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Classic living room - fresh ideas for creating a stylish interior

The classic living room is always cozy and luxurious, its noble design does not look pretentious, but emphasizes the status and taste of the people living in the house. The classic is strict, but chic, it does not accept artificial materials, only naturalness in everything, and the living room is the best option for displaying all the magnificence of this style.

Classic style living room design

Having conceived the creation of a classic design in the living room, consider the main characteristic features that are inherent in it:

  • symmetry of geometric shapes;
  • prevailing soft color palette,
  • molding on the ceiling, parquet floor;
  • minimum technology;
  • expensive furniture made of natural wood;
  • the presence of paintings in luxurious frames, a fireplace, murals, columns;
  • sophistication of furniture textiles, curtains;
  • various accessories (mirrors, porcelain figurines, caskets, candlesticks).

A small living room in a classic style cannot fit into its interior all the distinctive features inherent in classicism, so a few characteristic elements will suffice. In order to make a small room look more spacious, use mirrors in your design, they will visually expand the space, do not overload a small room with furniture, especially bulky, and accessories.

Wallpaper for the living room in a classic style

Classic wallpapers for the living room are one of the decisive factors in shaping the style, they do not accept bright colors, their decor bears floral motifs, ornaments, abstract patterns, vertical stripes, geometric motifs. You can also use plain wallpaper, with a smooth or embossed texture. More suitable for classic living rooms are paper wallpapers with a non-woven base or vinyl, they give the impression of fabric surfaces. There are several options for decorating walls:

  1. Combination (dividing the wall into zones horizontally).
  2. living room wallpaper combination

  3. Accent selection of one of the walls.
  4. accent wall in living room

  5. Decoration of individual zones with embossed wallpaper (decorative edging is allowed).
  6. embossed wallpaper in the living room

  7. Usual, traditional pasting of wall surfaces.
  8. wallpaper for the living room in a classic style

The classic in the living room involves the use of wallpaper for wall decoration, having the following color options:

  • base color (black, white);
  • pastel shades;
  • warm range of shades;
  • «royal» color (scarlet, purple, gold).

Ceilings in the living room in a classic style

The design of the living room in a classic style has the main principle — symmetry, it also extends to the design of the ceiling, on which the center immediately stands out, which is emphasized by the lighting fixture or ceiling decor placed in it. Ceiling stucco, borders, other decoration details should be used only in pairs and symmetrically. The basic rules for ceiling design in a classic living room include:

  1. Exclusion of zoning, 3D effects, clearly artificial, modern materials.
  2. The correctness of geometric outlines, the inadmissibility of curvilinear contours.
  3. Light, pastel colors (except for painting).
  4. The presence of stucco or its imitation, molding, border, stucco rosette.

ceilings in the living room in a classic style

Classic curtains in the living room

Curtains for the living room in a classic style are made according to the traditional and thoughtful design, they require elegant and noble fabrics, decorative additions. Curtains in this style should consist of two sliding parts, be assembled on the sides with tacks, decorated with a lambrequin on top (optional), have a light, transparent curtain included in the kit, and carry not only a practical function, but also serve as an element of decor.

Excessive simplicity, minimalism and bold, modern experiments are not acceptable for the classics. Graceful and majestic classic curtains should be in harmony with the rest of the textiles in the living room and the color of the walls. Curtains in the living room can be the main focus of the design, so expensive fabrics are selected for them:

  • silk;
  • jacquard;
  • brocade;
  • atlas;
  • taffeta;
  • Damascus.

classic curtains for living room

Chandeliers for the living room in a classic style

Classic chandeliers for the living room look impressive, have a solid metal (often with forging elements) base, are decorated with details made of crystal, glass, porcelain, decorated with gilding, bronze. Looks great in this style chandelier with imitation of candles. A classic chandelier can be made in a tiered, luxurious design, have multiple horns, or be made up of multiple pendants, and should hang down rather than attached directly to the ceiling.

A classic living room requires bright lighting, so in combination with a large ceiling chandelier, wall sconces purchased with it and having a common decor would be a great option. Many lovers of a classic interior prefer floor lamps, the lampshades of which are made of fabrics similar to the upholstery of upholstered furniture or curtains.

chandeliers for the living room in a classic style

Paintings for the living room in a classic style

The classic design of the living room includes such decorations on the walls as paintings, there are certain requirements in their selection for each interior style. A classic living room, on the advice of experienced designers, should be decorated with the following works:

  1. Traditional paintings (for which paints or pastels are used) can be portraits, landscapes, hunting scenes, floristry, works of impressionist or marine painters.
  2. Originals or written copies, not reproductions.
  3. The presence of an appropriate frame (bronze, gilded, natural wood).

