Arrangement of the attic in the house — how to arrange it as a nursery, bedroom

Arrangement of the attic - how to properly use every corner in the house?

If you want to get additional space in your house, then you should arrange the attic. There are a number of features that should be considered when decorating the ceiling, walls, windows and entrance. Additional square meters can be used to organize different rooms.

How to equip an attic?

When developing a design, it is necessary to take into account the size of the room and the heterogeneity of the ceiling. It is not recommended to organize an attic with a shed roof, since there is very little free space. When figuring out how to equip an attic room under the roof of a house, you should give the following tips:

  1. It is not recommended to use different partitions and screens to leave the space as open as possible.
  2. Wiring for lighting should be laid in special HDPE pipes.
  3. Be sure to place furniture along the walls so that it does not cover the windows. An excellent solution for the attic is modular furniture that can be easily reinstalled depending on desire.
  4. Do not use bulky furniture for arranging, which will add «heaviness» to the room.
  5. Pay attention to lighting, which is not recommended to save. Please note that the total area of ​​all window openings should be at least 15% of the entire wall surface.
  6. Experts do not advise attaching shelves and mezzanines to the walls when arranging the attic, since they already experience heavy loads.

Arrangement of an attic in a wooden house

For houses built of wood, natural materials are better suited for decoration. The design will either consist entirely of wood or include wooden elements. Fabrics will look great in a wooden structure, for example, you can install an original canopy. The design of the attic in a wooden house can be in different styles, for example, Provence, country or loft.

arrangement of the attic in a wooden house

We equip the attic with beams

The top floor of the house is an ideal opportunity to use ceiling beams to decorate the interior. When figuring out how to equip an attic in a country house, it is worth noting that, depending on the roof structure, the beams can be load-bearing and hollow false beams. You can also use rafters, most importantly, decorate them beautifully. What is important, in the presence of beams, wall decoration can be the easiest, since all attention will be paid to the ceiling. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the beams must be contrasting with other surfaces, that is, walls and so on.

we equip the attic with beams

Decorating an attic with a balcony

There are different options for balconies, but the following types are more common:

  1. Gable side structure. The most successful extension option, since the balcony will be almost equal in width to the house. One of the important advantages is that the arrangement of the attic and balcony does not require the use of additional flooring. When constructing an open balcony, it is necessary to carry out thermal insulation of the floor. For this, a thick layer of insulation is used, on top of which a waterproofing film is placed, and on top of a screed. When figuring out how to arrange an attic in a private house, it is worth noting that the partition with the main part of the attic should be slightly thinner than the load-bearing walls.
  2. attic design with balcony

  3. Balcony located in the roof part of the attic. This option is being built at the stage of roofing and the part of the structure where the balcony will be remains without roofing material. In this opening, a perpendicular partition is made with access to the balcony, where the exit is equipped. After that, a separate roof is erected over the extension.
  4. attic design with balcony

Attic decoration — wallpaper

Wallpaper can be used to decorate the walls and they can be vinyl, paper, bamboo or non-woven. In most cases, attics are sheathed with chipboard, plywood and other materials, so a primer must first be applied to the surface and the joints should be aligned. When figuring out how to equip an attic in a house, it will be interesting to know all the features of choosing wallpaper:

  1. If the room has a northern location, then you should choose wallpaper in light and warm colors, which will give the room warmth and comfort.
  2. A universal option is white, which can be diluted with other color shades, such as pink, blue, pistachio and olive.
  3. To give the room an invigorating atmosphere, choose fresh color schemes with a certain coolness, such as shades of blue, green and yellow.
  4. It is impossible not to highlight the feature of the attic — the presence of inclined surfaces, which can be emphasized with the help of contrasting wallpapers. The result is an unusual and original interior.

