What is a loft — design style features, design ideas for different rooms


What is a loft - design style features, design ideas for different rooms

Loft is a modern style characterized by an abundance of free space and industrial elements in the decor. It is important to understand what a loft is in order to properly design the room. The direction is manifested in high ceilings, brick walls, simple furniture and naturalness.

What is loft style?

Abandoned factories and other industrial buildings are considered to be the basis of the style. The idea to use empty warehouses in the 40s in the industrial area of ​​​​Manhattan arose during the transfer of industry outside the city. Describing what a loft is, it is worth noting that freelance artists and other people of art began to occupy such premises for creativity and living. The elite gradually joined and the style began to gain great popularity. Today, loft-style renovation is considered one of the most expensive and fashionable solutions for decorating a room.

Loft style — features

To get a loft style in the interior of an apartment, you need to consider its main features:

  1. Ideally, if the room is large with high ceilings and large-scale windows. Walls must be concrete or brick. They can be plastered or coated with light-colored paint. Wallpaper imitating an old stone wall is suitable.
  2. In the space, combinations of modern and old or obsolete materials, textures and surfaces are created. Even small rooms in this design look stylish, perfectly conveying the urban atmosphere.
  3. Massive interior walls are not required in this design. Refurbishment frees up as much space as possible. Only the bathroom, toilet and utility room are isolated.
  4. Partitions are used for zoning, for example, glass blocks, folding screens and screens. The walls are decorated in a classic industrial style.

loft style features

Ideally, concrete floors are made in the loft. However, the material is cold and impractical, so it is often replaced with:

  • mosaic floor;
  • wood (laminate, parquet);
  • ceramic tiles;
  • artificial stone or marble.

loft style in the interior of the apartment

Designers often combine multiple materials to zone a room, highlighting the kitchen, bedroom, and common living space. It is allowed to use carpets that focus on a specific place. For the ceilings, wood trim and beams are used. Pipes and ventilation are kept in plain sight. Finding out what a loft is in the interior, one cannot ignore important details:

  1. Advertising posters, graffiti, paintings and decorative pillows are suitable for decorating your home. Unusual sculptures that add originality are welcome. It is important to remember to save free space.
  2. The main lighting is bright, the auxiliary lighting is unusual solutions in the form of floor lamps and lamps made in the industrial style, made, for example, from old garage items, car parts, pipes, and so on.

loft interior

Loft housing is presented in the form of a large sheet of white paper, on which you can realize any fantasies and unleash your own creative potential. The loft-style apartment is decorated with large objects and accessories. Be sure to save space for the implementation of all undertakings. This design is distinguished by its own charm and design history.

Loft style living room

For those who prefer extravagant and bold solutions, the palette has no limits.

  1. For the living room, it is recommended to pay attention to the combination of materials, such as wood and metal.
  2. An unusual solution would be several pieces of furniture on wheels, for example, a table that is easy to move from one place to another. They will be practical and versatile.
  3. Natural fabrics and shades are suitable as decoration: leather upholstered furniture, woolen, silk and cotton accessories.
  4. loft style living room

  5. Combinations of light tones with bright hues to compensate for neutrality look good, so the room will not look overloaded or unnecessarily boring.
  6. A bold decision — a game with coloring effects. For example, alternating glossy and matte coloring.
  7. Loft partitions are used to delimit the premises into functional areas. On the walls you can hang themed photos, posters or unusual paintings by artists.
  8. loft partitions

  9. Furniture in the design should be practical and simple. For a large room, sofas and armchairs of impressive size are allowed.
  10. Huge comfortable pillows will serve as accessories. In standard apartments, you can get by with a leather or suede sofa, a pair of ottomans. Be sure to put a beautiful coffee table.


Loft style hallway

In such an interior there is no familiar understanding of the hallway. It is indicated by functional paraphernalia, which smoothly passes from the front door to the living room. With the help of stylistic elements, a loft-style entrance hall is created, even in a small vestibule or a standard apartment corridor.

  1. You can decorate the hallway in white, black, gray or shades of brown. These are classic colors for this style.
  2. For a small dark room, loft style design calls for a light palette so as not to darken the room too much.
  3. loft-style hallway

  4. Fans of bright motifs can use accessories in blue, olive, red or yellow. Be sure to hang pictures in the loft style, which serve as a bright shade in the interior.
  5. Cable systems, spots, spotlights, pendant and wall lamps are suitable as lighting. Floor lighting looks stylish, but in small apartments it looks bulky and takes up a lot of space. Lamps installed along the perimeter of the ceiling will visually expand the space. Lamps select daylight, simulating natural lighting as much as possible.

