The interior of a small hallway in the apartment


The interior of a small hallway - how to successfully design complex areas in an apartment?

Creating a comfortable interior for a small hallway is not an easy task. In a tiny room with several doorways, you need to place a minimal set of furniture without cluttering up the usable space. You should be smart, study good examples and design tips that are best suited for your home.

Ideas for a small hallway

The interior of a small hallway in an apartment is not the most convenient place for the realization of design fantasies; with the wrong choice of finishing materials, it is easy to spoil the appearance of the room. It is necessary to think carefully about all the ways of decorating the ceiling, laying the floor and wall cladding. There are rules for visually expanding the scope of a narrow space and decorating small living rooms that help to avoid common mistakes.

How best to plan the interior of a small hallway:

  1. Avoid unnecessary details and decor items in the setting, try to decorate the room using the principles of minimalism.
  2. Long rooms can be divided into an area for storing clothes and a hall with a small ottoman for the hallway.
  3. In a narrow room, it is better not to install a large cabinet, but to limit yourself to small shelves with hooks for outerwear.
  4. Built-in hangers, a bookcase or small hallway chairs are conveniently placed in private homes under a flight of stairs.

Wallpaper for a small hallway

In the question of which wallpaper is better to choose for a small hallway, several factors play a role. It is necessary to take into account the color of the material, texture, moisture resistance, how non-woven or paper fabric is combined with furniture. Try to protect the lower part of the walls with panels or wallpaper made of a durable and detergent composition that can withstand frequent cleaning. It is advisable to use the criteria for organizing living space in a limited area in the design of a tiny room.

Which wallpaper fits best into the interior of a small hallway:

  1. Vertical striped wallpaper for low rooms.
  2. Wallpaper for a small hallway1

  3. Wallpaper with horizontal stripes for a narrow room.
  4. Wallpaper for a small hallway2

  5. When choosing wallpaper for the interior of a small hallway, get a plain light-colored canvas or a coating with a small pattern.
  6. Wallpaper for a small hallway3Wallpaper for a small hallway4

  7. A glossy surface or walls with a metallic sheen look gorgeous in this room.
  8. Wallpaper for a small hallway5Wallpaper for a small hallway6

  9. Textured material with an embossed pattern adds extra dimension to the room.

Wallpaper for a small hallway

Doors in the interior of a small hallway

In a small hallway, interior design should be designed in such a way as to free up aisles as much as possible and save space for necessary items. The best option is when the canvas opens into an adjacent room or a functional compartment door mechanism is used. In a poorly lit room, it is advisable to install light-colored doors. It is recommended to use doors with transparent or mirror inserts, glossy decorative coating.

Doors in the interior of a small hallway

Tiles for a small hallway

The floor in the corridor and hallway is subjected to increased exposure to moisture, dirt, and abrasion. Here you need to use the most durable and resistant to aggressive coating, which can be washed frequently with various cleaning products. Considering different ideas for a very small hallway, do not forget about practical and durable tiles, which in a problematic room will last longer than laminate or parquet.

Options for using tiles in the hallway:

  1. Completely cover the floor in the hallway with the same type of stylish tiles.
  2. Tiles for a small hallway7

  3. Zoning a long room with tiles of different colors to the hall, lobby and corridor.
  4. plitka dlya malenkoy prihozhey8

  5. Tiling the most difficult area near the entrance doors with tiles, combining it with linoleum or laminate.
  6. Tiles for a small hallway9

  7. Bicolor tiles with alternating black and white stripes widen the narrow space.
  8. Tiles for a small hallway10

  9. On a large area in the center, it is advisable to place a ceramic panel, use the original version with a mosaic edging.

Tiles for a small hallway

Decorative plaster for a small hallway

Plaster is applied to almost any leveled surface and is an excellent solution for a corridor or hallway. This type of cladding is cheaper for stone trim, it looks elegant and stylish in the interior. Plastered walls can be additionally decorated with original ornaments or drawings, turning boring aisles into art galleries.

Options for a small hallway decorative plaster:

Decorative plaster for a small hallway

Ceilings for a small hallway

There are various solutions for finishing the ceiling in the interior of a small hallway — painting, decorative plastering, wallpapering, using plasterboard structures, panels and slabs. All of these options can both improve the impression and worsen the atmosphere in the room with the wrong choice of design. There are several rules for decorating the ceiling space in a room with low ceilings.

Arrangement of the ceiling in the interior of a small hallway:

  1. Stepped cornices and borders visually “eat up” the height of the room.
  2. In a modest room, it is not recommended to use ceiling decorative elements.
  3. Suspended ceilings from GK sheets take up to 10 cm, which is highly undesirable for corridors with a height of 2.4-2.7 m.
  4. The interior for a small hallway looks more spacious with mirrored or glossy stretch ceilings.

Ceilings for a small hallway

Lamp for a small hallway

All ideas for a small hallway in Khrushchev should be aimed at visually correcting the unsuccessful layout of the room and maximizing the illumination of a cramped corridor. The lack of height is more felt when using large shades and pendant chandeliers, so it is more rational to use appliances with forms in the style of “plates”, “pancakes” or flat “sails”.

