Beautiful curtains in the hall — how to choose the right curtain design for the windows?

Beautiful curtains in the hall - how easy it is to add zest to the interior of the living room?

The living room is the central place in the house, and beautiful curtains in the hall will give individuality to the interior, help to create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness in the room. They must protect windows from prying eyes and sunlight, while maintaining the harmony of color and stylistic solutions of the entire design.

How to choose curtains for the hall?

When deciding how to choose the right curtains for the hall, you need to take into account the style of the living room, its color scheme, lighting and texture of the furniture. Modern designers offer a variety of window design options — from classic canvases made of expensive material to simpler styles or roller blinds. Using the possibilities of decor, combining models, combining and draping fabrics, you can decorate a room of any size and interior style in an original way.

Curtains in the living room with a lambrequin

Beautiful curtains in the living room are obtained with a lambrequin — a decorative horizontal strip of fabric located at the top of the opening. It occurs in two types:

  1. Soft. It is made from easily assembled fabrics, decorated with folds, draperies of different depths. For decor, brushes, scallops, braid, ruffles are used. Beautiful elements are used in lambrequins — swags, jabots, ties, flip-flops.
  2. Hard. It is sewn from a dense fabric on a non-woven base, the canvas can have a figured shape, decorated with appliqués, lace.
  3. Combined. Combines a hard canvas and soft elements.

curtains in the living room with lambrequin

Blackout curtains in the hall

Classics are always in fashion, so chic curtains for the hall made of beautiful thick fabric, straight or flowing in folds from the eaves to the floor are the most popular window design options. These curtains go well with translucent curtains made of light organza or tulle, this finishing option helps to control the lighting of the room.

Cloths can be tied up on both sides with ties, bows, special laces in a contrasting color or in the same shade in which the beautiful curtains in the hall are made. Suitable for dense material and lambrequins soft or hard. From heavy fabrics, you can sew both discreet styles and chic models of velvet, baroque or rococo velor, decorated with gilding, scallops, tassels.

thick curtains in the hall

Curtains on the grommets in the hall

Especially popular are the curtains on the grommets in the living room. They are hung on plastic or metal rings framing holes in fabric sheets and threaded into a round cornice. Due to the uniform distribution of the material, the curtain falls in even beautiful folds along the vertical of the canvas. The greater the distance between the eyelets, the deeper the folds form. The sheets open very easily.

Beautiful curtains in the hall on the grommets look stylish and strict, suitable for modern room designs based on minimalism. Often, this fastening model is used on dense fabric — plain or with a pattern, the uniform distribution of the fabric allows you to enjoy the beauty of the textile itself. Light curtains can also be attached to the eyelets, using a non-woven base for gluing the top strip of the curtain. The result is an airy window image with excellent functionality.

curtains on the grommets in the hall

Double curtains in the hall

Beautiful canvases, located one on top of the other and representing a single composition, are called double curtains. It is convenient to combine them with hairpins, tiebacks, lambrequins, fasten them to the cornice with the help of hooks, loops, eyelets. Double curtains in the living room give ample opportunities in the variability of combining fabrics for the top and bottom layer. They can use both dense and transparent material. Textiles, close in color, will visually expand the room. The combination of contrasting shades will bring dynamics and energy to the room.

double curtains in the hall

Tulle curtains in the hall

In modern design projects, there are often options for using only transparent canvases as window drapery. Light flowing fabric is easy to care for, easily attached to the cornice, creates smooth, beautiful folds. In many cases, shading with translucent tulle is enough to protect the room from sunlight and hide from prying eyes. Such curtains are especially relevant in the hall for two windows, for large openings or when the entire wall or two adjacent walls are decorated with drapery. Then the interior looks airy and is not overloaded with dense textiles.

tulle curtains in the hall

Short curtains in the living room

Sometimes short models of curtains are appropriate for the hall, such curtains are suitable for a living room with a balcony, for a window along which a sofa or table is located, for panoramic glazing. They are practical — it is convenient to raise and lower them with the help of ribbons threaded into the fabric if necessary. The most popular types of short beautiful curtains in the hall:

  1. French. They are lush rows of semicircular folds, divided into sections. They are sewn from light translucent fabric — tulle, satin, silk, muslin.
  2. French curtains in the living room

  3. Austrian. They are one sheet of translucent fabric, the lower part of which is decorated with semicircular tails. More folds appear when the curtain rises.
  4. Austrian curtains in the living room

Roman blinds in the living room

Beautiful Roman curtains in the hall in the open form are a smooth smooth fabric, worn on the rod. When lifting with the help of a chain mechanism, the fabric is collected in even horizontal folds — one on top of the other. This model looks magnificent and aesthetically pleasing. The Roman version of the curtains allows light to pass through, but does not save from excessive sun. An important advantage of this type of curtains is versatility. Any fabric is selected for them — light, dense, plain or with a pattern. In any case, the design is elegant and refined.

roman blinds for living room

Thread curtains in the hall

Kisei as a curtain on the windows looks interesting, creates a feeling of airiness. It is a thin rope, assembled into a single structure and fastened at the base with a braid. Filament curtains in the hall are completely textile or with solid decorative elements, they can be decorated with glass beads, beads, beads, feathers. The whole rope in general can consist of rhinestones, stones, metal.

