White living room in modern style


White living room - design features and perception of a bright interior

The living room is the heart of the house, so the owners strive for the perfect interior design of this room. A white living room is the dream of many, but not everyone can afford to decorate in snow-white colors for a variety of reasons. For those who are thinking about design in white, you should know some of the subtleties and design features.

Living room in white

No matter how the living room is decorated, white gloss or matte finishes will give the room freshness, cleanliness and simplicity, in the best sense of the word. Before finally making a choice, you should consider the existing pros and cons of using white shades in the interior, where they will be key or just accent. To do this, it will be useful to get the opinion of experienced designers.

Advantages of white color in the interior:

  1. Suitable for almost all existing styles.
  2. Able to visually increase the volume of the room and add height to the walls. If you add a lot of light to the room, then even a small living room will look much more spacious.
  3. Well highlights and emphasizes the accent things in the design.
  4. White color is very popular with manufacturers, so there will be no difficulties in selecting finishing materials.


  1. If there is too much white and use it ineptly, then the room may acquire excessive officialdom and coldness.
  2. The white living room will need daily thorough care, for which not everyone always has time.

White wallpaper in the interior of the living room

When choosing wallpaper for the living room, white and solid colors can look boring, but it’s a matter of taste and the ability to combine white with other shades. For those who want to decorate the walls of the living room in white, you should consider the following options for decorating the walls with white wallpaper:

  1. Choose from patterns.
  2. Combine white wallpaper with color.
  3. Choose interesting contrasting furniture for plain light walls.

A white, beautiful living room can be the most comfortable place in your home, if you approach its design correctly. To do this, you need to skillfully use contrast so that accent things look favorably in space. For example, white wallpaper can be combined with white furniture, but diluted with flooring, curtains and decor items in contrasting colors. Even white walls look good if they are a continuation of the ceiling, that is, they are made in an identical color. With this option, the main thing is to skillfully choose a contrasting floor.

white wallpaper in the interior of the living room

Living room with white floor

To make the white living room in the interior look cozy and comfortable, you need to follow a number of rules when decorating. An important point is the choice of material for finishing the floor of the living room in white, which always gives the room peace and tranquility. A white floor is especially appropriate in living rooms made in a certain style:

  • Scandinavian;
  • provence;
  • classical;
  • modern;
  • high tech.

Among the undeniable advantages of the white floor in the living room are:

  1. On a white floor, dust will not be as noticeable as on a dark one.
  2. Such a floor will contribute to a visual increase in space.
  3. Furniture on such a floor looks very stylish and always advantageous.

living room with white floor

white curtains for living room

Living room design in white often involves decorating window openings with white curtains. This color is very popular and is often used by designers in the design of a variety of styles. There is an explanation for this:

  1. The neutrality and versatility of white is a great opportunity to combine it with any other shades.
  2. White curtains are functional provided that the density and texture of the fabric is correctly selected. Sunlight lovers can decorate the windows with white transparent curtains, and for those who do not really like the sun’s rays, a denser texture will do.
  3. The ability to increase the space using inconspicuous ceiling cornices or roller blinds in white tones.
  4. White curtains are popular with consumers, so the modern market offers a wide range of these products.

white curtains for living room

White furniture in the interior of the living room

It so happened that white furniture is a sign of luxury, because it is in a high price category, and cheap options are almost impossible to find. White modular living room furniture is considered a good option, because this option allows you to perfectly match the necessary components of the headset. In any case, white furniture looks solemn and festive, which is very good for a room in which it is customary to receive guests and gather with the family.

White sofa in the interior of the living room

When choosing white furniture for the living room, many pay attention to the snow-white sofa, which can become the main and memorable accent of the overall interior. You can combine such a piece of furniture with anything, if we talk about color, but if a white living room is planned in any style, then you should choose the right model and material. For example, a frilly sofa with fabric upholstery and various curls is suitable for Provence style, and leather upholstery combined with glossy surfaces of the body is suitable for high-tech or modern style.