Loft style bathroom

In a room decorated in this style, there is a lot of light and free space. Furniture is often presented in the form of a set of shelves, which is called a loft rack. Among the most striking differences in design are the following:

  • compact shower cabins;
  • free-standing bath;
  • vintage lamps;
  • tree elements;
  • accessories in retro style;
  • bright details on a calm background.

bedroom loft

The bedroom is considered the most secluded place, and it has its own design features:

  1. It is separated from the general area with the help of opaque partitions and light walls. The multi-level room is located on the second floor.
  2. loft bedroom

  3. The design uses soothing shades. One of the walls can be decorated to look like brick or concrete. Instead of painting, loft-style wallpapers are suitable. The floor is covered with parquet and laminate.
  4. A wardrobe with a full-length mirror is installed in the bedroom, so it will be possible to visually expand the room. Shelving or a dressing table will allow you to place most of the things.
  5. wallpaper in loft style

  6. If desired, the bed is decorated with colored pillows. The main thing is that the elements do not overload the loft style. The carpet will look harmonious in the bedroom.

Loft kitchen

The loft kitchen is always small, located in one of the corners of the living room.

  1. The interior contains glass and chrome. The central place is occupied by a refrigerator, dishwasher, oven or coffee machine.
  2. Particular attention is paid to the combination of details, such as doors and kitchen fronts. For the dining room, modern minimalist furniture is chosen.
  3. An interesting design solution will be old kitchen sideboards and chairs adapted to the modern style. A loft table can become a striking feature in a room.


Loft-style nursery

In the children’s room, it is possible to show great imagination and realize many ideas.

  1. For a child, a loft-style room should have many bright details.
  2. The accent in the room can be made on an interesting carpet, chairs, an easy chair that will hang from the ceiling.
  3. The working area and the place for rest are separated with the help of partitions and screens. Walls and floors are best done in neutral shades that do not attract attention.

Loft style balcony

Large double-glazed windows of brown, black or cherry color are installed on the loggia to bring them as close as possible to the natural shades characteristic of the American loft. Initially, windows may seem unnecessarily rough, but the decorative elements of double-glazed windows smooth out the initial impression.

  1. The loft-style balcony is decorated in soothing grays and blues.
  2. The main task is to save the maximum amount of space. To do this, you can install a small loft sofa, chest drawer or folding table.
  3. loft style balcony

  4. If the area allows, a small office, a recreation area or a simulator is installed on the loggia.
  5. It would not be superfluous to add some decorative plants, and vertical or horizontal blinds are installed on the windows.

Cafe in loft style

The room should be large and well lit. Unlike other styles, rudeness and courage are welcomed in the loft. Such trends are expressed in the presence of rough plaster, no hidden pipes, an abundance of brickwork. There are posters of musicians and movie stars on the walls.

cafe in loft style

Zoning is carried out by decorative techniques, for example, the play of colors, textures. Partitions can be glass, almost invisible. The furniture is selected modern, but with antique details that emphasize the attention to style. In a cafe, industrial motifs are sure to be distinguished. An imitation of brickwork, pipes is created. Used artificial stone, brick. The room should be well lit. Loft-style lamps are unusual, made antique with industrial elements.

loft style lamps

Landscape design loft

Many do not understand what a loft is in exterior design, so the following features are inherent in such a landscape:

  1. Smooth and clear lines, right angles.
  2. The abundance of free space.
  3. Dimension created with the help of straight paths, steps, flat areas, perfectly trimmed lawn.
  4. Availability of engineering structures.

landscape design loft

The loft concept involves the use of steel, chrome and aluminum. Stone lovers use a decorative, natural or artificial material that can be sanded to a shine. Sometimes designers in creating a cozy courtyard prefer wood, glossy ceramics. Ceramic tiles are suitable for the design of the tracks. The furniture is mostly made of plastic or wood without any extra decor.

loft concept

The territory is fenced with a fence made of pipes, nets and corrugated board. A loft-style country house is decorated with a wooden board installed in a horizontal position. Inside the garden, low trimmed bushes and dwarf trees act as a fence. Do not forget about external lamps, made in a simple style. Additional accessories are not used.


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