beige color in the interior

The name of the color comes from one of the undyed types of cotton fiber, it itself has several shades — yellow, gray, green, pink, orange. Psychologists say that any of them has a calming and pacifying effect. In a room where walls, furniture, textiles have this light shade, it is easier to relax and unwind.

Interior in beige tones

The beige color in the interior is neutral and can be used both as the main and background color. It is not warm, but not cold, while creating a very soft and gentle atmosphere. When the lighting changes, the perception of the room as a whole changes: in the twilight everything looks a little mysterious, and in bright light it looks very solemn and festive. Beige can expand or reduce space, depending on one or another of its shades.

The interior of a beige apartment looks very beautiful and elegant in any of its rooms — living room, kitchen, nursery, bedroom, study, bathroom, hallway. With it, you can advantageously beat various contrasting architectural details — stairs, railings, panels, tapestries, stucco, etc. Compared to cold white, the sand shade makes living spaces much more comfortable and “homely”.

Bedroom interior in beige tones

Choosing a beige color in the interior of the bedroom, you need to be careful. It is undesirable to do absolutely in one tone — the room will be very insipid. Basically, beige is used either for finishing all walls, ceilings and floors, or for decorating beds, furniture, windows, doors. If it is taken as the main tone for surfaces, then the textiles should be more expressive, albeit close to the main shade — without a sharp accent. If you use beige curtains, furniture, doors in the interior, then the base can be taken white, sky blue, with a flat surface, without embossed patterns.

beige color in the interior 1

In general, beige walls in the interior of the bedroom are the perfect choice. It contributes to rest and relaxation as much as possible, besides it is able to visually enlarge the space of a small bedroom. To give the shade more saturation and expressiveness, you can focus on the textured surfaces of surrounding objects — fur, wallpaper with a three-dimensional texture, rough wood.

beige color in the interior 2

Beige kitchen in the interior

Beige is also relevant in the kitchen — a sincere atmosphere is important here, pleasant for both the hostess and her guests who have dropped in for a cup of coffee. Beige wallpapers in the interior of the kitchen look good with brown and ebony furniture or floors. The refrigerator and stove can also be of a contrasting black color — this will make the design of the room stylish and strict. Textiles should also be different from the main tone.

beige color in the interior 3

The beige ceiling and floor in the interior of the kitchen are also acceptable — they make the room visually spacious and light. In combination with warm red, burgundy shades, it becomes “appetizing”, which is relevant in this room. If, on the contrary, you want to reduce your appetite, use blue or green as additional shades.

beige color in the interior 4

Beige color in the interior of the living room

Being the most visited room, the living room especially needs a thoughtful design approach. When creating a living room interior in beige tones, you should follow certain rules:

What color goes with beige in the interior?

So, with what to combine beige color in the interior, given its proximity to the natural palette of shades? First of all, it will be the same natural, natural shades: terracotta, sand, brown, green, white, blue. If you want to make a contrasting combination, choose purple, blue, fuchsia, coral, purple, black, red. At the same time, it is important not to get carried away so that, due to the abundance of accents, the room does not look tasteless.

Interior in gray-beige tones

The combination with gray was popular back in the century before last. Modern designers also consider this tandem elegant, simple and versatile. And you can complement the gray-beige palette with white and yellow. If you are not afraid of experiments, you can try to add accents of light green, orange colors to the composition. Only in this case, you need to be careful that the room does not become annoying.

beige color in the interior 10

Other colors that match beige in the interior are a combination of gray and gold. The room is elegant and solemn. In general, the versatility of beige and gray is so limitless that so many colors are combined with them. Moreover, the shades themselves are very multifaceted and varied. They are not at all boring, as some people think. With a skillful approach, the design is very interesting and deep.

beige color in the interior 11

The combination of white and beige in the interior

If you are not sure what to combine beige in the interior with, choose universal white. For example, it can be light brown curtains and upholstery against pure white walls. This combination of two neutral shades with a predominance of white creates a more strict style, devoid of emotions, especially if you use cool beige in the interior.

beige color in the interior 12

If the beige color is the main one in the interior, and the furniture and textiles are white, the atmosphere is warmer and softer. In this case, walls and floors should be kept in the main shade, while furniture, window framing, textiles will shine with whiteness. You can complement the room with a few accents of orange or light brown.

beige color in the interior 13

The combination of beige and green in the interior

Beige-green color scheme is very common and versatile. It is natural and pleasant due to the fact that it is close to the natural palette. In this case, the combination of beige in the interior is not limited to one shade of green. It can be anything — from light green to emerald. In any case, the style will come out concise and beautiful. This combination is difficult to spoil, so even a beginner can handle the design.

beige color in the interior 14

The versatility of this combination is amazing. In any room, the beige color in the interior, in alliance with green, will look very harmonious and pleasant. At the same time, green can come out on top: walls can be made green, and textiles and furniture upholstery can be made light yellow. A few additional bright accents will make the room even more lively and interesting.

beige color in the interior 15

The combination of blue and beige in the interior

If you are looking for something to dilute a beige interior, look at different shades of blue. Together, these colors create a light, light and airy design. But remember that blue is from a cold palette, which, thanks to beige, becomes a little more comfortable and soft. For the embodiment of the Mediterranean style, this is just what you need, since with white the contrast would be stronger, while beige smooths it out, making it more pleasant to perceive.

beige color in the interior 16

In summer, the beige-blue range is reminiscent of the sea and sand, blowing with a salty breeze, refreshing and soothing. This style is especially attractive in hot regions of residence. Try to give preference to gentle combinations, such as sky blue and light wood or sand. Any of them can prevail, changing color schemes will not change the positive effect of the combination.

beige color in the interior 17

Beige-lilac interior

The use of a lilac shade in modern designs is becoming increasingly popular. At the same time, it can occupy both a dominant role and be an addition designed to bring notes of romanticism and sophistication. The lilac and beige interior of the apartment is very harmonious and gentle. Being almost opposite in the palette, these two colors perfectly balance each other.

beige color in the interior 18

If you want to create a bright and cheerful atmosphere, you need to use a darker shade of lilac. With its help, a false ceiling is often decorated. Beige, being neutral and calm, is conducive to relaxation and rest and balances the riot of lilac. With it, you can make the room visually more spacious and comfortable.

beige color in the interior 19

Having a lot of advantages and undeniable advantages, beige is very popular among designers and ordinary people. The only point that also needs to be considered is that it is light, and may not be suitable for a family with a small child or animals.

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