The color scheme in the interior — the best options for tones and their combinations


The color scheme in the interior - the best options for tones and their combinations

When decorating an apartment, it is important to know what color scheme is preferable in the interior of a particular room. Many are based on personal wishes and eventually become disappointed, so information about the combination of colors and their appropriateness depending on the functions of the room will be useful to many.

The color scheme in the interior of the apartment

When choosing colors for the interior, you need to consider many points. It is important to choose the range in accordance with the lighting, to be able to correctly place accents, zone the space and choose the color base for the interior. You also need to take into account the characteristics of the color, so that, for example, out of ignorance, you do not decorate the bedroom in exciting colors that interfere with good rest.

Color combinations in the interior of the living room

A successful color scheme in the interior of the living room is a very important point, because the living room is the real heart of the house, it receives guests and arranges family gatherings. Designers advise not to overdo it with neutral shades so that the room does not look boring, and they advise diluting the living room with bright color accents. Preferred colors as primary:

  1. warm shades: brown and its variants, palette from yellow to red.
  2. Neutral shades: turquoise and all green palette.
  3. Cold shades: blue, cyan, violet and its variants.

As for combinations, the preferred options are:

  1. Similar palette: red with blue.
  2. Contrasting colors: blue with yellow, purple with greens,
  3. Vibrant + contrast: primary red, black and white, combined with contrasting colors.
  4. The black and white version looks luxurious.

color combinations in the interior of the living room

Color scheme for the kitchen

Using successful color combinations in the interior of the kitchen, it is important to remember that a light palette visually enlarges the space, and a dark one reduces it. When choosing the color design of the kitchen, many take into account the effect of color on appetite (if the appetite needs to be stimulated, then it is better to refuse cold shades). Based on these factors, the most favorable range is considered:

  1. Beige + brown, white and blue.
  2. Yellow + white, gray, blue and green.
  3. Green + black, yellow, brown and light beige.
  4. White + any color.

colors for the kitchen

The color scheme for the bedroom

The bedroom is a very significant room, because the quality of rest depends on the mood, and the state of health, and performance. Color combinations in the interior of the bedroom must be selected very carefully so that nothing interferes with good rest and sound sleep. For the bedroom as the main shades recommend:

  1. Brown. This color is very calm, calming the nervous system.
  2. Grey. A good base color for experimenting with contrasting colors.
  3. Green. The peace and tranquility needed for the bedroom will provide the use of this color.
  4. Blue. Waking up in such a bedroom, people feel in a great mood and full of energy.

bedroom color scheme

Color scheme for a girl’s children’s room

The right color combination in the interior of the apartment will create a general atmosphere and mood. It is important to think over the color design for each room and especially for the girl’s children’s room. It is important to skillfully approach the choice of color scheme and start not only from the wishes of the child, but also from the appropriateness of the shades in the children’s room. Designers recommend taking a closer look at the following options:

  1. Pastel shades. Suitable for the base of any bedroom, regardless of gender and age, therefore it is the most popular range.
  2. Yellow. The most recommended color for a nursery, because it has a positive effect on all aspects of a child’s life.
  3. Green. Well suited for a child’s room, because it is not only a peaceful color, but also has a great effect on mental activity.
  4. Blue. It is used pointwise, in details and decor items, because in large quantities it acts depressingly. In small quantities, it has a positive effect.

colors for baby girl's room

Color scheme for a boy’s children’s room

For the design of a children’s room, the color scheme, the combination of colors in the interior and the saturation of the main shades play an important role. Boys often prefer a more contrasting palette, so you should take a closer look at these options:

  1. Green. Universal color.
  2. Blue. Good for boys, but not very active. It is better to give preference to light shades of blue.
  3. Neutral shades with the addition of contrasting ones, for example, yellow, red, orange.

boy's room color scheme

Color scheme for the hallway in the apartment

For everyone, the chosen color scheme of the hallway can be a matter of taste and personal preference, but it is better to use useful information that will help you correctly and appropriately draw up a business card for the entire home. The color scheme in the interior of this room can be bright and contrasting, but only if the appropriate style is chosen. In most cases, hallways are decorated with simple and versatile shades, making bright accents with contrast. Among the most common shades:

  • brown;
  • white;
  • black;
  • grey;
  • pastel options.

color scheme for the hallway in the apartment

The color scheme in the bathroom

It does not cause difficulty in choosing a bathroom palette, so here you can let your imagination run wild. The color scheme of the bathroom can be absolutely any, because we do not spend much time in this room. Many make a choice based on practicality, but some create an interesting and vibrant design by playing with a palette of colors. One condition remains unchanged — the rules for combining shades, which should not be neglected.

colors in the bathroom

Cabinet — colors

Compatibility of colors in the interior is especially important for rooms, the atmosphere of which obliges to something. An office is a room that requires a calm atmosphere, but at the same time, gives a mood for the working wave. The color scheme in a successful office interior can be created without the help of experienced designers, if you listen to their advice.

  1. You should not take risks when using contrasting shades, so as not to spoil the entire interior. For example, it is better to refuse a combination of blue with yellow, orange with purple.
  2. If in doubt, you can choose black and white classics, and you can use these colors individually or in combination.
  3. It is considered successful to use similar shades. Brighter ones are used to highlight the recreation area, and calmer ones for the working area.
  4. A combination of neutral and bright colors looks very nice and appropriate, which is suitable for most rooms. However, all poisonous shades should be avoided to avoid fatigue.

cabinet color scheme

How to choose colors in the interior?

In most cases, the selection of colors in the interior is carried out taking into account the influence of colors on our psyche, because some colors and their combinations can cause a variety of emotions, not always pleasant. So, first of all, it will be useful to consider the characteristics of the primary colors.

  1. Yellow. A good stimulant of the nervous system and organs of vision.
  2. Red. Uplifting, but at the same time can irritate and tire, increase pressure and reduce performance.
  3. Orange. Festive atmosphere and good mood.
  4. Pink. The color of softness, tenderness and femininity, so not for everyone.
  5. Blue. Gives a sense of harmony and inner strength, but can cause a decline in working capacity.
  6. Blue. It creates a feeling of coolness, depth and spaciousness, it calms well and helps to increase efficiency.
  7. Violet. Melancholic, tunes in to thoughts and dreams, but it does not so much calm down, so much relaxes, so it can be the cause of rapid fatigue.
  8. Green. This color scheme in the interior soothes, reduces pressure, sets in a calm mood, therefore it is considered the most favorable for people.
  9. Brown. It is preferred by people who are confident in the future, firmly on their feet, because the color itself evokes a feeling of stability and reality of mood.
  10. Black. In its pure form, it is a kind of symbol of hopelessness, but in combination with others it helps to create an interesting and stylish interior.
  11. Golden. It can talk about the desire for dominance and power of its owner, but adds confidence, stability and solidity to the room.
  12. White. Cleanliness, freshness, peace. This color can be used both as a base and as an addition.
  13. Grey. Gives the room solidity and nobility.

selection of colors in the interior

Circle for selecting colors in the interior

When choosing the interior of a room, the color scheme, as we have already found out, plays one of the most important roles. In order to make the choice easier and more understandable, you can use a specially designed color wheel, which will help with the choice of color combinations. There is a table of ready-made solutions for this circle, which can be used when choosing color schemes for the interior.

The circle is made up of:

  • primary, primary colors (blue, red and yellow);
  • secondary, which are obtained by mixing the main ones (green, orange and purple);
  • tertiary, which are obtained by combining secondary and primary (other colors).

circle for selecting colors in the interiorhow to choose colors in the interior


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