An important point is the correct placement of paintings, the best, traditional solution will be their composition over low furniture. Pictures hung above the sofa look harmonious, the space above the fireplace, chest of drawers is also suitable for them. Align several canvases hung in a row along the bottom edge, and place the center of the paintings at eye level. For spacious rooms, choose large images; for small rooms, purchase compact paintings.

paintings for the living room in a classic style

Living room in a classic style with a fireplace

The interior of the living room in a classic style with a fireplace is found in the design of both private cottages and apartment buildings. In a spacious living room, it is better to equip a frontal fireplace located along the wall; in a small living room, you should choose a corner location, this will save space. A fireplace in a classic living room should look majestic, natural stone, marble, wood or a worthy imitation of them should be present in its decoration.

living room in a classic style with a fireplace

Classic living room furniture

The interior design of a living room in a classic style is always luxurious, the room looks status, demonstrates wealth and aristocracy. The main elements of furniture that are inherent in the classics, you need to purchase the following:

  • cabinets (bookcase, crockery or showcase);
  • upholstered furniture;
  • table with chairs;
  • dresser;
  • coffee table (coffee, tea, serving).

The classic living room is furnished with pieces of furniture made of natural, valuable wood, expensive fabrics or leather used for upholstery of sofas, armchairs and chair seats. Carving, forging, gilding, decorative inserts, accessories and overhead parts made of enamel, bronze, glass are used as decorating elements. In some cases, masters resort to aging technology. The characteristic features of the classics, in the manufacture of furniture, include:

  1. Symmetry.
  2. Carved, bent legs.
  3. Volumetric backs and armrests, with decorative elements, often semicircular in shape.
  4. Pillowcases with fringes for pillows decorating sofas and armchairs.

Classic sofas for the living room

Living room sofas in classic style are not just seating items, they are a work of art. The frame for them is made of oak, ash, cherry, beech, walnut — that is, from expensive woods, the lines are smooth and refined. For upholstery, silk, velor, brocade, satin, velvet, other luxurious textiles, and genuine leather are used. The color scheme is monophonic, in soft pastel or not too bright colors, has traditional patterns (stripes, a cage, a small flower, floral ornaments), the main thing is that the color of the sofa upholstery does not merge with the walls.

classic sofas for living room

Classic lounge chairs

Upholstered furniture for the living room in a classic style has retained the basic concept and main features of the «palace style», although it has undergone some changes:

  1. The solemnity and pathos have slightly decreased.
  2. The forms of armchairs and sofas have become a little lighter, there is no bulkiness, excesses.
  3. Decor began to be used less (semi-precious stones, gilding, hand carving).

But even the modern interpretation of classicism has retained the main features inherent in the style — the high cost of the material, monumentality and symmetry. Classic armchairs are made according to the same rules as sofas, they have high backs, large seats, curved legs, soft rounded armrests. Armchairs are installed in pairs, on both sides of the sofa, next to small coffee (or coffee tables).

classic lounge chairs

Classic chest of drawers for the living room

Chests of drawers for the living room in a classic style have smooth lines and beautiful legs. The classic model is made in height from 100 cm to 130 cm, the width can be 50-100 cm, it depends on the availability of free space in the living room. In small apartments, when the living room serves as a bedroom at the same time, a classic chest of drawers can be equipped with a mirror or have a corner modification. For its manufacture, modern materials (plastic, metal) and elements (closers, drawer guides) are not acceptable.

classic chest of drawers for living room

Classic walls for the living room

In the manufacture of classic furniture walls, mahogany is often used; a cornice, molding, small original columns, various hand-made elements can become a decoration for it. Furniture classical facades are ennobled with refined carvings and cast fittings. Slides in the living room in a classic style are compact, but roomy and beautiful, the furniture got its name because of its gradually increasing height.

Some interior designers advise, when decorating a classic living room, to disperse pieces of furniture throughout the room element by element, this will create a feeling of a spacious living room and give it some charm. Modern models of classic walls increasingly include glass and stained glass showcases, metal, rattan, and bamboo finishes.

classic walls for the living room

Classic living room chairs

A living room in a classic style requires that all the furnishings in it be majestic and reliable, chairs are no exception, their belonging to the classics is easy to determine by high, comfortable backs, curved legs and wide seats. Used for the production of classic chairs, high-quality, natural wood allows you to withstand a lot of weight, while the furniture looks cozy at home. In a classic living room, the upholstery of the chairs should match the upholstery of the armchairs and the sofa in tone, or be identical.

classic living room chairs

Showcase in the living room in a classic style

The classic living room, decorated with a display cabinet, looks solemn and rich, the design characteristic of this furniture is revealed in the name itself. The classic design of the living room in the house (“classicus” — translated from Latin means standard, ideal) easily fits a display cabinet, the glass doors of which give it an aesthetic appeal, add light and lightness, on the one hand, allowing you to effectively store expensive items, on the other — providing an opportunity to admire them. The showcase can be used for viewing and storing:

  • exclusive crystal, porcelain, other expensive dishes;
  • prizes and awards;
  • collections and souvenirs;
  • libraries.

showcase in the living room in a classic style

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