Products can not only be hung with down-flowing canvases, but also decorated with lambrequins. They are easy to braid, drape, use full length or shorten in certain places, creating beautiful shapes on the window. The color palette of beautiful filament curtains in the hall is extensive — plain curtains, with a pattern, a gradient transition of tones, monochrome or multi-color.

thread curtains in the hall

Roller blinds in the hall

Modern roller blinds are minimalistic in design, straight, smooth canvases. They are not assembled in folds, but when lifted with a chain or rope, they are twisted into a special cornice and can be attached directly to the window sashes, directly closing the glass part of the frame. Roller blinds are beneficial for a room located on the sunny side.

It is convenient to use such curtains in the bay window for the living room, for the balcony door, as an option for short canvases on the windows. If a three-dimensional pattern is applied to the fabric, then the curtain can become an accent of the interior. You can use roller blinds on your own, but in the living room they are often combined with translucent curtains. They will help protect the room from abundant sunlight and overheating if necessary, and in a twisted state they are almost invisible.

roller blinds in the hall

Stylish curtains for the living room — design

Modern beautiful curtains in the hall are a full-fledged decor item. They should clearly fit into the design style chosen for the design of the room. For example, classic curtains in the living room are made of expensive and heavy fabrics, while modern options attract with a simpler design. At the same time, the color scheme of textiles on the window should overlap with those shades that are used indoors. And thick curtains are best combined with airy curtains.

Curtains in the living room in a classic style

Beautiful curtains for the hall in a classic style should look strict and restrained. For curtains, a fabric is used that holds its shape well — light silk or satin, they make the room bright. Often, a heavier texture in the form of velvet or velor is also used; such canvases fill the room with comfort and make it more hidden. Cloths are used plain or with a small floral pattern, with prints in the form of rhombuses, stripes, damask. Curtains are traditionally combined with sheer curtains made of tulle or organza.

Classical curtains are collected in thick folds, sometimes they are decorated with flounces and ruffles. Lambrequins are also appropriate for such a design, you can decorate them with braid, fringe. Fabrics of delicate shades are selected for the classic style — creamy, milky, pale blue, light gray. When the room is designed in natural colors, then terracotta, beige, sand, emerald colors will suit the windows.

classic living room curtains

Curtains in the hall in a modern style

The design of curtains for the living room in a modern style is distinguished by conciseness, restraint, functionality and a minimum of decor. In such interiors, curtains of straight styles and shapes are used: curtains on grommets, textile loops, Roman or roller blinds, fabric vertical blinds. Windows decorated with translucent tulle in a laconic style are also appropriate in a modern living room — they will not become the center of attraction, but are an ideal backdrop for bright interior items.

The color scheme is dominated by light shades that visually expand the space. Fabrics are used plain or with a geometric, floral pattern. Cornices are also used laconic, without decor. The strings hidden in the niche are best suited for modern windows — with their help it seems that the curtains fall beautifully right from the ceiling.

curtains in the hall in a modern style

Curtains in the living room in Provence style

Beautiful curtains in the hall in Provence style attract with rustic primitivism and grace. Everything in them is saturated with the warmth and sunlight of the south of France. Curtains are sewn from natural materials — cotton, linen, chintz. It is allowed to use solid color fabrics, checkered or striped textiles. Characteristic medium-sized floral patterns add brightness to the style — bouquets of roses, lavender, poppies, wild flowers.

An uncomplicated decor for ruffles, bows, frills, edging and ribbons is appropriate. The cut should be as simple as possible, you can use tiebacks, but lush draperies are inappropriate for such an interior. Ideal for French Provence are such unsaturated, as if faded in the sun, tones such as beige, pink, blue, white, lilac.

curtains in the living room in the style of Provence

Baroque curtains for the hall

Stylish baroque curtains for the living room give the impression of wealth and pretentiousness, they look solemn. Such curtains are sewn from expensive beautiful fabrics — natural silk, jacquard, satin, damask, velvet. Among the colors, palace options are appropriate — ruby, dark green, silver, golden, brown. Often, an ornament is applied to the main fabric using three-dimensional embroidery.

Cloths are made on a lining, so the composition takes on a lush and expressive look. Curtains are assembled into multi-level folds, fixed with tiebacks, pulled up with cords and ribbons. The composition is necessarily decorated with the most complex lambrequin with multiple intertwining elements, tassels, fringe. The baroque interior should look bright and chic.

curtains for the baroque hall

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