In order not to be disappointed with the purchase, you should listen to some tips for choosing a white sofa:

  1. Artificial white leather will not be able to last for a long time, so after a while the sofa will lose its presentability. Genuine leather will cost a lot more, but it will also last much longer.
  2. A good option is a white sofa with a removable cover that can be washed in a typewriter.
  3. When choosing fabric upholstery, preference should be given to dirt-repellent materials, which, with proper care, can increase the life of the vehicle.

white sofa in the interior of the living room

White wall in the living room

Any living room design with white furniture should be carefully considered. For the correct, ergonomic organization of space and without excessive piling up of pieces of furniture, many prefer the wall. Modern products are often produced in the form of modules, so finding something suitable in a particular case is not so difficult. It is important to observe the contrast of the white wall with other interior details and its dimensions.

white wall in the living room

White wardrobe in the living room

In order to choose a suitable cabinet, you need to decide on its model. A white wardrobe in the living room, corner or standard — depends on personal preferences, the chosen style and the place where they plan to install it. It is impossible to say unequivocally which model is better — they are all in demand and popular. The main thing when choosing to take into account its functionality and relevance in a particular style.

white wardrobe in the living room

White dressers in the living room

Many would like to purchase white gloss or white matte living room furniture, but not everyone knows what to consider. In the case of a chest of drawers, the situation is the same as when choosing a cabinet, that is, a lot depends on the size, style chosen and preferred materials. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of products, so the buyer’s task is to clearly understand which chest of drawers will be ideally combined with other pieces of furniture in the living room.

white chest of drawers in the living room

White living room interior

Decorating any room is now fashionable to stylize it. When choosing a style from the many existing ones, most are guided by personal taste preferences and financial capabilities. It is also important to consider functionality, because there is a difference whether it will be a white classic living room or a kitchen-living room in white.

White living room in classic style

The classic does not go out of fashion, which is why it is often called timeless. A white classic living room will always look very rich and stylish, if you follow some subtleties of using light shades in the interior and know about the laws of classic design.

  1. The main task is the correct layout of the semantic center. It can be the center of the room, the area by the window, the fireplace or in front of the TV.
  2. A white living room can be successfully zoned by pieces of furniture or decor in contrasting shades, made in a classic style.
  3. A white living room with an abundance of light, both artificial and natural, will look spacious, even if the room is not large. In the chosen style, rich chandeliers and sconces with many pendants will look good.

classic white living room

White living room in modern style

Properly equipped modern living room in white is designed to become the heart of the house, not only in its functional purpose, but also in appearance. The modern interior of the living room in white shades is decorated with the help of finishing materials and furniture that have perfectly flat surfaces and strict geometric shapes. Gloss and a lot of light are welcome. Also, do not forget that the appliances in such a living room should be trendy and modern.

modern white living room

White living room in Provence style

When choosing the Provence style for decoration, you need to take into account that the white living room in the interior, decorated in accordance with the requirements, will become a real decoration of the house and an ideal place to relax and receive guests. The Provence style in itself implies the presence of light shades and airy materials in the decoration, and if you add a maximum of white, you get a bright and spacious living room filled with warmth and comfort. What is important to consider when decorating a living room in French country style:

  1. This style prefers the use of natural materials. This applies to the decoration of the room, and decor, and furniture.
  2. Furniture in the Provence style is best subjected to special treatment to give it the effect of aging.
  3. Walls and ceilings can have different irregularities, cracks and roughness.
  4. When decorating a Provence-style living room in white shades, it is better to abandon glossy surfaces.

white living room in Provence style

White living room in loft style

Decorating the interior of the living room in white, many prefer one of the most fashionable and progressive styles — the loft. This style is fundamentally different from the pretentious and glamorous options, where the wealth and status of the owners are flaunted. The loft is simple, concise and minimalistic, so when decorating a white living room in this style, you need to know the main points and specifics.

  1. In such an interior, ceiling beams, plastered walls, stone and brickwork will organically look.
  2. The space should be as open as possible, and the room should be spacious. In this case, the white color helps to visually enlarge even small living rooms.
  3. Vintage furnishings and decor can be safely combined with high-tech items.
  4. A color design in which a maximum of white can be diluted with contrasting shades. Excellent in this style, white is combined with black, brown and gray.

white living room in loft style

High-tech white living rooms

If this is an ultra-modern style, you need to understand the key points in the design. What a stylish living room should combine — white gloss and many reflective surfaces. This style is inherent in rationals, not devoid of good taste. Highlights in creating a high-tech interior:

  1. Availability of modern technology.
  2. Restraint and minimalism.
  3. The geometry of the room, decoration and furniture should be as simple and clear as possible.
  4. Glass and metal can be not only in the decor of the room, but also in its decoration.

high-tech white living rooms


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