Chalet style living room, apartment interior with fireplace

chalet style living room

Alpine village houses, located on the mountain slopes, were considered modest shepherds’ huts just a few centuries ago. Country cottages and apartments are furnished in this style to give them coziness and natural charm. The center of any chalet is the living room, where its residents spend most of their free time.

Chalet style living room design

As a kind of decor for urban housing and cottages, the chalet has gained popularity relatively recently. People who appreciate the fantastic comfort of houses, in which the natural materials prevail, strive to realize it. The design of a chalet-style living room differs from other styles in such features as:

  1. The use of wood and stone as the main raw material for wall, floor and ceiling cladding.
  2. Wooden beams as supports for additional ceiling support.
  3. The color scheme is milky, light brown, chocolate, terracotta and olive tones.
  4. Leather, woolen or fur upholstery of sofas and armchairs.

  chalet style living room

Spacious chalet living room

In a large living room, you can realize the main idea of ​​\u200b\u200ba house from the French Alps — the presence of an open source of fire. The living room in the chalet house provides a fireplace as a means of decorating and heating the home during the cold season. Furniture is placed around the fireplace: it should be devoid of frills — for example, wrought iron patterns that overload the simple lines that identify the chalet as a type of design.

  chalet living room

Small chalet style living room

The desire to create a rustic environment should not depend on the size of the room. If it is not possible to make a chalet with high panoramic windows and wide beams, you should make the most of the available space. The living room in a chalet-style apartment of 20-25 square meters can be accommodated taking into account one of the proven successful combinations:

  • installation of furniture diagonally, and not along the walls. For a country house, TV stands and poufs that take up free space are not typical. Key items like a closet or sofa can be placed diagonally, leaving aisles open;
  • preference for corner furniture. The finished corner module will leave empty space in the center of the chalet;
  • use of mirroring. The walls of the house in this style are not decorated with mirrors, but you can benefit from the ability of reflection to visually expand the space in another way. It is required to place identical objects in pairs in opposite corners of the room — wooden tables, small fur rugs, tapestries.

  chalet style living room

Chalet style living room with fireplace

Alpine design traditions would not be considered as such if every home did not have a place for a fireplace. The design of the chalet is considered one of the most in harmony with the source of fire due to the predominance of natural materials and colors. The interior of a chalet-style living room with a fireplace is easy to design, based on the advice of designers:

  1. natural form. The source of fire should be given the form of a rectangle, square or oval.
  2. Natural stone cladding. The border of the fireplace is laid out with ceramic or marble tiles to achieve the effect of a cave hearth.
  3. Hunting decor rack above the fireplace. A chalet-style living room will be framed by knightly shields and swords over fire, details of military armor and stuffed animals.

  chalet style with fireplace

Chalet-style kitchen living room

Rural cuisine is not much different from urban cuisine. The floor is covered with ceramic or marble tiles, the walls are decorated with wooden panels, plasterboard with imitation masonry or liquid wallpaper. The interior of the chalet-style living room kitchen consists of several key details:

  1. Stone worktop. Suitable for both natural material and its artificial counterpart. Designers use: granite, quartz and mineral quartzites. Granite eliminates the need for coasters because it is resistant to heat, but light-colored rocks often show stains. Quartz and marble are easily scratched due to their porous nature.
  2. Recessed sink and hob with protective apron. The chalet-style living room, connected to the kitchen, requires space saving, so it is better to build the sink into the countertop at the stage of combining the module. The screen from drops of fat can be laid out with marbled tiles with golden streaks.
  3. Brick kitchen oven. In the corner of the kitchen, French peasants often place an oven with a cooking chamber for baking bread and pies, simmering soups and casseroles. For the stove, you will have to purchase a set of pottery, a poker and a tong.
  4. Greenery as an element of decor. In the Alps, basil, lavender, oregano and other spices are harvested in the summer, and bunches of fragrant plants are hung over the stove so as not to look for them during cooking.

  chalet style living room

Chalet style dining room interior

A table and chairs are set in the center of the dining room, matching in color and style. The rustic style is characterized by a dining table made of dark wood. It can be placed along the wall or back of the sofa, if square meters allow. In a small studio apartment, a bar countertop with chairs sliding under it will look more successful. The design of the living room of the chalet does not imply compromises: models made of plastic or steel are out of place here, because they turn French country into urban high-tech.

  chalet style dining room

Chalet bedroom living room interior

This direction is considered especially successful just for arranging bedrooms. Natural materials look organic in a room designed for rest and sleep, and the color scheme of the chosen style sets you up more for relaxation than for hard work. The design of a chalet-style living room combined with a bedroom should follow the following rules:

  1. Rough furniture. A wooden bed or sofa-transformer with decorative elements from the array should have sharp corners, as if they were cut from a single tree trunk.
  2. Fur bedspreads. The chalet should slightly resemble a hunter’s dwelling, but a high-quality imitation with a shiny pile and a natural shade may well replace the trophy skin.
  3. Creating accents on the walls with landscapes. A chalet-style living room or bedroom is decorated with framed paintings depicting snow-capped mountain peaks, forest glades and small towns.

  living room bedroom chalet

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