian-style room involves a porcelain stoneware or mosaic tile floor. Arched windows, carved wooden screens and beautiful lattices are used, finishing in sand, orange, golden chocolate, blue colors.

1_Egyptian studio apartment interior_photo

Decorating the walls with paintings in delightful Egyptian style for a historical intriguing interior will enhance the exciting feeling of contact with the ancient secrets of the priests and eastern kings. They depict ancient symbols, geometric ornaments, pyramids, faces of famous rulers, reproductions of drawings found inside mysterious tombs. You can buy exotic canvases on papyrus in a reed frame or modular paintings for the studio.

2_Pictures in Egyptian style for the interior_photo

Egyptian style living room

Various variants of this fabulous style are suitable for decorating the hall. In a spacious living room, it is easier to embody the historical Egyptian interior design with columns, lancet windows, niches, large statues and bas-reliefs. In small rooms, it is easier to work with a modern oriental interior or Egyptian ethno country. It uses artificial columns, stretch ceilings with starry skies, wallpaper with lotus flowers, vine leaves, palm branches, colored plaster, antique decor.

3_Egyptian style living room_photo

When creating a spectacular interior, it is advisable to look for pieces of furniture in a chic Egyptian style, purchased on the market or created by yourself. The legs of armchairs and chairs thousands of years ago were made in the form of animal paws, bull hooves. The armrests were made in a special shape, reminiscent of the emblems of the pharaohs, winged monsters. To store things in the living room, caskets and chests were installed. They were carved with figures of scarab beetles, snakes, lotus, and other symbolic images.

4_Egyptian style furniture_photo

Egyptian style bedroom design

If the funds allow you to decorate the bedroom in an authentic design, then you can order the appropriate form of the bed. The supports of the ancient bed were made in the form of walking paws of animals, the headboard was decorated with images of fabulous creatures or magnificent oriental carpets. The Egyptian interior of the apartment is decorated in warm colors with dark inclusions. Interesting accessories of bright colors are always present — pillows, vases, bedspreads, pyramids, figurines of cats, pharaoh dogs, textiles with ornamental prints and oriental landscapes.

5_Egyptian style bedroom design_photo

Egyptian kitchen design

Lilac or bright pink colors are not used in the decoration of the room, brown and beige gamma prevails, small blue inclusions. The modern Egyptian style in the interior of kitchens is distinguished by the presence of niches, columns, semi-columns or their wall images. Lamps with paper lampshades, painted with ancient ornaments, are installed on a light beige ceiling. The floor and walls are covered with tiles with Egyptian motifs in the interior, porcelain stoneware, light stone.

6_Egyptian kitchen design_photo

Egyptian style bathroom

The hot sun of the Egyptian deserts in the bath is hinted at by the yellow tones of the finish, the sanitary ware is selected not in a snow-white color, but in a sandy or milky shade. Mosaic, decorative plaster, images on historical themes from the times of Ramses II and Cleopatra are widely used in decorating a room. It is advisable to find a stylish bathtub on gilded curved supports.

7_Egyptian style bathroom_photo

A huge role is played by Egyptian tiles for the bathroom of the corresponding design. It can imitate cracked sand-colored plaster walls, the surface of the walls of temples and ancient pyramids with hieroglyphs and authentic patterns. Ceramic friezes and borders are best made with original tiles depicting scenes from the life of the ancient Egyptians.

8_Egyptian bathroom tiles


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