Cabinet design — interior design in loft style, modern, classic

Office design in an apartment and a private house - design features for productive work

Some people prefer to do part of the work at home, and the design of the office can say a lot about the status and tastes of the owner. For him, it is desirable to allocate a separate room, where no one will interfere with the owner to go about his business. Work apartments should be presentable, functional and stylish.

Cabinet — interior design

The main purpose of such a room is to work at home, so the design for an office in an apartment is selected strict, concise and cozy. The interior should set a person in a businesslike mood or create a creative mood. You can equip a workplace on a heated balcony, in an attic, if a large apartment has a separate room for this, then the design of the office in it needs to be designed in the best possible way. Facing, furnishings are selected in the same style, attention should be paid to high-quality lighting and comfortable, functional furniture.

Walls in the study — design

The choice of finishing materials depends on the chosen cabinet design style. Plain wallpaper or embossed plaster are appropriate for wall cladding. Finishing color — beige, peach, light green, light pink or golden. You can dilute light shades with darker ones on one wall or in a niche, but for contrast, you need a noble color — brown, burgundy, emerald. If the design of the cabinet in a private house is classic, then it is possible to use wooden panels. Bright colors are unacceptable — they distract from work.

It is appropriate to decorate the cabinet design with geographical maps, paintings, photographs, graphics, for the classics use the appropriate frames. Decorative illuminated niche-showcases or a rack against the wall is a great place to place a collection of rarities, antiques, goblets, figurines. The built-in aquarium is another way to decorate the room, it gives peace and soothes.

office wall design

Curtain design for the office

Curtains will help to design the cabinet in the house in accordance with the chosen style, they enliven the strict interior, do not allow the room to turn into a stationery department. Curtains in a classic room should be straight, without lush draperies and swags. Strict lambrequins, tiebacks (contrasting or matching the canvas), cords with tassels are acceptable. Roman blinds with horizontal pleats are a great solution for a modern interior.

In the color scheme, natural shades should be preferred: brown, beige, sand, terracotta. The curtains should be a couple of tones brighter than the walls, and the curtains should be a little lighter than the curtains. It is allowed to use two contrasting colors in the window composition. The fabric is selected rich, plain or with a strict pattern — lines, rhombuses, vegetable weaves.

curtain design for office

Cabinet ceiling design

The design of the ceiling should fully match the interior design of the cabinet in the house, and finishing materials are selected in accordance with this. A stretch film or a two-level drywall construction is acceptable for a modern style — minimalism, high-tech. Such a ceiling in a glossy version attracts with high reflectivity, and in a matte version it surprises with rigor. The surface is filled with multiple lamps, in the middle of the room you can hang a chandelier with halogens.

office ceiling design

A wooden coffered ceiling with geometric shapes will suit a classic or English interior. He will give him a special respectability. A coffered ceiling is made of fine wood, it should be combined with other wooden furnishings in the room. It can be supplemented with several built-in or pendant lamps made of frosted glass.

wooden ceiling in office

Narrow cabinet design

So that the narrow room does not resemble a carriage, you need to properly equip the design of a small office in an apartment. For this, methods of visual expansion of space are used:

  1. A combination of different saturation of the walls — long ones need to be made light, and short ones should be highlighted with a deeper color.
  2. If the window is located on the short side, it is advisable to hang the curtains on it with a pattern, for the entire width of the wall.
  3. For a long wall, you can use photo wallpapers with a perspective — the plains, mountain ranges, city streets or bridges that go into the distance neutralize the disproportion of the room.
  4. The room can be divided into two functional centers — a place for rest and work. Zoning is best done with a carpet, podium, sofa, air curtain. Massive racks and partitions are inappropriate in this case.
  5. Tables and sofas are best used with rounded edges, you can oval, arrange furniture compactly against one wall.

narrow cabinet design

Cabinet on the balcony — design

Often a warm loggia is converted into a cozy workplace. It is ideal for this — the room has excellent natural light, good ventilation, a lot of fresh air, the room is located in a remote corner of the apartment, which contributes to privacy. For a small office, the design is selected appropriate — compact, functional. It is desirable to use a light color for the walls, use blinds or Roman blinds on the windows.

