Didn’t You Think: 5 Proofs That Decluttering Saves Your Budget


one No duplicate purchases

A common annoying situation: you bought a package of flour and found the same one, not yet opened, on the shelf. Or they bought jeans, but found almost the same ones in a box with winter clothes. Regular decluttering helps keep in mind everything that is stored in the apartment and avoid repeated purchases, which significantly saves the family budget.

How to make it more efficient

If you don’t want to rely on memory, keep a record. Write down in your phone notes products that are in stock, and those that are already running out. Take pictures once a season after cleaning out your closet with all the clothes you have. So you will know what combinations can be made from it, and have a clear idea of ​​\u200b\u200bwhat you need to buy.


2 Some items can be sold

One of the goals of decluttering is to help discover good things that no one uses. It is also worth getting rid of them, but it is better to do it with financial gain. For example, such items can be posted on classifieds sites or run online sales on your social networks.

How to make it more efficient

Group items so it will be easier to find buyers who will take several items at once. This works especially well with books, clothes, tech and accessories. You can also find organizations that buy certain types of unwanted items, such as precious metals or old appliances.


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3 No feeling of missing things

Only during a general cleaning or moving do people realize how many things they actually have. Regular sorting and decluttering makes it easier to tidy up and collect things, and at the same time relieve the emotional need to chase after purchases. This, in turn, also saves the budget.

How to make it more efficient

Remind yourself regularly to use everything you have at home. Purposefully take clothes out of the closet that seem more dressy and sophisticated than jeans and a sweatshirt. Serve the table with a beautiful service, buy flowers for vases standing in the back of the closet. This will make it clear what you need to get rid of at the next decluttering, and there will be a feeling of pleasure from what you already have.


four Fewer expired items

This applies primarily to the kitchen and bathroom. Regular revision of your stocks will allow you to get rid of expired products in time (it can be both food and cosmetics) and spend those whose expiration date is coming to an end in time.

How to make it more efficient

Sort products and cosmetics the way they do in stores: so that the first thing that catches your eye is what needs to be used up first. At the same time, it will be useful to get into the habit of signing packages or sticking notes on them with an expiration date.


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5 Ability to share with friends

If the habit of sorting things takes root in your environment, it will be possible to exchange or sell at a discount what is no longer needed, thereby saving each other’s budget. For example, a steamer bought by a couple who usually dine out can be very useful for a family of friends who have children.

How to make it more efficient

Start a chat with friends, in which everyone can throw off photos of an unnecessary thing, its description and price. You can also sometimes get together at home and have parties with the exchange of things of the same format: for example, clothes or books.



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