Children’s room decor for a girl, a boy

Children's room decor - bright ideas for decorating walls and ceilings

The colorful decor of the children’s room will help improve the design of the room, fill it with bright cheerful and unconventional details. With the help of carefully selected accessories, a child’s bedroom can be turned into a fairy-tale world in which the inhabitants will feel joyful, comfortable and cozy.

Decor elements for the nursery

From the correct design of the child’s room depends on his psychological state and harmonious development. Small accessories, for example, plastic, wooden decor in the children’s room, stickers, drawings, applications will help decorate the baby’s bedroom so that he feels protected and is in an atmosphere of games and fun. It will be interesting for him to live in such a bedroom, and educational pictures will help the child to better understand the world. If you periodically update the decor of the children’s room, then you can not often do repairs in the room, but it will «grow up» along with the inhabitants.

Wall decor in the nursery

When decorating a child’s bedroom, you can use a lot of options for decorating walls using simple tools:

  1. Vinyl stickers for wall decor in the nursery — a simple and quick way to decorate a room. They are quickly fixed on the surface, if necessary, they can be glued or peeled off without damaging the wallpaper. Design options for every taste — flowers, animals, cars, butterflies, fish, bears, fairy-tale characters, three-dimensional letters, there are even figurines glowing at night. The nursery can easily change its appearance depending on the interests and mood of the child.
  2. stickers for wall decor in the nursery

  3. wall painting — a more time-consuming process, surfaces can be decorated with paints using stencils or hand-painted. With its help, it is easy to create a real fairy tale in the bedroom, depict space, a forest or another plot of any subject that the baby likes.
  4. wall painting in the nursery

  5. Children’s work. Surfaces can be decorated with the child’s creative work — place drawings, crafts in a frame and hang on the wall.
  6. children's drawings on the wall

  7. Applications. From cardboard, fabric, ribbons, you can make different volumetric figures, plots with your own hands — it all depends on the author’s imagination.
  8. decor for children's applications

  9. Pendants. You can decorate the walls with accessories — garlands, flags, pendants.
  10. decor nursery flags

Baby crib decor

The beautiful decor of a children’s bed will not be superfluous — furniture made in the form of a bright toy performs an aesthetic and practical function. Popular options for sleeping places in the form of cars, carriages, buses, ships, even a cloud or a flower. Textiles selected for the design of the room, for example, a light airy canopy, will help turn even an ordinary sleeping bed into a cozy cradle.

The girl will like translucent tulle, chiffon, suspended from the ceiling, gathered in lush folds and decorated with ribbons, ruffles, frills. A bed for a boy can be decorated with a colorful canopy, in the form of a knight’s tent or a gathered sail. It is advisable to decorate the backs of bedroom furniture with thematic stickers, paint with drawings. You can use colorful bedspreads, pillowcases with a suitable print on the bed. All accessories in the room must match the chosen design storyline.

crib decor

Nursery closet decor

Considering different elements of decor for the nursery, you should not ignore the closet, because it occupies a significant part of the space of the room. The original choice of color or shape of the facade, the binding of furniture to a specific theme will help create an atmosphere that is attractive to the child in the room. Kids will like cabinets in the form of houses, towers, palaces, and built-in product options are more suitable for teenagers.

You can decorate the facades with thematic drawings — photo printing, laser engraving, stickers. They should match the theme of the room, portray the child’s favorite characters. A popular option is the use of magnetic film for the execution of facades, on a dark surface the baby can draw, attach his photos, crafts, drawings with magnets.

nursery closet decor

Floor decor in the nursery

An interesting decor in the children’s room can also be applied on the floor, decorate it with a special carpet in the form of towns, lawns, a football field, and highways. Carpet tiles are popular — carpet cut into squares, with its help you can create an interesting multi-colored pattern on the surface, lay out paths, divide the room into zones. Self-leveling floors are a bright children’s decor in the interior, they are found in plain colors or decorated with drawings with a 3D effect. In the middle of the room, you can make an image of a turtle, a dolphin, or a scene from your favorite cartoon.

floor decor in the nursery

Curtain decor in the nursery

When creating a colorful decor for a children’s room, you cannot do without the original window design. There are many elements of decorating curtains — artificial flowers can be made from satin or chiffon, curtains can be decorated with ribbons, bows, pendants with hearts, circles, bright yarn pom-poms. Pickups in the form of funny animals, fairy-tale heroes are popular, they make such decor from felt for a nursery.

