Colors for the bedroom — walls, ceiling

The influence of color on our thoughts and moods has been proven time and again. If we spend time in the living room or in the kitchen, being busy with business, then in the sleeping room we relax and try to just relax. As expected, the interior is always dominated by calm shades and diluted halftones.

What color to choose for the bedroom?

To answer the question of what color the bedroom should be, you have to take into account a whole list of recommendations and restrictions. South facing windows provide warm, hot light, and cool light colors will help balance this out. The north side will be made warmer by soft shades with an admixture of yellow. With the increase in the dimensions of the room, the field for creativity increases: you can afford more colors, patterns and decorative elements.

What wall color is best for a bedroom?

Let’s go directly through the list of recommendations regarding the question of what wallpaper color to choose for the bedroom:

  1. Bedroom in white always filled with light and always appears pure. In order not to get the effect of an operating room, white is diluted with several shades, the brightness and contrast of which depend on the dimensions of the room.
  2. Bedroom in beige good for northern location. Beige is considered intimate, softer and makes the room bigger.
  3. Bedroom in gray can be a great solution if you use contrast correctly. It must be diluted with silver or pearl shades so that the design does not have a pressing effect.
  4. Bedroom in green considered a classic in design. Pistachio-colored wallpapers are suitable for decorating a Provence bedroom, adding white and sand, we get a bedroom in turquoise color with a Mediterranean design.
  5. shades of blue a good solution for a male cloister, they are considered strict and balanced. A bedroom in blue will not press and oppress if you choose companion shades according to your character. A bedroom in blue with white, vanilla or golden elements will suit romantic natures, a tandem with orange or yellow is a completely different matter, even if these shades are not bright. /li>
  6. Bedroom in pink not always a solution for a nursery, because pink can be cold and powdery.
  7. Bedroom in lilac color — the embodiment of a romantic light mood. A combination with blue, green, dark purple and shades of white looks worthy.

bedroom ceiling color

Traditional white for the ceiling is always appropriate and it goes well with all types of wall decoration, regardless of their color. If you use expensive auspicious colors for the bedroom, you should give preference to original and non-standard techniques. You should not be afraid of dark or too bright colors, because a lot depends on the number and location of the dark area above your head.

Light natural shades do not tire the eyes, they are suitable for almost any style and chosen color scheme in the interior. Instead of the usual white, preference is given to beige, gray, coffee or blue shades. Favorable colors for the bedroom are in the line of diluted halftones. If the goal is to fill the space with dynamics and make color accents, dark saturated ceilings will do.

bedroom curtain color

The choice of textiles for windows is complicated by the fact that you have to select not only color options, but also monitor the density of the fabric and its performance characteristics. Among the fabrics at the peak of popularity, good-quality natural materials with deep natural shades were abandoned, they are combined with transparent matte curtains. When the decision is made in what colors to make the bedroom, you can proceed to the selection of textiles.

Having chosen the main colors for the bedroom, you are free to go in search of textiles in several ways:

  • a matte white curtain opens up the daylight, thick curtains are matched to the wallpaper and act as a backdrop for the rest of the filling;
  • the color of the curtains and the pattern on it can match the textiles for the bed, the same color accent for curtains and frames on the wall looks good;
  • a transparent curtain repeats the colors of the wallpaper for the bedroom, and the curtains are made in the same range, but already decorated with a pattern.

Bedroom furniture color

The choice of color solution for filling depends on the method of accentuation. White furniture for the bedroom will look great on a dark background and will attract the eye, but it will dissolve on a white light background and give the palm to textiles or decoration. When choosing wooden furniture, you have to remember about harmony and choose an identical solution for the floor: the saturation and depth of the wood pattern is necessarily different, but in the same color direction.

The entire interior is made either in monochrome or polychrome. Choose two shades for decoration, one or two more for furniture. The gradation from dark saturated brown to light beige looks good, it can also have gray impurities. It is difficult to choose a polychrome combination without a color wheel, where neighbor colors that match each other and enhancer colors that can make each other brighter are indicated.

Bedroom bed color

The bed is often hidden under the bedspread, but its headboard and lower part are always out of sight. To decide which colors for the bedroom you will give for furniture, you need to know four fundamentally different approaches:

  1. A spectacular option is a contrast in relation to the wall. The ideal combination is when the wall with the headboard is made in a neutral and conditionally neutral range: a tandem of beige and brown, a combination of white and gray.
  2. The color scheme of the headboard matches the wall. Suitable for small rooms, because the wall is visually longer and the room seems to expand.
  3. If you have decorated the wall behind the bed with an active pattern, the headboard will be solid and its color is taken from the pattern on the wall.
  4. The entire color scheme in the interior belongs to pastel, and the headboard itself may not match the color of the wall, but due to the fading, the contrast is not visible.

Color combination in the bedroom

No matter how much we want to get a calm, relaxing environment, we have to dilute neutral shades with accents. Otherwise, the design will turn out faceless and frankly boring. Choosing the right colors for the bedroom is only half the battle, you need to correctly combine them. Approximately 60% is allocated to the background, the rest share the second main shade and accents. For a monochrome range, it is permissible to allocate approximately 20% for accents, a polychrome combination suggests only 10%.

feng shui bedroom color

The obvious decision, which is also the right one, is to give preference to a beige range from delicate milky to warm coffee. This will fill the space with warmth and allow positive energy to circulate freely. Eastern teaching advises how to choose the color of the bedroom, based on a combination of two principles:

  • yin shades have a relaxing effect, among them blue, white, purple, even black;
  • yang helps to increase passion and fills with strength, here it is yellow with orange, red.

Whatever combination you choose, whatever patterns and textiles you choose, this room should relax and create a feeling of peace and tranquility. Designers’ recommendations should be taken into account, but not followed literally in everything, because your bedroom is your safe and comfortable place in the house.

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