Bedroom design — popular room design styles and their features

Bedroom design - different options depending on the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room and combination with other rooms

The design of the rest room can both completely relax and set up for fruitful work, if the interior provides a place for a desktop. Whatever bedroom design is chosen, there is always room for experimentation, and some design tricks will help solve the problem of a small area or an elongated room shape.

Bedroom interior design

First of all, the room itself is evaluated: its size, shape and the possibility of expansion due to the adjacent room or balcony. Having decided on the color scheme you like, you can make a choice of style and decide on the functional side of the issue. The design of a bedroom for a girl is fundamentally different from a room for a couple or a young man. Therefore, the filling of the room can be thoughtful and functional, or it can consist of many pieces of furniture and decor.

Large bedroom design

If the area of ​​​​the room is good, then you can use different pieces of furniture and decor, but it is important to avoid piling up and correctly distribute the space into functional areas. There are some tips on how to create a bedroom design in an apartment:

  1. Partitions or glass structures help to separate the sleeping area from the dressing room or study area without affecting the size of the room.
  2. large bedroom glass partition design

  3. The same effect is created by textiles. The design of the bedroom with Chinese straight curtains as space dividers looks interesting.
  4. large bedroom design textile partitions

  5. You can zone a large area with the help of a sleeping composition from a bed and bedside tables, there are interesting modules.
  6. large bedroom design module

Small bedroom design

It will not work to fit a lot of pieces of furniture and decor in a small area, otherwise it gives the impression of a closet, but this does not mean abandoning a variety of original solutions at all.

  1. The smaller the pattern, the more light and air in the room. Interior stickers, original wall frames or handmade panels will help to decorate plain walls.
  2. small bedroom wall design

  3. It is advisable to move the bed to the window so that the area in front of the entrance is left free. Light open shelves and bookcases with cozy baskets can easily replace the usual chests of drawers.
  4. small bedroom design window bed

  5. The design of a small bedroom will look fresh and spacious if you leave the window without textiles, or use it in a minimal amount. Unusual planters and flowerpots on the windowsill will decorate the window opening, several candlesticks or photo frames can also line up there.
  6. small bedroom window design

  7. It is advisable to leave the floor without large heavy carpets, preferring a small rug by the bed. Modern designer fabrics look original. Such bedding or bedspread is in itself a decoration of the bedroom.
  8. small bedroom design textiles

Children’s bedroom design

A room for a child of any age is his personal space and the atmosphere should be comfortable. It’s easy to make one of the five common mistakes in the pursuit of unusual design.

  1. There is an opinion that the nursery should be bright. This is true when the brightness is balanced by a neutral background. It is advisable to give preference to several bright shades, the rest of the filling of the room should be done in soothing colors.
  2. kids bedroom design blue

  3. Time does not stand still and the child will not appreciate the outdated design of the bedroom. Pink and blue are used less and less. The boy is offered a combination of gray with orange, yellow or lemon. For a girl, you can choose shades of fuchsia, light green or lilac tones.
  4. green kids bedroom design

  5. The luxurious design of the bedroom room will be appreciated by a teenager, but is more likely to give preference to modern design. Therefore, furniture and all furnishings should be simple and functional, made from natural materials.
  6. kids bedroom furniture design

  7. The thoughtfulness of the filling is manifested in well-arranged furniture. We must not forget about the height and depth of the shelves, the location of the bed: all this should be comfortable in daily use for the child.
  8. kids bedroom design wardrobes

Bedroom design with balcony

The presence of a balcony or loggia to the bedroom greatly expands the possibilities, there are several options.

  1. The first option is to leave part of the wall, but use it by making a work table or a continuation of the chest of drawers, installing a countertop and getting a relaxation area.
  2. bedroom design with balcony

  3. If the loggia is warm, it is possible to move the batteries, the bed will hide there, and the room will become much more spacious.
  4. bedroom design with balcony bed

  5. Having removed the entire balcony block, and having resolved issues with heating, the remaining opening can be arranged in several ways. For example, install glass partitions, arrange it in wood and decorate it with spotlights. The reception with textile design works great. The design of the bedroom project can be complicated with plasterboard constructions.
  6. bedroom design with glass balcony

Living room-bedroom design

It is not easy to fit two rooms of different purpose in a studio apartment or on a re-planned area. Advice from professionals will come to the rescue, which is easy to implement for a simple layman.

  1. There are three ways to hide the sleeping area and separate it from the living room: a decorative screen, sliding systems or textiles. This living room bedroom design is a good solution for a spacious apartment.
  2. living room bedroom glass designliving room bedroom textile designliving room bedroom screen design

  3. A small area with high ceilings is suitable for building a podium where a pull-out bed will hide.
  4. design living room bedroom podium

  5. After redevelopment, it is not necessary to remove the entire wall. Leaving part of it and turning it into cabinets or shelves, we get a large space with clearly divided zones.
  6. living room bedroom wall design

  7. The bed may or may not be hidden at all. With proper design, the bed will not interfere with the living area and will harmoniously fit into the environment.
  8. design living room bedroom niche windowdesign living room bedroom niche wall

Narrow bedroom design

In a narrow room, the right color scheme, well-chosen furniture and its placement solve the problem of the functionality of the room.