As a working plane, it is better to use only a tabletop and mobile cabinets on wheels, drawers, open racks, shelves, install them near a short wall. Designs should be roomy, but shallow. On the opposite side, you can install a built-in bookcase or equip a seating area with a bench, flower pots. The table can also be equipped along the windows, then it is better to combine the countertop with the window sill, so you can save space.

office on the balcony design

bedroom cabinet design

It is often combined in the design of a room with a bedroom and an office, because these rooms are relatively deserted, it is easier to retire in them. In this case, the situation is zoned, two functional places are distinguished. Partitions in the form of open shelving, wardrobes, curtains, screens, sliding doors made of wood or glass, and various floor coverings are suitable for separation. There are several options for arranging furniture in such a room:

  1. The working area can be placed near the window, and the bedroom can be arranged in the back of the room.
  2. If the bed and table are on the same wall, then an arched plasterboard structure can be mounted between them.
  3. Another good option for the location of the desktop and chair is the foot of the bed.
  4. In a very small room, a table and shelves can be placed in a closet. They will be visible only when the doors are open.

The design of the office and bedroom should be decorated in the style of minimalism — do not heavily clutter up the room with furniture. There should be plenty of room for free movement in the room. A mini-office is equipped with a table, an armchair and a couple of shelves, a sleeping area with a bed and a wardrobe. Particular attention should be paid to lighting — additional devices are used in each zone. Near the bed, sconces, floor lamps are appropriate, in the working area — table lamps, ceiling lamps.

bedroom cabinet design

Office design in the attic

To create a comfortable working area, you can use the attic, located on the top floor of the house immediately under the roof. A distinctive feature of these apartments are slanting walls, but their shape gives the room a special uniqueness. The design of a home office in the attic can be designed in any style — from classic to minimalism.

On one wall that does not have a bevel, it is better to place shelving, a full-length bookcase. Near the second — install a sofa, arrange beautiful niches with lights, additional shelves. Near the window, which is often located on a bevel, it is better to place a table and a comfortable chair. Lighting in such a room should be plentiful, a dozen built-in lamps can be used on the ceiling to cover all the shaded corners of the attic.

attic office design

modern home office design

The most popular concepts in the design of the working area were the concepts of classic, loft, English and modern style. Centuries ago, aristocrats in their offices placed massive tables, shelving from ceiling to floor, decorated the walls with family weapons, stuffed animals. And now, many owners prefer to decorate their work area in the old style. But the trendy office looks completely different, the modern design of which has undergone major changes. Designers refuse from aristocratic elements in favor of the functionality and comfort of the room.

Design of an office in an apartment in a modern style

The style concept implies a minimalist approach, geometry and functionality. It is dominated by calm shades, there are bright accents, it is allowed to use two or three colors. The design of the cabinet in a modern style is replete with glass, metal objects, glossy, mirror coatings. Shelves, racks are found both strict and bizarre, the body of the desk can turn into a sofa or cabinet. For lighting, built-in lamps and a work lamp are used. Instead of curtains — blinds or roller blinds.

office design in a modern apartment

Classic style home office interior

The classic cabinet design is the best option for a serious person. It involves the use of finishes in pastel, soothing colors with an abundance of wood. All pieces of furniture are massive. When arranging a classic office, only natural materials are present in the design. For a table, shelving, cabinet — this is carved wood, for upholstered furniture (sofa and armchairs) — leather, velvet with branded stitching.

Classic curtains are sewn from heavy fabrics that emphasize the status of the owner. The central chandelier, sconce, lamp, stationery on the table should match the luxurious environment. Fresh flowers in pots, paintings on the walls are used as accessories. Modern appliances with wires are hidden in the closet so as not to spoil the overall surroundings.

classic home office interior

Loft cabinet design

To design an office in a loft style, two conditions must be met — the presence of large windows and a spacious room. Rough plaster, concrete, brickwork or its imitation, massive beams on the ceiling are used in the decoration of the premises, wiring is laid in an open way, lighting is organized by industrial design lamps.

Along with this, the room is equipped with a fashionable sofa (can be made of leather), a comfortable table, a fancy chair on wheels, and modern computer equipment. Documents and books are stored on open shelving made of wood or metal, which can also be used for space zoning. This design is suitable for both pragmatic computer scientists and people of creative professions.

loft cabinet design

Interior — an office in the English style

If the owner prefers old-fashioned luxury, then he will like the design of the English cabinet. The walls in it are finished with wooden panels or expensive wallpaper with vertical stripes, floral motifs. The ceiling in such a room is decorated with caissons or stucco, parquet or marble is used on the floor. The color scheme of the English interior tends to dark brown, coffee shades of natural wood.

The center of attention should be a massive wooden table with an antique lamp, a high-backed chair upholstered with expensive material. On one of the walls on a floor-to-ceiling rack should be a large library. In the recreation area, you can install a chic leather sofa with quilting; a fireplace will be an ideal addition to the apartment.

office interior in english style

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