Chandelier in the children’s room — how to choose a modern one for a boy, a girl?

Chandelier in the nursery - how to choose the best option for a child?

The eyes of a child are very sensitive to light, so it is very important to choose the right lighting for children. The chandelier in the children’s room should be not only bright, stylish and beautiful, but also of high quality, and functional, and as safe as possible.

Children’s hanging chandeliers

Among the most common options for lamps for a children’s room, suspended structures can be distinguished. Ceiling children’s chandelier can be made in a variety of variations from the classic, suitable for almost any interior, to products of bizarre shapes that can bring interesting accents to a child’s room.

Chandelier aircraft in the nursery

It is known that children, especially boys, gravitate towards various kinds of technology from childhood, so a chandelier in the form of an airplane in the nursery can please the child and make the room interesting in terms of design. The light sources of such chandeliers are often not single, so that you can vary the brightness of the lighting. Among the many models, the most common chandeliers in the form of an airplane are made from:

  • tree;
  • high quality plastic;
  • metal.

chandelier aircraft in the nursery

Chandelier sun in the nursery

An interesting solution when decorating a room for a child is a sun chandelier in the nursery. In this case, the chandelier is universal and can equally appeal to girls, boys, and teenagers. A chandelier in a children’s room in this design will fill the room not only with light, but also with a sunny mood, even if there is bad weather outside the window. The sun, symbolizing creative energy, will become an additional assistant for learning new information, which is very important in the process of teaching a child.

chandelier sun in the nursery

Chandelier steering wheel in the nursery

An interesting and unusual chandelier in a marine style for a nursery can be made in the form of a ship’s steering wheel. This option will appeal to boys who dream of sea voyages and children who love adventure. Such a chandelier is suitable for an interior in a marine style or classic. Oddly enough, but manufacturers offer a wide range of products in the form of a steering wheel, which indicates the popularity of this type of fixture. The materials from which such chandeliers are made can be very different:

  • wood;
  • metal;
  • ceramics.

chandelier steering wheel in the nursery

Chandelier balloon in the nursery

Among the variety of unusual and interesting models of lamps, LED chandeliers for children in the form of a balloon can not only perform lighting functions, but become a bright accent in the overall interior design. Most children are real dreamers, and this version of the chandelier is suitable for many young fans of air travel. The options for the execution of such lamps are very diverse, and the materials from which the chandeliers are made: metal, wood, fabric, glass, plastic.

chandelier balloon in the nursery

Chandelier motorcycle in the nursery

A functional and interesting LED chandelier in a children’s room can have the most unusual shapes. For young lovers of different equipment, manufacturers have prepared an unusual type of lamp, made in the form of a motorcycle. As a rule, both parents and the child will like such a chandelier in a boy’s room, because the range of the modern market offers a huge variety of models, materials and textures of such lamps. For a child, such a lamp can become the most favorite piece of furniture.

chandelier motorcycle in the nursery

Cloud chandelier for nursery

High-quality children’s chandeliers, designer or stream production, often take on unusual shapes. A striking example is a chandelier in the form of a cloud. Such a model will give the room freshness and airiness. For a child, such a lamp design will not only become an interesting detail of the room, but will also bring a calm and bright energy to the child, which will positively affect the quality of night and daytime rest.

chandelier cloud for nursery

Children’s chandelier with letters

When choosing bright chandeliers for a nursery, designers recommend paying attention to another interesting option — a lamp with letters. It looks interesting and bright, so many children choose it to decorate their room. This option is made in a modern style and can easily fit into most modern styles. When choosing it, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the quality and functionality of the product. It will not be superfluous to have a lighting dimmer, so before buying a particular model, it is useful to familiarize yourself with all the characteristics of the goods.

children's chandelier with letters

Chandelier machine in the nursery

A beautiful and high-quality chandelier in a children’s bedroom can have a variety of shapes and modifications. A popular version of lamps for boys is a model in the form of a car. The chandelier in the children’s room should be chosen taking into account the opinion and wishes of its owner, albeit a small one. What kid wouldn’t want a light fixture that looks like a car? In addition to the bright and extraordinary appearance, it is important that the product is made of high-quality, environmentally friendly materials and equipped with useful functionality.

chandelier machine in the nursery

Chandelier in the nursery Provence

Nowadays, many parents equip rooms for children in a certain style direction, among which the Provence style is very popular. It is chosen not only because of the attractive interior and soft, soothing shades, but also because of the use of natural materials that are safe for the health of the child in the decoration and furnishings.

