Baroque style in the interior of the bedroom, living room, kitchen

Baroque style in the interior

Our everyday life can be arbitrarily complex, and life decisions can be arbitrarily practical, but the soul of an esthete requires beauty and luxury. Creating it in small apartments is difficult when it comes to luxurious forms that require space. But the power of redevelopment and unification of rooms works wonders; in a private house, things are even simpler.

Baroque room interior

Finding yourself in any room furnished in this style, you will immediately understand this. The fact is that the characteristic features of the Baroque style in the interior are the same for the whole house and space. Whether it’s the bedroom or the kitchen, you’ll immediately notice a few features:

  • the room never looks angular, they try to avoid corners in it, veiling them with the arrangement of furniture (the oval shape of the furniture, and the room itself, will especially emphasize the situation);
  • expensive decoration of the ceiling and walls is designed for spacious square meters, the height of the walls should be at least three meters, because the chandeliers will be massive and long;
  • The second reason why the direction looks exclusively in spacious houses is the use of contrasting colors.

baroque room interiorbaroque room interiorbaroque interior

Baroque living room interior

The pretentiousness and intricacy of the forms are visible to the naked eye, the baroque interior design largely forms furniture: if in modern trends we try to hide it in niches or pick up facades merging with the walls, here we emphasize luxury with massive and somewhat defiant furniture. There are many items, they all look expensive and festive, but surprisingly they do not compete with each other:

  1. The living room is sure to have a huge wardrobe with carved gilded decorations, even if it is not in use. By all means, there will be a chest of drawers near the wall, a large mirror in an expensive stylish frame is attached to it. From cabinet furniture, pencil cases with glass doors will perfectly fit into the atmosphere, where dishes will flaunt on glass shelves.
  2. Baroque living room interior

  3. A fresh solution with an old mood — a low TV console with carved curved legs, a subject of controversy for designers, because not many people perceive such a tandem.
  4. Baroque living room interior

  5. It is difficult to imagine the Baroque style in the interior without an abundance of decor and simply beautiful things that do not carry a practical mission. We are talking about jugs and vases, all kinds of figurines and beautiful wall or table clocks. A small table on wheels with a set of glasses will organically fit in, floor vases and columns will emphasize the sophistication of the interior. Full-length paintings or a small composition of several canvases in expensive baguettes will create a palatial mood.
  6. Living room interior in baroque style paintings

Baroque bedroom interior

The bedroom is a secluded room, this is the personal space of the owner of the house. However, the interior of the baroque bedroom is more reminiscent of a staged scene in a museum, where the atmosphere of celebration and celebration reigns. The main decoration of the room is the bed, which also becomes the central element of the filling. All other objects and decor are located around it.

Baroque bedroom interior

It is difficult to call such a bed a bed, because it is a tandem of expensive fabrics and carved wooden art. The bed is always decorated with a high or low headboard, often made of wood and velvet upholstery. Traditionally, there will be ruffles and a canopy, curved legs and lots of pillows. Bedside tables and sun loungers support the luxury of the sleeping bed. Lamps with floor lamps will flaunt on the pedestals, pleasant little things in the form of figurines, frames or small vases with flowers will attract the eye nearby. When the size of the room is impressive, be sure to find a cozy corner for a coffee table and chair.

Baroque bedroom interiorBaroque bedroom interiorbaroque bedroom

Baroque in the interior of the kitchen

It is difficult to call an elegant room for family dinners a kitchen due to the solemnity of the situation. This is an ideal solution for a restaurant or hall for important celebrations. Baroque style in the interior of the kitchen looks as elegant as in any other corner of the house. The real surprise is the combination of practicality and decorative component of the furniture. Carved gilded fronts hide a modern thoughtful approach to filling cabinets and drawers.

Baroque in the interior of the kitchen

Such a kitchen does not tolerate modern gadgets and technology, all this is hidden in the facades of cabinets and veiled antique. Furniture in the interior allows you to create an atmosphere, as well as some features of the Baroque style decoration:

Baroque interior design

When the task is to create a baroque interior in an apartment, it is not enough to purchase expensive items and fill the entire space with them. At a first approximation, the situation looks like an exhibit in a museum, and only after a while you notice the thoughtfulness of the location of each item in the room. The baroque style itself in the interior involves expensive items and natural materials, but even more time and money have to be spent on thoughtful filling.

Baroque style in the interior — furniture

Almost all baroque interior items have a similar design, whether they are items for the dining room or bedroom:

  1. Upholstered furniture is a real decoration of the room. Projects with a sofa or armchairs are rarely found separately, almost always one has to observe a separate corner from a whole set. There are options when instead of two chairs they use an armchair and a sunbed or a large pouffe chair. Typical for this style is the connection of the living room and dining room. A part of the room is separated for eating and in the center there is a large table with a set of chairs.
  2. Baroque style in the interior - furnitureBaroque in the interior - furniture

  3. Chests of drawers, wardrobes and boudoir tables are essential interior details. The dressing table will have a soft pouffe or a chair-chair with curved legs and an openwork back. If a mirror with a chest of drawers is not enough, you can additionally find a place for a large full-length mirror in a carved gilded frame.
  4. baroque furnitureBaroque style furniture

Baroque wallpaper in the interior

The walls in the room where this style reigns are already a decoration and a stylish chord in the overall composition. Baroque wallpaper in a modern interior is a tandem of the latest technologies in the building materials market and the recreation of classic patterns. Pasting the wall quite successfully replaces the painting, sometimes it is possible to get the effect of decorative plaster. The beauty of wallpapers is their good compatibility with other types of finishes: the bright and saturated colors of the canvases can be easily used as accents, giving the rest of the space for plain wallpaper to match.