A labrequin made of dense fabric can be shaped to match the theme of the room design — clouds, sun, starry sky, green meadows. It is easy to sew voluminous applications in the form of flowers, grass, letters, butterflies onto curtains. Nautical design is popular in the boy’s bedroom — then the curtains are decorated with draperies in the form of sails, ropes and ropes.

decor curtains in the nursery

Ceiling decor in the nursery

The ceiling is a great place to place decor in a child’s room. There are many options for its design:

  1. Even a one-level design is easy to decorate with luminous stickers, fabric drapery or an unusual chandelier in the form of a toy. Animals, applications, pendants can be attached to the ceiling on threads: airplanes for boys, butterflies, dragonflies, birds — an excellent decor in a nursery for a girl.
  2. ceiling decor in children's fabric

  3. A popular version of a stretch ceiling with a bright thematic print, the material allows you to make a surface with a specific theme — 3D animation or photography.
  4. 3d ceiling in the nursery

  5. The starry sky is a popular option, with the help of illumination and space patterns, entire galaxies are created on the surface.
  6. starry sky ceiling in the nursery

  7. With the help of a multi-level structure, any form is made on the ceiling: flowers, figures, a rainbow, stars, clouds, the sun — there are many options.
  8. multi-level ceiling in the nursery

Pillow decor for the nursery

Children’s decor in the interior can be supported with colorful textiles. In buying fabrics for pillows, it is best to focus on the colors and patterns of the wallpaper, they can overlap with curtains, sofa upholstery or a blanket. The style of the product must be selected taking into account the style of the interior. For a child, you can find bright toy pillows in the form of letters, a heart, clouds, animals, stars, a flower, a house.

Girls will like rollers with ruffles or tassels. It will be interesting to look like a patchwork-style pillow sewn from multi-colored patches. Knitted or embroidered pillowcases with interesting patterns can be made by hand. Products can be decorated with applications — voluminous butterflies, felt animals, woolen cats, satin flowers and other plots — the best decor for a child’s room.

pillow decor for nursery

Decor of heating pipes in the nursery

It is easy to make thermal communications invisible — you just need to show a little imagination. You can paint the pipes, turn them into a tree, additionally decorate with leaves, and draw branches from the trunk on the wall. Communications wrapped with hemp or jute look interesting; they can be decorated with artificial flowers. It is advisable to come up with overlays and make decor from plywood for the nursery — cut out boxes with an openwork pattern, figures, and lay the backlight inside or just paint them.

decoration of heating pipes in the nursery

Wall clock decor for the nursery

There are such interesting decor elements for the nursery as wall clocks, there are many product options. Children who love fairy tales will love models with images of their favorite stories. The shape of the clock is also different — in addition to the usual geometric options, you can buy clocks in the form of animal figures, cars, houses, hearts, flowers, butterflies.

Kids will also like products in the form of various goodies — strawberries, ice cream, cake. Sometimes watches are decorated with hand-painted or appliqué elements. The main sources of inspiration for designers are Disney stories and children’s popular cartoons. You need to select a product in accordance with the theme of the design of the bedroom.

wall clock decor for the nursery

Children’s decor in the interior

A bedroom for a child is a territory where a fairy tale lives, fantasies are born. In it, boys dream of becoming captains or pilots of spaceships, and girls dream of becoming princesses or caring mothers. Wall decor in the nursery, textiles, accessories should correspond to the age and gender of the child, reflect his interests, serve for his comprehensive development.

Decor of a children’s room for a girl

A stylish decor in the nursery is necessary for a girl, her bedroom needs to be made beautiful and filled with cute objects, textured materials, elegant patterns. It is better to choose a bed with an elegant headboard — carved or upholstered with beautiful fabric and quilted, painted or openwork, crowned with a canopy with light drapery, it should be like a real princess.

As a decor for a girl’s children’s room, you can use air gatherings and ruffles on curtains, extraordinary baskets for toys, decorate the walls with flirty pictures, stickers, hangers in the form of interesting figures, and artificial flowers. A soft velvety ottoman, a painted wardrobe, a dressing table and a chest of drawers for jewelry will help develop femininity and a sense of aesthetics in the inhabitant. Beautiful stickers and pillows in the form of favorite animals will be easy for a baby to replace with age.

decor of a children's room for a girl

Decor of a children’s room for a boy

The colorful wall decor in the boy’s children’s room, other accessories and items in the bedroom should be in harmony with his tastes. Cars, animals, ships, sports players, movie or cartoon characters, musicians — what he loves should be placed in his little world. Colorful and bright decor elements are suitable for a kid — the walls of his bedroom can be decorated with drawings, stickers, wallpaper for coloring, it is appropriate to use a bed in the form of a typewriter or a ship with a steering wheel.

A teenager will like posters, logos of his favorite club more, you can decorate the bedroom even with an ordinary guitar. If the inhabitant likes geography and travel, the decor of the children’s room for the boy can be supplemented with a map of the world, photo wallpapers with images of cities or natural beauties. Relevant for young people are luminous letters, road signs, arrows as wall decorations.

kids room decor for boy

Nursery decor for a newborn

Colorful accessories around the baby and their frequent change help the newborn effectively explore the world, become active, quick-witted. To do this, it is important to use bright wall decor above the crib, because the baby spends most of his time in it. The surface can be painted — depict a geological tree or other vivid plot with animals, birds, butterflies on it, decorate with beautiful photographs, stickers.

It is advisable to complement the bedroom with a beautiful airy canopy over the bed, creative children’s lamps with diffused light. A popular decision is to hang a colorful mobile over the sleeping bed with bright little animals, balls, other figures and pleasant music. Toddlers love to look at such objects, while they themselves do not know how to hold anything in their hands.

nursery decor for a newborn

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