cabinet design


cabinet design

For business people who have a lot of paperwork and large amounts of mental work, having an office in an apartment becomes literally a vital necessity. Not always the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe apartment allows you to specifically allocate an entire room for this, so you have to use cunning and rationally use the available area.

Design of a small office in the apartment

One of the most common options for office equipment is a loggia or balcony specially designed for this purpose. It’s just that often, such corners of the apartment are given a place of honor for a warehouse of unnecessary things. Everything that interferes, but it’s a pity to throw it away, as a rule, moves to “live” on the balcony. But you can use the available square meters in a much more rational way, and bring to life the original design decision — to make an office on the balcony. In this case, you should worry about sound and heat insulation. Because in the conditions of annoying noise and penetrating cold, it is unlikely that it will be possible to work fruitfully. The presence of a large amount of natural light during the day will avoid unnecessary strain on the eyes. In the evening, a table lamp and overhead lighting will suffice. The design of the office on the balcony must be created in the business style of minimalism. Often the balconies are not that big, but there is enough space for a small computer table and chair. If there is a need for shelves for storing literature and records, they can easily be provided using add-ons.

It also happens that there is no balcony in the apartment, or for a number of reasons it has another purpose. Then you can try to organize the design of the office in the bedroom. In fact, for these two rooms, the criteria for creating an interior will be very similar. Both for rest and for work, you will need the absence of external factors that excite the mind and prevent you from concentrating on the right things. That is, the design of a bedroom combined with an office should exclude the presence of colorful shades, sharp corners and broken lines. The interior should be dominated by straight lines and warm bed colors.

You can also creatively approach the design of the living room, combined with an office. There are many options for this. Of course, the living room area and the study area must be distinguished. This can be done using decorative partitions or interior elements. In addition, to organize the design of a small office in an apartment, you can get by with such a set of furniture as a table and chair. A more serious issue may be the availability of the required number of electrical connections for a computer and a table lamp. However, these issues are easily solved with the help of extension cords. Do not worry about the fact that the wires will be scattered throughout the apartment, they can be easily fixed at the baseboard using special fasteners.


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