Among the incredibly wide range of wallpapers with a suitable design, we will select, according to the main advice of designers:

  • we are not afraid of contrasts and bold color combinations, you can always visually expand the room using other techniques, we decorate the walls with red-gold, beige-blue, green-brown combinations;
  • Baroque wallpaper in the interior

  • the baroque style will well emphasize the horizontal combination in the interior, in the lower part there may be wallpaper or wood panels;
  • baroque wallpaper

  • vertical combination will also be appropriate paired with voluminous wall decorations in the form of imitation columns or moldings;
  • Baroque wallpaper in the interior

  • wallpapers with a bright decorative pattern are perfect as accents instead of panels.
  • Wallpaper with a pattern in the Baroque style in the interior

Baroque curtains in the interior

Window decor in a hall or bedroom can be safely compared to a curtain in a theater. Baroque in a modern interior allows you to somewhat deviate from the accepted rules and take the latest materials instead of traditional ones, but things are different with textiles. The multi-layered complex folds decorating the window opening are a characteristic difference in the direction. It is difficult to go too far with luxury here, you do not need to be afraid of a deliberately expensive result.

To achieve that very theatrical effect, you should follow only a couple of rules:

  • we choose one of the techniques recommended by designers: we take one type of fabric and several colors, or we choose one color solution and find several textile options;
  • Baroque curtains in the interior

  • to achieve the effect of layering, they use asymmetry, overlays, tiebacks and several techniques for creating ruffles, decorate everything with tassels and fringes;
  • Baroque fringed curtains in the interior

  • Curtains with lining or double-sided options look great.
  • Double-sided curtains in the Baroque style in the interior

Baroque doors in the interior

If windows are called the eyes of the house, then the doors will tell about the true taste of their owner. The interior of the baroque house breathes luxury, and the doorway is no exception. It is always natural wood, expensive breeds and stylish elegant decorative elements. The tree does not always appear in its natural appearance, often used coloring in shades of white, apply the effect of aging. Gold-plated elements, stained-glass windows, golden curved handles will be appropriate.

Baroque doors in the interiorBaroque doors in the interiorBaroque doors

Baroque fireplace in the interior

In the living room or kitchen there is sure to be a place for a fireplace portal. This is an essential attribute if the house is decorated in the real royal style. The interiors of baroque country houses are always built around a fireplace, this is a whole composition consisting of armchairs or a small sunbed, a coffee table or a cart with glasses. Almost always, the portal is made in light colors, since natural stone like granite is taken for it. Gilded curved stucco decorations are added to the stone in a pair; decorative bricks may be present.

Baroque fireplace in the interiorbaroque fireplacebaroque in the interior

Baroque lamps in the interior

Recognizing a chandelier or sconce in this style is not a problem: it is a heavy luxurious design with chains, curved elements and imitation candles. It is difficult to design an interior in baroque style on a budget, but when it comes to lamps, it really turns out to save money. High-quality imitation of metal and crystal will save the family budget, while not reducing the cost of the design of the room. Floor and table lamps on elegant legs with exquisite lampshades are frequent companions of sofas and bedside tables. Due to the abundance of lamps, multi-level lighting is achieved without the use of modern spots and LEDs.

Baroque lamps in the interior Baroque lamps in the interiorBaroque lamps

Colors in the Baroque interior

When you start listing the features of baroque interiors, gilded decorations, the elegance of lines and the high cost of materials remain in your memory. Sometimes it’s easier to keep the details than the main eye-catching components of the interior. In the matter of choosing a color, you are practically not limited by anything, there is plenty of space for imagination:

  • ideally, these are shades of cream, white, vanilla-sand, because they all harmonize perfectly with gold and white;
  • Colors in the Baroque interior

  • the baroque style itself in the interior is built on a contrasting combination, which makes it so elegant, the same vanilla will complement brown or mustard, sometimes deep dark shades of blue are used;
  • Colors in baroque interior 38

  • Whatever color you choose as the main one, it should be pure, natural: new fashionable nuances will not take root here, even blue or green can be used when it comes to the so-called simple tones.
  • Baroque colors

Luxurious baroque does not tolerate the constraint of space, it needs scope in every sense. So that decor and furniture do not compete with each other, the place for each item is chosen with passion, this also applies to textiles. The interior turns out to be harmonious and does not look like a museum exhibit, because there is still a place for home comfort in it.

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