In a modern interior, not bulky chandeliers are more often used in the hallway, but spotlights with energy-saving lamps, they are economical and do not damage the delicate fabric of stretch ceilings. The decorative built-in LED lighting of the room looks interesting, it can be multi-colored or perfectly replace the missing daylight.

Lamp for a small hallway

Color for a small hallway

By choosing the right wallpaper color for a small hallway or the color of decorative plaster, you can set the right tone for the entire homely atmosphere, visually hiding the flaws in the layout. You need to choose a gamut depending on the taste and chosen style, avoiding dark and saturated colors that are out of place in this limited living space. If you are attracted to dark wallpapers, then try to illuminate the room as much as possible with the help of floor lamps, wall sconces and modern ceiling-mounted appliances.

The color of the walls of the hallway, depending on the style:

  1. Classic style — light brown and sand shades, white walls.
  2. hallway wall color 11

  3. Baroque — pink, popular in this style, can be diluted with white and gold inclusions.
  4. hallway wall color 12

  5. Rococo — mostly pastel and brown tones, the obligatory presence of gold elements.
  6. hallway wall color 13

  7. Minimalism — in this style, a small hallway in gray, white and cream colors looks good.
  8. hallway wall color 14

  9. Hi-tech — An excellent choice for painting walls is metallic gray.
  10. hallway wall color 15

Modern furniture for a small hallway

Heaping up the details of the situation is a common mistake of many owners of small apartments. The main problem arises with finding a place to store outerwear and shoes in a narrow space, where it is sometimes difficult for two family members to be at the same time. Furniture for a very small hallway should be compact, functional and stylish. It is recommended to combine wardrobes with shoe racks, ottomans and hangers, use sliding doors, corner models.

Wardrobe for a small hallway

In a limited space, it is difficult to arrange chests of drawers, sofas, cabinets, cabinets for a small hallway. It requires the ability to combine functionality with beauty, often having to sacrifice exquisite classical forms for the benefit of family members. Modern models of furnishings with sliding doors, folding shelves, custom design and a set of storage spaces help out in this matter.

How best to fit the wardrobe into the interior for a small hallway:

  1. Give preference to wardrobes and corner structures.
  2. Do not purchase overall pieces of furniture with a depth of more than 45 cm for the interior of your small hallway.
  3. Mezzanines allow you to hide in a secluded place things that are rarely used in everyday life.
  4. A built-in closet for a small hallway without a back wall saves more space and fits better into the environment.
  5. In small apartments, you can put into practice original ideas for combining a closet with interior walls.
  6. Modular stylish furniture for a small hallway leaves room for creativity, the composition of the kit can be selected according to taste in accordance with the size and layout of the room.

Wardrobe for a small hallway

Shoe cabinet for a small hallway

In a narrow corridor, it is desirable to organize the storage place for shoes in order to unload the passage as much as possible and ensure optimal storage conditions. It is advisable to separate things according to the degree of intensity of their use and depending on seasonality. For a large family, a standard small shoe rack in the hallway will not be able to solve all problems. Now there are many interesting models that fit into the interior of a small room as conveniently as possible.

Shoe options in the hallway:

  1. Narrow closed-type shoe cabinet with stands.
  2. Shoe cabinet for a small hallway16

  3. Folding or drawers built into the wall with compartments.
  4. Shoe cabinet for a small hallway17

  5. Shoe case in the form of a pouffe.
  6. Shoe cabinet for a small hallway18

  7. Open system of several shelves for shoes.
  8. Shoe cabinet for a small hallway19

  9. Shoe rack as part of a headset with a hanger.
  10. Shoe cabinet for a small hallway20

  11. Rotating shoe rack.
  12. Shoe cabinet for a small hallway21

Small sofas for the hallway

Developing the optimal interior of a small hallway, you can try to find a place for a small sofa or banquette. This furniture makes the atmosphere more comfortable, helps to change shoes with comfort and allows you to sit for a couple of minutes before going outside. You can use different options for a small hallway in accordance with the style of the room. For example, for a retro setting, strong and durable forged items that always look luxurious are suitable. A good choice is a sofa with a built-in drawer for umbrellas, bags, various accessories.

Small sofas for the hallway

Mirrors for a small hallway

Without a mirror, you can not imagine a modern design for a small hallway. This decorative attribute is needed by a person to put himself in order before going out into the city, in addition, he allows you to make a cramped room more attractive and wider. There are many large and small models of mirrors that differ in texture, shape, manufacturing technology.

Mirror options for the interior of a small hallway:

  1. Wall mirror in a frame.
  2. Floor standing or swivel mirror.
  3. Use of tiles or panels with a reflective surface in a setting.
  4. The interior of a small hallway is perfectly decorated with mirrors built into the doors or facades of furniture.

Mirrors for a small hallway

Hanger for a small hallway

The hanger has always been included in the required minimum set of furniture for any hallway. Wet things should not be placed in a closed closet, be sure to find some space for a couple of hooks where you can hang outerwear and hats. If there is enough space, then the beautiful interiors of hallways, small corridors and halls can be equipped with cabinet furniture. Large models of hangers are combined with shelves for caps and hats, mirrors, soft seats and shoe racks.

Hanger for a small hallway


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