decoration attic wallpaper

Decoration of the attic ceiling

The optimal ceiling height of this room is 2.1 m, but for a full-fledged living space, the value should be slightly higher — at least 2.5 m. The roof and ceiling have a complex device, which consists of: roof, frame, counter-lattice, waterproofing, insulation, vapor barrier and finishing. Arrangement and design of the attic can be carried out with such materials:

  1. Drywall. The most popular option for arranging the ceiling. It is not recommended to fasten the sheets closely during installation, therefore it is worth observing a gap of 0.5 cm to avoid deformation due to climatic stress. The gaps must be carefully sealed. If the ceiling has a large height, then you can equip a two-level structure.
  2. attic ceiling decoration

  3. Clapboard. Arrangement of the attic can be done with clapboard, so that there is harmony with the general style. This natural material does not deform, does not crack and retains an attractive appearance. The lining should be mounted end-to-end. An excellent option is a lining with imitation logs. The range includes wooden panels of different configurations, with decorative inserts and wavy shapes.
  4. attic ceiling decoration

  5. Plywood. The arrangement of the attic with this material is similar to drywall, that is, a gap must be maintained, which should be puttied.
  6. attic ceiling decoration

  7. Stretch ceiling. A modern solution and, importantly, the canvases easily repeat the non-standard forms of the attic roof. It is worth noting the fact that the stretch ceiling does not let water through, so you can protect the room from leaks.
  8. attic ceiling decoration

Decoration of windows in the attic with curtains

The main decoration of the attic are slanted windows that can transform any interior. It is best if the room has windows on the roof and on the walls. The attic is being decorated in the Provencal style or in any other design option, it is clear that ordinary curtains for slanted windows are not suitable. If you do not want to periodically hide from the sun’s rays, then you should purchase special blinds or curtains for slanted windows.

decorating windows in the attic with curtains

Making an exit to the attic

It is clear that in order to use the attic, it is important to take care of its connection with the main room, that is, to organize the entrance. The stairs can be from the street if there is a balcony, but in most cases the internal entrance is used. There must be a hole in the ceiling where a spiral or flight staircase is installed. The arrangement of the attic in the country, when the house is fully built, begins with the preliminary strengthening of the floor slab in the place where the hole will be made. You may need to install support columns or lay out a retaining wall.

attic exit design

Attic design ideas

Who can not be happy with the additional space, where you can organize not one, but several rooms. The design of the attic should be carried out taking into account the chosen purpose of the room and design. Under the roof, you can organize: a bedroom, a living room, a place to relax, an office, a kitchen, a dressing room and even a bathroom and a bathroom. Arrangement of the attic can be carried out, focusing on your own interests, for example, there may be a billiard room, a place for games and even a home theater.

Making a bedroom in the attic

The most common idea for decorating an attic is a bedroom. It can be a room for adults, children, and even a guest room. When describing how to design an attic, you should focus on light and pastel colors that will make the room as comfortable as possible and increase the space. If possible, then organize a small shower room and dressing room in the attic. The area when arranging the attic allows you to use not only the main furniture, but also additional items, for example, soft chairs, a sofa, and so on.

attic bedroom decoration

How to equip an attic for a nursery?

Children will be delighted if their room is in the attic. There will be a place not only for beds and wardrobes, but also for a play and sports area. Tables should be placed near the windows for doing lessons. When figuring out how to equip an attic for 2 children, it should be noted that it is better to use bright wallpapers for decoration, which will create a pleasant atmosphere. You can also paint the walls with water-based paint. The sleeping area should be located in the place where the highest wall is, so that the ceiling does not press from above.

how to equip an attic for a nursery

We equip the attic under the sewing corner

Additional attic space can be used to organize a work area. The attic will be a wonderful secluded place where no one will interfere with doing what you love. In addition, in this place you can safely save a creative mess. If you are interested in how to equip an attic room, then it is worth offering to organize here not only a sewing corner, but also an art studio, a place for repairs, and so on. It is important to point out that lighting is important for small work, so if there are not enough windows, then several lamps should be placed.

we equip the attic under the sewing corner

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