  1. Minimalism in everything — the optimal design of a rectangular bedroom. So that the stop does not look ascetic, three or four colors are used, of which one is accent and the rest are basic.
  2. narrow bedroom design color

  3. Instead of wallpaper and shelves with decor, there will be an original wall decoration. Combining with a balcony will expand the room, and many retractable niches under the bed will solve the problem of storage.
  4. narrow bedroom design bed with drawer

  5. In a narrow room, the bed can be placed near the window to free up more space. The design of a bedroom with hanging furniture or a tabletop on high laconic legs looks light.
  6. narrow bedroom design hanging furniture

  7. A sliding wardrobe with a small depth, but along the entire wall to the ceiling, will take up little space and keep order in the bedroom. This is a common bedroom design in Khrushchev, where useful storage systems are always in short supply.
  8. narrow bedroom closet design

Bedroom styles

In the modern version, all the features of the chosen style are rarely used. Designers are more likely to favor a few basic outlines and an informal approach. If the classic is chosen, then not always the furniture will be only carved and complex in terms of decoration. The design of a bedroom in light colors will look different if you create an interior in the Provence or Eco style in the same color palette.

Modern style

This direction radically changes the idea of ​​​​a cozy bedroom design. The modern style combines different textures and colors, the interior is filled with light and air, and things from different directions peacefully coexist on the same square.

  1. The simple design of the bedroom is the hallmark of the style, there is a lot of white and its shades. These minimalist features are everywhere: the laconic finishes of the walls and ceiling look good in contrast to the colorful design of the floor.
  2. modern style minimalism

  3. There are natural materials. Laminate is actively used in the design of the bedroom to decorate the wall and even partially the ceiling.
  4. modern style laminate

  5. Experiments are only welcome: black walls favorably set off white textiles and a light floor.
  6. modern style contrast

  7. The modern design of the bedroom is suitable for an open plan.
  8. contemporary style open floor plan

Classic style

This style does not tolerate cheap materials, it needs space and high ceilings. It is realistic to create a classic atmosphere in a small room of an apartment if you move away from the unquestioning embodiment of every style feature.

  1. Low ceilings or modest square meters will be even more noticeable with monograms and bright patterns on the wall. Intricate curves are best embodied in the decoration of furniture.
  2. classic monogram style

  3. The classic interior is made in natural colors, shades of beige, gray, brown, green. Pink or vanilla are not typical shades, but this classic style bedroom design is good for a small area.
  4. classic style pink

  5. Floor lamps and upholstered headboards are classics in the bedroom. They can become accent elements on a neutral background.
  6. classic style blue

  7. If the area allows, you can play with a contrasting design. Dark parquet will set off a light multi-level ceiling and walls. In a classic bedroom there is a place for an armchair and a dressing table — traditional attributes of this style.
  8. classic style contrast

Provence style

Flowers and cage, natural shades of greenery and sky are recognizable features of the direction. However, Provence is much more diverse and can be surprising if you approach the design without stereotypes.

  1. The emphasis should be on materials — stone flooring, natural textiles with a rough texture, ceiling with ceilings.
  2. Provence style in white

  3. The floral theme can be revealed on the wall, complementing the drawing with details in color.
  4. Provence style in lilac

  5. Shades of sand and earth are rarely used for decoration in the Provence style, but forged furniture elements look good against this background. Curtains and furniture in white tones will smooth out the brightness of the walls.
  6. provence style sand

  7. In the apartment, the Provence-style bedroom design will be realized with aged cabinet doors, a wrought-iron headboard and a chandelier in the form of a lantern.
  8. Provence style in the apartment

  9. Open shelves with pleasant little things are a characteristic feature of Provence. If the design of the bedroom with a dressing room is chosen, the shelves will hide behind sliding systems, the doors should be decorated antique.
  10. Provence style blue

loft style

Industrial features in the bedroom are rarely used in design, because this direction has only recently been fully appreciated. However, the design of the loft-style bedroom does not look cold and gloomy at all, but rather stylish and experimental.

  1. A brick wall and shades of gray will soften the wood for the floor finish. Instead of paintings or photo wallpapers, inscriptions or posters from the street will flaunt above the bed.
  2. loft brick style

  3. An original combination of gray, cold metallic with pink or green. The wall, as if left without finishing, but it is softened by textiles.
  4. loft style pink

  5. The tandem of glass suspension systems and a concrete wall looks unusual.
  6. glass loft style

  7. In addition to metal and stone, wood can be used in the design of the bedroom. But this is not expensive stylish furniture, but stylized as storage boxes made of thick plywood.
  8. loft tree style


In this case, the emphasis is not so much on natural shades and natural materials, but on a rough finish. Furniture and decor details are practically untouched by human hand. The design of the bedroom in the house is created in sandy-vanilla-green tones, it is important here to emphasize environmental friendliness from all points of view. Rough decks will replace poufs or bedside tables, and raw saw cuts can be used to make a headboard. Even stumps of tree trunks turn into decor or hangers.

eco style wood headboardeco style stone and woodeco style log

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