A wide range of models and shades makes it possible to equip the room in a certain color scheme, depending on the gender of the child. For example, you can use the classic color schemes — a pink chandelier in the nursery for a girl, and a blue one for a boy. It is important to take into account stylistic features and choose pastel colors that Provence abounds in.

chandelier in the nursery Provence

Wooden chandelier in the nursery

There is a certain set of qualities that a modern chandelier in a children’s room should match. The main ones are environmental friendliness and safety. If we talk about a wooden product, then here it has practically no equal in these two characteristics.

  1. Natural wood is great not only for the material of the lamp, but also for other room decoration, due to its high environmental friendliness.
  2. When it comes to safety, the tree takes a leading position here. Modern manufacturers process wood from which chandeliers are made with special means of fire and bioprotection, so the material is not destroyed under any circumstances.

wooden chandelier in the nursery

How to choose a chandelier for a nursery?

When choosing children’s chandeliers, stylish, safe, functional, you need to be aware of the rules, compliance with which will help you choose the right product among a wide variety of lamps that differ in quality, characteristics and cost. The chandelier in the children’s room should be chosen very responsibly and its appearance should in no way be predetermining when buying. What you should pay attention to when choosing a lamp in a child’s room:

  1. The chandelier is in most cases located in the central part of the ceiling and the light should be scattered evenly. Some models are designed so that the light does not scatter, but “falls” from top to bottom, leaving areas of the room poorly lit.
  2. Products made using reflective and glare-creating materials are not exactly suitable for a child’s room. Excessive flickering and glare may not have the best effect on the calmness and balance of the child, acting irritatingly on his psyche.
  3. If a chandelier in a child’s room contains a lot of small items, it can attract too much dust, which can often cause allergies and other health problems for children.
  4. When choosing materials, it is very important to pay attention to toxicity indicators, which should be indicated on the packaging or in the accompanying documents. Modern materials (paint, plastic, etc.) can be extremely safe, but some manufacturers may use cheap and unsafe options to save money.
  5. The reliability of the design is also very important. Children are very mobile and often their room turns into a place of “fighting” and it is important to choose such a chandelier that it has the most durable materials and fixtures that do not fall apart when the ball first hits.
  6. Light bulbs must also meet the highest requirements. It is worth giving preference to LEDs or halogens with reflective elements. Such lamps are not only economical, but also recommended for children’s eyes, thanks to a calm and diffused glow.
  7. For very young children, it is better to choose extremely simple and understandable forms, and with older children it is better to discuss options and choose the one that will combine appearance and functionality as much as possible.
  8. If the main light source does not seem enough, then you will need to think about additional sources in the form of wall lamps, lamps or a table lamp.

Chandelier in the children’s room for a boy

Many parents wonder what children’s chandeliers for boys are best suited.

  1. The color schemes that are best suited for the boy’s version are blue, green, blue and red for the shades, but the base should be dark and discreet.
  2. The shape of the chandelier should contain straight and clear lines, with the exception of unusual designs, such as aircraft, cars, motorcycles, balls, ships, steering wheels and other models.
  3. Among the materials, you should choose wood, metal or plastic.

chandelier in the children's room for a boy

Chandelier in the nursery for a girl

What should be children’s chandeliers for girls — this question is asked by many parents. When choosing a chandelier, it is important to consider color, design, and characteristics.

  1. The shape of chandeliers for girls can be the most bizarre: stars, flowers, bows, balls.
  2. When choosing a color, you should focus on the overall interior and the wishes of the child. Too bright and contrasting colors are best avoided, because they have an exciting effect on the psyche.
  3. The chandelier must be liked by the child and create a cozy and bright atmosphere in the children’s room.

chandelier in the children's room for girls

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