Chandelier in the hallway — how to choose a ceiling, wall, pendant, sconce?


Chandelier in the hallway - simple tips for choosing the right lamp

As a rule, there are no windows in the hallway, so lighting is an important and indispensable element for this room. The chandelier in the hallway is a great option for setting the finishing touch in the interior. Modern chandeliers are able to satisfy any requests for functionality and stylistic performance, which allows you to organically fit the lighting fixture into the space.

Which chandelier is suitable for the hallway?

The hallway, in which there is not enough light, looks uncomfortable and not hospitable. Correctly selected lighting fixtures can save the situation. Knowing how to choose a chandelier in the hallway, you can make the hallway comfortable and emphasize important interior details. In addition, the visual spatial perception of the room also depends on the correct lighting. When choosing a chandelier in the hallway, it will be useful to read the tips that will help you make the right purchase.

  1. For a small room, it is advisable to purchase a small chandelier.
  2. Round and oval-shaped lighting fixtures look very good in square rooms.
  3. If the hallway is elongated, then it is better to buy a chandelier of a similar shape.
  4. With low ceilings, chandeliers should be ceiling-mounted, not suspended.
  5. If the hallway is large, then you can afford a large, textured chandelier.

Ceiling chandelier in the hallway

Mostly for hallways, ceiling options are purchased. A pendant chandelier in the hallway differs from the ceiling structure and the method of attachment. The ceiling version is attached directly to the ceiling, without hanging parts. Most hallways have such dimensions and ceiling heights that the ceiling option is ideal. There are several rules that should be followed when choosing a ceiling type lighting fixture.

  1. Wide lampshades are appropriate in wide spaces, the smaller the hallway, the smaller the diameter of the lampshade.
  2. The number of light bulbs depends on the size of the hallway. For small rooms, 1-3 light bulbs will be enough; for large rooms, multi-lamp chandeliers are well suited.
  3. If the hallway is spacious or long, then several appliances can be placed.

ceiling chandelier in the hallway

Wall chandelier in the hallway

The hallway is the calling card of the house. Wall-mounted chandeliers look great in rooms with high ceilings, but in most cases they complement ceiling lighting. When choosing such an option for a lighting device, you need to focus on certain rules.

  1. Wall-mounted chandeliers in the hallway that complement the ceiling lighting should be made in the same style.
  2. If wall sconces are located near the mirror, then they should be placed on both sides so as not to create an extra shadow.
  3. Hallways with low ceilings are illuminated by directing the light upwards.
  4. Small wall sconces visually enlarge the space.
  5. If you plan to place an additional light source near the picture, then you need to choose a matte shade.

wall chandelier in the hallway

Chandelier in the hallway in the interior

In addition to the lighting function, chandeliers often serve as interior decoration and a chandelier in the hallway is no exception. Many people treat finishing and design work very carefully, they think over the details and style of decoration. Beautiful chandeliers for the hallway can favorably emphasize the style and make the hallway cozy and comfortable. To do this, you need to understand what types of lighting fixtures are preferable in a particular design solution.

Chandeliers in the hallway in a classic style

Timeless classic looks good in any room, but requires compliance with certain rules.

  1. In this style, it is recommended to place one chandelier strictly in the center. If the room is elongated, then two such chandeliers would be appropriate.
  2. The material from which the classic chandelier is made must be natural. Crystal, wood, brass, bronze or glass work well.
  3. It is important to pay attention to the height of the ceiling. If it is low, then a classic-style hanging chandelier may not fit into the interior, seem bulky and out of place.
  4. You can complement the classic design of the hallway with additional wall sconces, made in the same style as the main lamp.
  5. The hallway chandelier is a classic upside-down plate chandelier that is very well suited for very low ceilings.

chandeliers in the hallway in a classic style

Chandelier in the hallway in a modern style

Modern chandeliers are presented in a wide range, and choosing the right option for your home is not difficult if you know the basic selection criteria. Knowing which chandelier to choose in the hallway so that it harmonizes visually with the interior, you need to take care of its other characteristics.

  1. Chandeliers in a modern style are often made from such materials: wood, glass, metal and even paper.
  2. Most fixtures have advanced functionality. These can be lighting dimmers and even colors, a remote control, etc.
  3. Modern style suggests the absence of various details that serve as decoration. Modern style is, first of all, minimalism.

chandelier in the hallway in a modern style

How to choose a chandelier in a high-tech hallway?

In this trendy and modern style, individual rooms and the entire home as a whole are increasingly being decorated today. To understand what high-tech chandeliers are, you need to know the features of this style.

  1. The main feature is glossy surfaces. Steel, silver, nickel, glass, plastic and chrome look good in this style.
  2. High-tech lamps are devoid of any frills, they have strict forms. A diamond-shaped, rectangular, spherical, cubic and square chandelier in the hallway, decorated in this style is ideal.
  3. The severity of the style does not exclude decorations in the form of rhinestones and crystal.
  4. Chandeliers of bizarre shapes made using futuristic and abstract techniques are trendy now.

how to choose a high-tech chandelier in the hallway

Beautiful chandeliers for the hallway Provence

The chandelier in the hallway in the Provence style is not only a source of light, but also a bright detail in the overall design concept. The style itself is distinguished by a certain airiness, naturalism, rustic simplicity, but with very interesting details. LED chandeliers in the hallway, stylized as Provence, must meet certain requirements.

  1. The best material is ceramics, which perfectly conveys the bohemian style of the French style, thanks to the elegance of the material.
  2. A chandelier in this style should look gentle and elegant, creating comfort and coziness even in such a room as a hallway.
  3. The most popular models: chandeliers-candelabra, consisting of many light bulbs in the form of candles or lampshades.
  4. The Provence chandelier can be decorated with various openwork elements, curls in the form of weaving plants. Plafonds and lampshades can decorate images of birds, flowers and plants.

beautiful chandeliers for the hallway Provence

Chandelier in the hallway loft

For lovers of this style, the question of which chandeliers are hung in the hallways, stylized as a loft, is natural. To make the right choice, you need to know how such chandeliers look like.

  1. It is difficult to find a loft-style chandelier with a closed shade.
  2. The shades in which chandeliers are made in this style are natural, but bright models are not excluded.
  3. Minimalist moods are strongly intertwined with the loft style, but this does not mean that you should give preference to a factory lantern. Modern lamps in this style can look beautiful and expensive.
  4. An important point — the more creative the loft-style chandelier, the more stylish it will look in the interior.

chandelier in the hallway loft

Chandelier in the hallway minimalism

When creating an interior in a certain style, all the details are important so that the image is complete. Along with the functionality of the lighting device, its exterior is also an important point. The first thing you need to know when choosing a chandelier in a certain style is the basic requirements for its appearance.

  1. The product should not contain any unnecessary decorative elements.
  2. A chandelier in a small hallway in a minimalist style should also be small in size.
  3. The color shades of the lamp should be minimalized, without bright and catchy details. Preferred colors are grey, white, beige and black.
  4. Minimalism in the exterior of a chandelier does not mean minimalism in everything. The functionality of such lighting devices should be maximum.
  5. Such lamps should have a strict geometry with straight lines.
  6. Chandeliers made of fabric are not desirable; in extreme cases, this material should be used to a minimum.

chandelier in the hallway minimalism


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