Eclecticism in the interior of the kitchen, living room, bedroom


eclecticism in the interior

In modern projects, combinations of fashion trends are relevant. Eclecticism in the interior is a combination of elements from different eras to create a harmonious environment. It manifests itself in a mixture of similar styles — baroque and modern, classic and empire and others. In this case, bold combinations are used, incompatible elements are combined.

eclectic house

The fusion of stylistic trends provides ample opportunities for creativity. The condition for creating an interior is a combination of no more than two or three directions, united by a single architecture, color scheme. Eclectic style features:

  • different stylistic elements are combined with a common design solution and shades;
  • the presence of modern objects and elements of past eras;
  • carved tiles, patterned silk wallpaper on the walls, type-setting parquet, draperies on doorways and windows;
  • luxury and gilding in furniture, wood carving;
  • the presence of oriental bedspreads and bright pillows;
  • the presence in the layout of niches, wardrobes, rounded corners.

  eclectic house

Eclectic living room

Mixed design combines several areas with common features. Eclecticism in the interior of the living room is based on achieving harmony in color and texture of materials. In such a room, classics are combined with modernism, and ultra-modern gizmos coexist with antique decor. Eclecticism in the interior allows the use of rich furniture in the form of a luxurious leather sofa or a purple empire chair with graceful legs and a modest shabby chest or wardrobe.

Furniture for apartments is selected by the most unusual, for example, a soft group with textiles, decorated with fringe or buttons, lush upholstery. Furnishings are supplied with low supports, tripods, wheels. The ceiling in such a room is made white, multi-level, both spotlights and large unusual appliances are relevant as lighting.

It is better to make the walls in the living room neutral so that they become the backdrop for decor and interesting furniture. Lush draperies, fringes, tiebacks, tassels with glass beads are appropriate on the windows. Accessories in the form of photo displays, exotic figurines, women’s shoes, bird cages, floor vases, a large oriental jug will become a bright accent for an unusual design.

  Eclectic living room  Eclecticism in the interior of the living room

eclectic kitchen

A mix of different directions in the dining area can be arranged by mixing the fashionable achievements of modernity and the values ​​​​of the past, for example, classics, Provence and Empire. Provincial furniture made of natural wood with an aged light-colored surface looks great with a gilded chandelier, crystal pendants and forged details in the decor. And the beige facades of the suite perfectly coexist with contrasting brocade chairs on bent legs and pastel walls.

  eclectic kitchen

Eclecticism in the interior of the kitchen looks stylish even without bright colors. A mixture of dark modern lacquered cabinets and patterned gray tile on the walls looks sober and elegant. Golden brass handles add luxury accents. Another calm mix option is white furniture, open shelves and a laconic glossy island. Tiles with a fabulous golden embossed pattern and several hanging lampshades on a brass suspension will turn the room into an unusual room.

  Eclecticism in the interior of the kitchen

Eclecticism in the interior of the bedroom

Mixing styles allows you to use your favorite things in one space. The eclectic bedroom looks original if you mix elements inherent in different classical styles. Textile products play the main role in it, around which the design is built. Against the backdrop of luxurious pastel-colored curtains with lush draperies and tiebacks, a patchwork bedspread or leopard cape will look stylish. Contrasting pillows will be a bright accent in a room decorated in a neutral palette.

For mixed eclecticism in the interior, furniture from different eras is used. A chic four-poster bed with a figured headboard can coexist with an old grandmother’s chest of drawers and a retro armchair. The walls of the room are decorated with a collection of paintings that have been collected over the years, or unusual, diverse clocks. Figurines, table lamps, vases from different styles will decorate the room.

  Eclecticism in the interior of the bedroom

eclectic interior design

The mixture of elements from different eras is striking in its originality. The best moments of each direction allow you to collect eclecticism in one space, the main characteristic of such a direction is that the mix looks harmonious, without a hint of chaos. Incompatible objects will help to create a successful design — the works of great painters with children’s drawings, ultra-modern furniture with antiques. The color palette is used calm with smooth transitions, bright catchy accents are relevant. The main task is to achieve harmony in the composition of furniture and decor.

Eclectic style furniture

Designers have a favorite technique for this direction — to combine provincial interior items with expensive models. Eclectic furniture plays an important role in creating an original environment, it has dynamic forms. Openwork backs of armchairs and chairs, graceful patterns in the form of curls, bent legs, quilted upholstery made of expensive materials give the room a refined decorative effect. Upholstered furniture is an integral part of the design, it should be overall and comfortable.

Objects of different colors and eras are combined — a modern cream leather sofa with smooth shapes can stand opposite a luxurious blue or burgundy copy in the Empire style. They are combined with the help of decorative pillows, a bright bedspread. Actual use of high chairs with bizarre shapes, armrests with spiral curls. It is allowed to mix coarse and elegant upholstery fabrics, smooth and worn facade surfaces. An antique chest of drawers, a sideboard, bought in an antique store, can take center stage in the interior.

  Eclectic style furniture  Eclectic furniture

eclectic wallpaper design

Mixed style is rated as cozy. Modern eclecticism in the interior involves the use of neutral wallpaper to create a backdrop for bright decorative furnishings and furniture. Mixing of canvases is allowed — striped wallpaper on one wall can be in harmony with the monograms on the opposite. The use of silk patterned fabrics on accent surfaces or hotel areas in the form of a panel is relevant. Wallpaper combines the design into a single composition due to the color scheme.

  eclectic wallpaper design

Eclectic curtains

Draperies in a mixed interior should look harmoniously against the background of all objects in the room. Curtains in the eclectic style, the interior design of which includes a mixture of several directions, are distinguished by heavy textures, an unconventional combination of patterns and patterns, fabrics. Sliding short curtains, rich classic with airy tulle, even straight linen with buttons and rhinestones are possible.

The use of ruffles, beads, glass beads, feathers, draperies, deep folds, golden cords and ribbons — everything is permissible when sewing original compositions. When choosing fabrics, preference is given to cotton, linen or expensive velvet. Curtains can be hung in tone with other textiles in the interior or choose a bright range that stands out from the general background — purple, lemon, turquoise.

  Eclectic curtains

eclectic tile

The tile in the mixed interior is used on the walls and for the floor. Eclectic style in the interior of the kitchen or bathroom is appropriate to decorate with figured tiles on the walls. It has symmetrical shapes, is found in one color or is decorated with patterns, oriental ornaments, gilded embossing. The color of the tile is selected as a neutral beige with a pattern or bright — blue, purple, cyan. With its help, it is easy to highlight the working surface of the kitchen, to make an accent colorful wall in the interior. Tiles on the floor — the leader in finishing an eclectic room. Collections are selected under a tree with an imitation of artistic parquet.

  eclectic tile  Eclectic tiles in the bathroom

Chandelier eclecticism

The interior, based on a mixture of different styles, recognizes the installation of several lamps. A chic crystal chandelier with pendants, unusual models in the form of naked lamps on metal rods, gilded wood, bright blown glass or a device with a huge shade — everything is suitable for creating a stylish mix interior. In eclecticism, lamps can have the most unusual shape. As additional lighting, large sconces on the walls, floor lamps with original lampshades are appropriate.

  Chandelier eclecticism

Eclecticism in the interior embodies all the best from different directions, combining everything into a single ensemble without any restrictions and rules. In a combination of different decor items, it is important to achieve harmony so that the room personifies order, and each item has its place. A competent combination of beautiful details will allow you to create an outstanding design that will appeal to creative extraordinary people who welcome experiments in the interior of their homes.


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